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TAP on the search engine, DAILYMOTION:racism in ISRAEL

And watch the video on daily ISRAEL : racism ANTI-AFRICAINS « proud to be racist « … »

And watch also, video on daily motion , Here is what Palestinians ENDURE in their own country

This is for all the guys and the girls who, like me, GAUCHO believed that the FN was racist, but I did not know ISRAEL, the third REICH side is with heart, and some children in the RBM, finds the way to rant, because some members compare ISRAEL with APARTHEID South Africa, but also in South Africa, there was the part of the wife of NELSON MANDELA (le grand), while in ISRAEL, there is no MANDELA, if I had known all this, that, surprise me strong that me, my cousin, and others have aurraient distributed leaflets for SOS Racism /MRAP in 1980, 81, 82.

More than 13 billion EU Senegalese public Treasury… « This disbursement full donation in the month of August with a value of 8.5 billion francs CFA. In total, during the year 2014, amounting to 21.6 billion francs CFA budgetary donations were awarded in Senegal », adds the release.

Normal… what! who is already the European Commissioner, AHhd’ agreement MOSCOVICI

New EU sanctions that calls Moscow to a…
•Ukraine: EIB supports early recovery and SME sector with EUR 600 million
•Armenia: EIB loan for the financing of SMEs in Armenia
•Ukraine: visit of the president of the EIB, Werner Hoyer, and commitment of the EU to the countries
•Azerbaijan: The EIB began its operations in Azerbaijan and provides funding in support of SMEs to AccessBank
•Ukraine: the EIB lends EUR 50 million in support of the agri-food sector

EU budget: London refuses to pay the extension…


Looks like that, Maris sol Touraine wants sabotage us our medical system, it is there would not take otherwise, one would think is, when you think it had vainly to make finally that our parents, it was so hard to do, I must say, when even shit, then (is it not Mr Valls), that it is not by directing all patients to hospitalsthat is will be better cared for, already, with the migration of Romanian foreign physicians, or others, we not always understand what they say, especially when it is specialists but is not their faults, if some men and women politicians have supposedly done studies for, but that they do not to serve, I see not the interest.

It is information that reveals « Le Parisien »: the son of the Minister of health, Marisol Touraine was detained early September 2014 to the Parisian prison de la santé. Gabriel (is not the Angel), 22 years, was convicted last March (3) to three years in prison closed by the correctional tribunal of Paris for ‘extortion of funds and sequestration’. In May 2011, the young man and an accomplice entered at an aged neighbour, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, to steal his credit cards, all under the threat of mock weapons. In all, the two walked away with 900 euros, but caught by security cameras. But, it seems to me that the prison de la Santé is redevelopment until 2019, it seems to me, ¾ of the inmates are on Fleury, not all (water, wet it)

Code of medical ethics National Council of the order of physicians edition2012

Article originally published on November 5, 2014, compulsory Affiliation or not compulsory affiliation to the french social security scheme? A battle of 20 years led by a stubborn Claude Reichman name for a few years now, some at the beginning of unattached individuals supported directives allowed to join the scheme of health protection that we […]

Tax racket

Social security – The war is open!

General practitioners and specialists doctors on strike against the health law

« A week without liberal doctors »: trade unions of general practitioners and specialists announced a much followed strike Wednesday, considering 70% average rate of firms closed to challenge Bill Health Minister, Marisol Touraine.

« In a majority of regions, the rate of firms closed reaches 80% or even 90%, in Alsace, Brittany, Centre… » announced on Wednesday the president of the Confederation of french medical unions (CRIDDLE000, general practitioners and specialists) Jean-Paul Ortiz, during a press briefing.

On average, according to him, « 70% of (his) colleagues, all specialties together » were on strike, ‘historic’ mobilization, which should « escalate » until 31. Difficult to assess the extent of the movement, firstly because Liberal doctors are not required to file a notice, secondly because closures may coincide with holidays of practitioners.

To those who laugh at a « strike Courchevelle », Mr. Ortiz retorts that « in general, the doctors, because they are not idiots, do not leave fifteen days on vacation » at Christmas. Tariff claims Liberals – generalists seeking a consultation at 25 euros, specialists revaluation of acts – in addition to the challenge to the health bill, which some, such as the French for a free medicine Union seek « the withdrawal pure and simple ».

In question, the generalization of the third paying by 2017, a « useless », « expensive » and « unrealistic » measure, according to Mr. Ortiz. The poor already benefit from an exemption from advance fee consultations, and the technical constraints of the device are too heavy, he says. Also in the line of sight of the doctors, the increased power of the regional health agencies (ARS), responsible for ensuring national territories, synonymous with health policy according to them of « ownership » of health.

« The red thread of this health bill, is to organize close by the ARS medicine » provides M.Ortiz, in reference to the service health territorial defined in the Bill, and that makes doctors fear the end of their freedom of installation. The ARS may for example make the awarding of grants to participate in this service territorial health, intended to meet the needs of the territory and to foster cooperation between professionals.

« The 31 commandeered »

« It’s bureaucracy and administration of liberal medicine with the hospital in the Middle, » judge Jean-Paul Ortiz, who fear the exclusion of private new hospital public service institutions. A concern shared by the Federation of private hospitals (FHP), which calls for the closure of clinics from January 5.

Tuesday, the CRIDDLE000 denounced « display preferences of the Government », Marisol Touraine reached an agreement with emergency physicians who have lifted an unlimited strike notice after 24 hours and got advances on their working time. The same day, general practitioners were asked to keep door closed by their main unions, MG France welcoming the mobilization of 80% rate.

Many trade unions of specialists (cardiologists, radiologists or pediatricians) joined the movement, but « there are specialties that will be more visible than others, » explains Patrick Gasser, president of the Umespe, specialist branch of the CRIDDLE000. For example, « unable to operate without pediatrician maternity hospitals », he warns.

The strike of Liberals thus has repercussions in private care facilities, ensures Jean-Paul Ortiz, announcing the closure of « 100% of clinics and centers of Radiology in the Languedoc-Roussillon », Nancy and Metz. But in emergency services, vigilance is reinforced, and the regional health agencies can commandeer the strikers for the continuity of care promised by the Minister.

Thus, the association SOS doctors, on strike from 29 to 31 December, is requisitioned from 24 to January 6, according to the CRIDDLE000. Practitioners do not break their duty, promises M.Ortiz, itself « requisitioned December 31 ».For the time being, Marisol Touraine excludes responding to the Liberals before school starts, when will be revived discussions about the rewriting of the text, whose consideration was postponed to April.

Should not be a fiscal pause? Tax racket

Michel Savin: Surcharge of habitation for second homes: there should not be a tax break? The Secretary of State for the budget, Christian Eckert has confirmed that the Government intended to allow municipalities to increase the housing tax of 20% on second homes (except those held for professional reasons or those owned by a modest person […]

Tax racketPrivate – copying the French pay 5 times more than the others, it does not surprise me really! thanks the EU,.

The France is right against world? Can she claim to be the only country in the world where there is a culture? The association UFC-Que Choisir denounces « prejudice » suffered by consumers in respect of the levy on the taping in France. The French alone pay 60% of the duties collected in Europe! With at least 208 million euros […]


The numerus clausus can also be used as discriminatory against a group of people only. For example, under the Vichy regime, the Jews are excluded from public service, education and have access to the University or the professions limited by a numerus clausus

Although, obviously, it was exaggerated, but not fake! any, who themselves are well caught up, now I understand better!

Numerus clausus in latin means « closed number ». This term refers to the fixed number of students admitted to some degree every year, mainly in the health professions (doctor, pharmacist, dentist, midwife, nurse, Physio…), which are regulated.

the colleges of medicine, which remind that on the one hand initially the number of physicians should match the number of patient.

The numerus clausus is implemented for several reasons
•Regulate the number of graduates so professionals the number of professionals in activity.
•Regulate the number of prescribers to alleviate social security spending.
•Limit the number of students in sectors with a lot of internships, whose quality would be degraded by a redundant (one of the reasons of the numerus clausus for medical in France is the compulsory externship for all students).
•Provide working and maximum storage via a stringent selection, capacity in the context of long and difficult studies.

The modality for the implementation of the numerus clausus is the competition, which meets the Republican requirement of equal opportunities
Langue source

Ceci,c’est pour tout les mecs et les nanas qui,comme moi,GAUCHO croyaient que le FN était raciste,mais ,je ne connaissais pas ISRAEL,le IIIéme REICH à coté c’est des enfants de cœur ,et ,certain au RBM ,trouve le moyen ,de gueuler ,parce que certains députés compare ISRAEL avec l’APARTHEID de l’AFRIQUE DU SUD,mais encore en Afrique du sud



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