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ISRAEL VALLEY FRANCE – An issue very sensitive: if Jean-Louis BORLOO became the boss of VEOLIA, the strategy for the market recently, a full-page of the newspaper Haaretz was devoted instead increasingly greater that takes Veolia (which is active for 20 years) in the Jewish State. It’s the French group, which has the most progress in the Holy land in five years. Sales announcement by Denis Gasquet Veolia (Senior Executive Vice President) is 1.5 billion NIS (approximately EUR 300 million) in 2011.the ‘ active managers French team in Israel is recognized as being particularly skilled and entrepreneurial. Since yesterday, the Israeli business community that are in constant relation with the French Veolia group wonder about rumors of change at the head of Veolia. Israel will remain t – it a key country for the new bosses of the Group? Impossible to know.Jean-Louis Borloo (new P-DGde Veolia?) is a well known personality of the Jewish community of France. He attended the last dinner of the Crif. According to this observer: « Jean-Louis Borloo, was all smiles but bundled up in his scarf ».According to le Figaro: « the assumption that Nicolas Sarkozy would intervened to promote the appointment of Jean-Louis Borloo at the head of Veolia sparked yesterday many reactions of anger and outrage in the political class, especially François Holland. Nicolas Sarkozy has called « absurd » hypothesis. « What is true on the other hand, is that Veolia has a genuine question about his future, » the Minister said.While stressing that Jean-Louis Borloo had ‘skills’ to take the head of Veolia, Gérard Longuet ruled that a policy could convert to business « provided they renounce the policy permanently and completely ». We must « respect the period of waiting, widowhood. We do not immediately remarry », he said.In the case of Jean-Louis Borloo, this ‘period’ is not yet established, he said. « Yes,’ he replied to the question of whether it was too early for Jean-Louis Borloo ».

In 1998, the company veolia is renamed Vivendi.

In 2003, Vivendi environment became Veolia environnement.

In 2005, the name « Veolia » is used for all divisions of the Group (water, clean, energy services and transport) and a new logo is created.

Veolia (formerly Veolia Environnement, Vivendi environment and previously Compagnie Générale des eaux) is a French multinational

AHhh!Okay, I understand better, the famous retreat of JL.BORLOO, because supposedly Mr to withdraw from politics, because he was sick, good convalescence, Jean-Louis, mef, anyway, because he used to shoot his cronies, just ask to FILLON, JUPPE, BERTRAND, there is approximately one year, Hillary Clinton, was not shown tender with him, following a G20, hoursor7, or 8In short, be saying, it would say evil of people ex: OBAMA, Putin, and others certainly, this does not surprise me even


All, this p’tit world happened Word, BORLOO, or otherwise, the price increases of crossing of the Breton Islands, with?THE Corsica, judicial liquiditaion of the TRANSDEV company, do their to step just a, it does not provide in Corsica, two, it does not provide in Brittany, I, you recall that the 220MILLIONS of debt, you well took them the European Bank, said it also made a loan, it take a pretext can, as usual, to increase prices, assume, that you go to visit your beautiful parents , or your grandparents, it is because you either saying, a secondary House, all the world has not the chance to have a second home, as all these thieves

A beautiful girl who makes crossing twice a day, should paid, the equivalent of 4 routes, not updates, you go, and there you

Put poor guys unemployed because you are enriched on their mugs because that slammed you 220 million, that you were not able to make profitable, and are not going in their pockets, it is safe!and you l wind up, the case, but P-T-N ZARMA, you bad person, even.And you paid to others, the weight of your incompetence.



Le commercial court of Marseille confirmed Friday the placement into receivership of the SNCM.This logical decision with regard to the inability of the company to repay its debts, constitutes an affront to the unions who denounced a maneuver of the direction, reinforced by the decision of the community of Corsica to demand the repayment of sums paid. According to the decision this morning, the SNCM enjoys a receivership with observation period of 6 months, sensible enable it to restructure and find a buyer.Beyond the guesswork and postures, the real question that remains, and that nobody addresses directly, is the fact that the receivership will extinguish not the obligation of the company and its eventual buyer to repay nearly 220 million euros of undue aid, following the judgment of the Court of justice European. This judgment is enforceable and not subject to appeal.A potential purchaser will therefore be required to bend to, because the current owner of the SNCM group Transdev, has no intention to re-inject a penny in the barrel of the Danaides that represents the Marseilles company.Clearly, only a judicial liquidation, by creating a legal discontinuity of the company – the termination of pure and simple activity – would definitely close EU sanctions.In this context, the proposal of the company that has just be communicated by Baja Ferries seems well amazing, while the specter of liquidation now emerges as the periscope of a submarine, in the wake of the SNCM.

I’m thinking this young handiacape of 13.15 years, arriving with her 2 arms and 2 legs, stumps measure valid, hats very, very, very, low, P-T-N of life lesson, the slap!, but I’m sure that there in la Tronche, as muscles, y in a, which should take the seed, because it is never too late!

Act macron

Slingers PS battle against the Macron law ready

How wants it be optimste, with an as bad government, lorsqur’ she told white, it’s dark.

How is this possible?

By 2015, the Slingers also will be combative, no offense to the president of the Republic who has yet formulated, Wednesday evening, greeting them were also intended. MP PS des Hauts-de-Seine Jean-Marc Germain praised the tone of the speech by François Holland – « I found overtones of the discourse of le Bourget in voluntarism. I was very happy, I welcome these new perspectives, »said on the Itele – but there will be no truce in the Assembly. « We are ready to vote against the Macron law if it does not go in the right direction », summed up the Member.
« We vote what one believes to be good for the country and will not vote what do we seem to agree », said one of the leaders of the frond within the parliamentary majority. The Macron Act, which will be discussed beginning on 26 January in the National Assembly, « goes to misinterpretation of economic history, in the sense where we consider that our country needs more rules, directions implied by the State. « That promotes access to the profession of notary for those who have qualifications and skills, of course, but promote the Sunday work or less penalising business leaders, it’s not going in the right direction », assured the former Director of cabinet of Martine Aubry and husband of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.
Last night, the president defended that proposals of his Minister of economy would give « a coup de jeune » to French society. «This is not at all a shot of young law», says Germain, « is a false modernity type Blair and Schröder of twenty years ago.» True modernity, put finance at the service of the real economy. The modern left must focus according to him « the three issues of the moment »: Ecology, a great digital plan, territories.

Decline in family allowances, birth allowance decrease: where are we? East – this noted?
By Aurélie Blondel, published 2014-10-21 18:07, updated 2014-10-25 11:20

The line of the Government family policy is decidedly difficult to follow! Having announced its intention to reduce the premium of birth less than a month ago, it now offers rather modulate family allowances according to income. Note that the legislative process has only just begun and new surprises are possible…

OM/Philippe Huguen

Last hour – Saturday, October 25: the National Assembly votes the modulation of family allowances.

It is Tuesday last night began its consideration of the budget of the social security to the National Assembly – the famous « PLFSS ». The debate, which will last several days, promises to be stormy as a major reform of the allowances was announced on 16 October. This Friday, deputies voted the modulation of these aid to families. But beware, the legislative process is underway and the draft social security Budget can still be amended in the Assembly and in the Senate by the end of the year.

The idea is to modulate depending on income. The Government has negotiated this point with the Group of Socialist MEPs. He was not included in his Bill of origin, presented on 8 October, but was introduced via an amendment. And that is not all: it has repercussions in cascade on the other measures that had been announced by the Government on family policy. Remember, it was to lower the birth allowance and aid to the guard, including. A point is needed to see more clearly!

What would be the reform of allowances?

Currently, they are paid without condition of resources from the second child. The amount varies depending on the number of children: €129.35 2, €295,05 for 3, etc. The amendment tabled by the Socialist Group October 17 said that these allowances would in the future vary according to the resources of households. At the latest, from the 1St July 2015.

Who would be concerned? What amounts would be paid? If the measure is passed, the schedule is then fixed by the Government, by Decree. He said that for the parents of two children affecting more than €6000 per month, he intended to divide the current amounts by 2. And by 4 for those receiving more than €8000 per month (total revenues of the couple). According to Les Echos, the income taken into account would be the net revenues of year N-2 (2013, so for the 2015 allocations), 13 (e ) month reinstated in revenues including heritage and monthly income. The ceilings would increase with the number of children, €500 per child, always according to Les Echos.

Example: a family with two children and €7000 net revenues button €1552,20 of allowances in 2014, would be €776.10 over a year with the new rules. According to the authors of the amendment, 600 000 households are affected, or 12% of households receiving family allowances. A saving of 800 million is expected in a full year. Remains that the expected device exposes effects of brutal thresholds, it is likely that it be modified to mitigate them.

What about the increase of allocations which had to be postponed to 16 years?

The Government had postponed from 14 to 16 years the age from which families may qualify for a bonus of allowances $ 64.67. This is no longer topical, announced on 16 October. On the other hand, this bonus could be affected by the modulation of family allowances: the increase could be reduced in the same proportion as the basic allowance for families above the income limits.

What would happen to the birth allowance?

Finally, nothing would change on this side! Recall that the idea of the Government was to divide by 3 the amount of the premium of birth (of 923,08 about € 300) paid from the second child. His view, the reform of allowances made that this measure of savings is more ‘necessary’.

Aid for child care will they be lowered?

A priori no. The Government had announced its intention to reduce aid to the childcare for the 20% of families with the highest incomes. This measure would also dropped due to the reform of family allowances.

And parental leave in all this?

The Executive indicated late September that he wanted to reform parental leave, without a lot of detail. He said his intention last week: leave could still last up to 3 years from the second child, but on condition that it be shared in the following manner: one of the parents should take 2 years, another 1 year. The objective is to encourage fathers to take the leave and avoid away women too long of the labour market. This reform must be carried out by Decree.

Note that the legislative process has only just begun and the draft social security Budget can still be amended in the Assembly and in the Senate by the end of the year

Ittook only some luminary do them understand, that we were going in the mature, if they knew; take ilaurait tack well before, thank this Economist to have reacted like this, it is true, it will not, the Légion d’honneur, but one is reminded of LUI(Thomas Piketty), AH, it, it sure!, AH, it, it sure!

The Economist Thomas Piketty refused the Légion d’honneur. Hats down, Mr, hats, very, very low

P-T-N, fortunately, what you have!

PARIS (Reuters) – french Economist Thomas Piketty denied Thursday his appointment in the order of the Legion of honor, believing that the Government would do better « to focus on the revival of growth in France and Europe ».Director of studies at the school of higher studies in social sciences, Thomas Piketty has gained international recognition with his book « The Capital in the 21st century » published in 2013 and become a bestseller in many countries including the United States. « I just learned that I was proposed for the Legion of honour », he told AFP Thursday. « I refuse the appointment because I do not think that it is the role of a Government to decide who is honourable (…) They would do well to devote himself to the revival of growth in France and Europe », he added. The Economist was unable to be reached by Reuters. « Thomas Piketty, as already did before him some recipients, has the freedom to accept or reject this distinction », we responded to the office of the Secretary of State for higher education and research, Geneviève Fioraso, who proposed his appointment. « He chose to refuse, which we act. Excellence and visibility of his work remain. »Thomas Piketty is appointed by a decree of the president of the Republic dated 31 December and published Thursday in the Official Journal to the rank of Knight of the Legion of honour, at the same time as many other personalities. Among these include the Nobel Prize for literature 2014 Patrick Modiano and the Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole, both made officer of the Legion of honour. The Economist of 43 years, a near time of the Socialist Party, has often been critical of the policy pursued by the Government since two and a half years. « I think that there is a degree of improvisation in tax policy and economic policy of François Holland which is actually quite appalling, » he declared in June last to le monde.fr. On Twitter, one of the leaders of the PS Slingers, Deputy Christian Paul, considered that the best tribute to his work would be « to inspire for finally structural reform, that of French taxation. »
Langue source

Depuis hier, les milieux d’affaires israéliens qui sont en relation constante avec le Groupe Français Véolia s’interrogent sur les rumeurs de changement à la tête de Véolia.



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