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International, USA

Normalemenent in every country, may be not in all, but all countries, said either saying civilized, there is a font of fonts Durand the last 4 weeks, I have heard that this ‘ murder or killing of polciers, black white on the person of a teenagers I must tell you one thing, what mad me, it is that president OBAMA is black, and that I really have the impression, that it does nothing for his community, the only response they made them, is to send the Republican Guard (Ferguson), unfortunately, I want to say is that some people who are in the Congress are all to put people against the other.

S d F in a carafe

I heard that a ANGOULÊME, the City Council had taken a decision, completely absurd, put grills around the public, why banks not a yellow star for the Jews, a red for the trader, a green for the inhabitants, an orange for the SDFs, then, the company manufactures the SDFs and the future unemployed SDFs, because it is unable to find us TAF and more , and this UMP Mayor finds the way

We paste grids, but, was not at DACHAU, but we will or we, Ah Yeah is it globalism!

They kill themselves to the task, that of glandus paluchent once with the left and once with the right

Knowing that there are debts (debt of the France, which is student at + 2000 billion d€), instead of reduce, a maximum, this P-T-N debt, they get rich on our backs, thank you the Jews, it would help you the prochainefois.

STRIKE of the NSCP (stewards and stewardesses)

Face the « end of not receiving » the direction of EasyJet, the Union of civil aviation (Unac) Airmen Announces, Friday, December 26 at francetv info, the resumption of movement of strike by hostesses and stewards of the company on December 31 and January 1?. Crews were already on strike on 25 and 26 December. They are calling for better working conditions, a greater participation in the profits of the enterprise and the establishment of a contract of insurance.

The Unac specifies that trade unions « will decide after January 1 of the follow-up » to their movement. The strikers demand also improved management of schedules (why, patronage?)that « may suffer up to almost 20 changes » during the month, « which makes it completely impossible family life », denounced the SNPNC-FO, majority Union.

EasyJet said Friday in a statement that 1,200 flights are scheduled for December 26 and that the strike « will affect mainly french domestic flights ». Thirty-eight flights will be cancelled, mainly in France, but also the departure or destination of Milan and Barcelona bindings. You can retrieve a list of the flights cancelled at Nice on the site of France 3 Côte d’Azur or know the status of your flight on the EasyJet website. The company ensures that it « will do its utmost to minimize the impact of the strike for its passengers ».

The strike of liberal doctors against health bill does « no particular difficulty in the care of the sick », reaffirmed Friday the Ministry of health, which stresses that the emergency attendance rates are « stable ». C »is evident that at the moment, there was no, problem, but if it passes its P-T-N reform, there are, but frankly, Sin you or your tench,(Attention,l’eau,çà mouille) according to a communiqué from the Ministry, »the continuity and permanence of care are provided in this holiday season »and Health Minister Marisol Touraine ensures daily than that remains the case. »So far, no particular difficulty in the care of the sick n? reported on l? throughout the territory. Reception of emergency services attendance rates are stable compared to what was observed during the same period the previous year, »said the Ministry.Marisol Touraine said Wednesday that he did not rush to the emergency room.NON .c ‘ is not true!The Government recalls that during the day on December 29 and 30, and on 2 and 3 January, patients must first contact their doctor and then the 15 (Samu). The night (at 8 p.m.) and day December 26, 27, 28 and 31 December, they must call the custody of liberal doctors service or 15 and in all cases for emergencies, 15. Several unions of liberal doctors were called to close the cabinets during the Christmas holiday to protest against the health bill. Specialists had joined Wednesday the movement begun the day before by general practitioners. According to the Confederation of trade unions of french physicians (CRIDDLE000, general practitioners and specialists), the strike is « particularly followed » with more than « 80% closed surgeries ».

Organized by counsel integrated radiation Mr. François Danglehant

One suspects that if Mr. François Dangléhant has been disbarred, for sustained avoit, DIEUDONNÉ

That said, I would not be instead Mr Detton, and other clowns, who was there, the day of the staging, because I think that some will recall, of what has passed, that day and especially of those who were there, as they say, there is only the mountains, which are found not What happened then 4 castions Yes 4 it if turned out that everything was fraudulent and everything is illegal, it is only the handset), according to Mtre Danglehant, what I believe, I + tend to believe sea Danglehant, chais not like that, they did the same shots to a guy who is Apelles alexis DubrueL, lawyer in barraux of lion, accused falsely of being anti-Semitic, struck with a fake criminal public write

François Dangléhant, already struck between 2008 and 2009, is punished for his conduct at a hearing in May before the disciplinary board.

François Dangléhant lawyer, known especially for having defended the controversial polemicist Dini, was removed Tuesday from the bar of Seine-Saint-Denis, told AFP from concordant sources. Me Dangléhant was summoned Tuesday morning before the regional Council of discipline for facts which occurred may 7 at a hearing of the same Council.

Then summoned other proceedings, counsel had challenged the legitimacy of the Council, it formed irregularly, and denounced a procedure which it considered only to load. He was seized of the trial record and refused to return, despite requests from the president of the hearing, François Detton. He was accompanied by several people, including Dini, who had noisily supported him at the hearing, some are taking orally to the members of the regional Council of discipline. The hearing had finally returned.

A (re) read: counsel for Dini has the bar on the back

At the end of the hearing on Tuesday, the regional Disciplinary Board gave François Dangléhant radiation for developments on 7 May. He indicated that he would appeal this sanction. He challenges including, again, the regularity of training who has reviewed his file and considers having been tried by « a Court of operetta ».

I thought of MACRON that does not pay the IS F apparently and I saw her pretty little coupe Peugeot, I cois, for him everything rolls so much the better, that he took the opportunity, because if it is mounted very quickly, because in general, more are mounted quickly, faster one goes, it n ‘ is not that he, valls, and some Secretaries (d) States ‘


I listened to his speech did GILBERT ROGER PS Senator seine saint denis, on the recognition of the State of the PALESTNE, I found it good (good talks about being objective,

TRIBUTE to 232 000 MORTS(Inde,Sri lanka,TaîBirmanie,Thaîllande,Malaysie,Indonése etc…,)



Y’ has a cash, he has at least four years
There want poking you your shovel and your bucket
Your diaper with the inside bombecs
Lolita defend you damn there a coup rake in the back.

Wait a bit before you make you piss off
Keep p’tits machos who think one thing
Play non-conventioned doctor
I played as I know what I question.

I know well the playboys of the bins to sand
I draguais their mothers before know yours
If you listen to the y you f’ will wear their satchels
‘reus’ ment that I’m there that I te r’ custody and that I love you.

I’m just a ghost when you go where I’m not
You know my kid I’m Mendis you
I sui Mendis you

As I’m tired of me to tattoo widgets
Making me as a comic on the skin
I wrote your name with a golden nails
Planted in the leather of my jacket in the back

You’re the only chick that I can you nir in my arms
Without dismiss me a shoulder without bending under your weight
You weigh less heavy than a Sparrow who not eat
Ever spreading your wings, Lolita not fly you.

With your loaves of rat that looks nuts
And your skin sweeter than chocolate bread
You risk giving hunger a bunch of p’tits guys
When you go to school if ever you go.

I’m just a ghost when you go where I’m not
You know my kid I’m Mendis you
I’m Mendis you.

That ess-tu me talking about? Do you want a little brother?
Do you want I buy you a friend pierrot?
EH! Babies it is not in the stores and I think not
That your mother will want that I make him a little in the back.

Ben what Lola is not well together?
You believe it is already well enough?
You hear not the sound it is the world that trembles
As the cries of the children who are unhappy.

Will come with me I get you in my boat
In my Ark y’ has room for all Brats
Until this world becomes a large cemetery
Must enjoy a bit of wind we have in the back.

I’m just a ghost when you go where I’m not
You know my kid I’m Mendis you.

What is the country that represents the luxury

-the wine par excellence

-food by excellence

– + the old continent

-the révolte(Gavroche, Poulbot, Arletty, la môme Piaf,coluche)

-Equestrian art (black frame or equestrian University)


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