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I do not believe at all, but not all, the figure of the Ministry of health, sorry, but I’m more apt to believe the doctors, because seen blunders of the Ministry of health since the left was in power, and that they should more in larger, that the hefty East, (the difference of the numbers of doctors and those in the Ministry) when to teletransmission figuresI have a big doubt, as figures from the announcement of Sarkozy, to the position of Secretary of the UMP, also, but I presume that this is from the famous criminal cyber attack, that the UMP headquarters had just before the election.Say, I put 30 pins to understand.


Italy, with its migrants


The crisis looming in Greece maintains the concern of the vast majority of Europeans who see a new risk of explosion of the euro area. Some consider that this new difficulty would be rather beneficial and would require everyone to take responsibility.
For many observers, the possible arrival in power of the anti-austerite, Syriza party, announces complicated and painful aftermath for everyone. The leader of the radical left, Alexis Tsipras, is the bane of Europeans, bankers and investors. And for good reason, it considers that the Greece should turn its back on all the commitments it has already signed and change policy.That change would automatically go through non-payment of the debt and the lifting of austerity measures.A very simple program that could drain a majority of votes during the next legislative. It is also a demagogic and very contradictory ultra program. Demagogic because everyone knows that the non-repayment of a debt automatically cut all funding. The contract of trust is broken. Demagogic, because a responsible Government cannot raise the bulk of the reforms which have been undertaken in the country. Starting by the installation of a tax system that worked or a series of administrative restructuring or privatization.http://www.Atlantico.fr/offres-AbonnementThey will quickly regret the European austerity when they will accept the ‘unique’ assistance of the IMF. That instance will not fail to be called to the bedside of Athens as a banker last spring. The economic and social impact combined with geopolitical imbalance may have uncontrollable consequences for the entire region. Second scenario, from the new majority government committed a new negotiation with the troika and find a compromise acceptable to all. Purpose, avoid the lack of credit and the expulsion from the euro zone.In this case, everyone hopes that this new crisis will serve as a lesson. The absolute necessity will be to build a new governance of the euro area. Obviously more federal, perhaps with two zones euros.A first core of country strong and supportive and a second region of country younger with less rigid bonds and, therefore, the benefits and less generous rights. In this new organization, the misadventures of the Greece will prove at least that it is hard to go against markets. You have to be very rich and very strong to defy its bankers, especially when it is needed.The Greece offers a spectacular lesson to all other Member States. Solidarity is nothing other than the sharing of the difficulties. This cannot walk unless eurozone Member countries respect the rules of the game that they themselves have signed. It can only walk in the future if, and only if Member countries are converting to federalism. The Greece crisis will perhaps, this time, requiring Member countries to invent a different Europe.


7 arrests during the parade of Thanksgiving in NYC

Celebrities call for boycott of Black Friday to protest against the decision of the Grand jury

Furthermore, several celebrities, including the hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, joined a call for a boycott of Black Friday to protest against the decision not to prosecute the police officer who killed a black teenager in August to Ferguson.L’ actress Kat Graham (Vampire Diaries), which has over 2 million followers on Twitter, and actor Jesse Williams, of the popular television series Grey’s Anatomy, also circulated calling images « do not spend a penny » (#NotOneDime).The journalist featured Soledad O’Brien has also relayed on his Twitter account this call which was Wednesday on the internet and in the media.’Black Friday’ or Black Friday, the Friday following the feast of Thanksgiving in the United States, has traditionally been a frantic day of purchases for Americans so that shops and supermarkets are important discount date, and reap one of the best sales of the year. «»We have the power to change our nation. Support #BoycottBlackFriday »wrote Kat Graham Twitter.Jesse Williams, who had expressed his anger after the verdict of a grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday, not to pursue the policeman who killed Michael Brown Meanwhile wrote on Twitter: »no justice, no profits. Businesses and the public don’t speak that in dollars then speak them.The movement started before even the decision Monday to the grand jury which has exempted Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot Michael Brown, 18 years and without a weapon, on 9 August. « BlackoutBlackFriday » is part of a wider « no justice no profit » appeal against police violence against minorities.It is inspired by the boycott of the Montgomery bus in 1955, during which black residents of this city of Alabama had ceased to use the city buses in protest against racial discrimination in transport, one of the major stages of the fight for civil rights (Civil Rights Movement).According to the American press, religious leaders like the reverend Timothy McDonald Atlanta or the members of the coalition « Justice for Michael Brown » also relayed this call.According to Nielsen research firm the 43 million Americans will represent next year a purchasing power of $ 1100 billion.

USA/Ferguson: thousands of protesters in London

Thousands of people demonstrated Wednesday in London outside the Embassy of the United States in Britain to denounce the absence of prosecutions against police officer who shot a young black to Ferguson, in the central United States. The demonstrators waved placards on which one could read « the life of the black account » or « hands up, don’t shoot » (hands in the air, do not pull), the slogan adopted by the protesters in the United States. Many carried candles and observed a minute of silence to pay tribute to all those killed by the police around the world. Carol Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan, a Briton killed in August 2011 in London by police officers in controversial circumstances – which had triggered violence in the British capital – was present. « We must send a message to the family of Mike Brown. We feel their pain, we know the pain of losing someone in the hands of the police, »she said to the crowd. « People around the world understand the frustration and anger that we feel when our loved ones are killed in the street », has launched the crowd Marcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg, a black musician of 40 years died in police custody in 2008 in London. Tuesday, in the small American town of Ferguson, in the suburbs of St Louis (21.000 inhabitants), 2,200 members of the National Guard had been deployed to prevent recurrence of fires and looting, as the previous night. Many events were also held across the United States. After three months of deliberations, a grand jury concluded Monday that police officer Darren Wilson had acted in self-defence when he had drawn early August twelve times in the direction of Michael Brown, 18. According to his version, the young man first hit him in the face before fleeing the scene.

USA: Ferguson under the threat of new riots

The voltage does not fall to Ferguson, this small American city in Missouri where a young black man was killed by police last week. On the night of Sunday to Monday, despite the curfew, protesters were again against the forces of order, who tried to disperse them using tear gas in the St Louis area. According to KMOV-TV, the police equipped with bullet-proof vests, gas masks and escorted by armoured vehicles went into action after some protesters had launched Molotov cocktails in their direction. Other sources reported gunfire.

Michael Brown, 18, non-weapon, was killed on August 9 in controversial circumstances, by a policeman, Darren Wilson, reviving the spectre of racism in the United States in a majority-black city and that the police and its leaders are predominantly white. The young man has been affected, from the front, by two bullets in the head and four in the right arm, according to the New York Times, citing early findings of a new autopsy, conducted at the request of the family of the victim by the former chief medical examiner of New York, Michael Baden.

Sunday night, some protesters brandished placards denouncing police violence. Many raised their hands in the air to sign to go, while others caused the police and returned them the tear gas capsules. Photos posted on Twitter showed the rioters smashing the windows of a McDonald’s restaurant. These images contrast with the peaceful tribute to Michael Brown earlier in the day.

Italy, with its migrants

Italy: the Ezadeen and its 450 migrants arrived in Calabria

Rescued by the Italian coast guard, the Ezadeen arrived yesterday evening in the Calabrian port of Corigliano in Italy with its some 450 migrants. Men women and children. They would all of Syrian origin, according to Italian media. The ship registered in Sierra Leone had been spotted Thursday night. It was apparently abandoned by the crew, as was the Blue Sky M freighter flying the Moldovan flag which 760 passengers, migrants, were rescued Wednesday by the Italian Navy. The Ezadeen departed from a port of Turkey, according to the Italian coast guard. But according to the marinetraffic.com engineering website, he left the coast of Cyprus is under Turkish control after Tartous in Syria. Members of the Italian coast guard had been deposited into the freighter by helicopter in the night from Thursday to Friday to oversee the towing.

Is at Sète that the Ezadeen was officially dock. Abandoned at sea by the crew, with on board 450 migrants Syrians, the Ezadeem was rescued by an Icelandic vessel and italienneLe Navy cargo ship, registered in Sierra Leone, arrived yesterday Friday 2 January to 23 h, in the Sicilian port of Corigliano, escorted by the Italian Navy.
The Ezadeem, 73-metre long, intended for the carriage of animals, ship was carrying some 450 illegal migrants, men, women,
but also the children, said the Navy, without giving their nationality but they would all of Syrian origin according to the Italian media.

Story of rescue at sea: « we are alone, there is person, help us! »

The vessel was spotted Thursday, January 1, in the evening, apparently in difficulties, some 80 miles (150 km) off the coast of Crotone (Calabria). « The maritime authorities immediately contacted the ship, which first did not, until a woman listed among migrants, succeed to explain the situation by radio, said Captain Filippo Marini, a spokesman for the Italian Navy. »We are alone, there is person, help us », then launched this woman, according to Captain marine Marini.La first contacted an Icelandic ship cruising in the vicinity of the cargo, and part of European operative Triton’s monitoring of the Mediterranean, said of his side Frontex, the European Agency’s control of the borders of the European Union. »They don’t have first could do anything, the ship abandoned to their fate by the crew moving forward at full speed. It was once fuel totally exhausted that five Icelandic seamen were able to Board and launch a mooring line (rope) to allow towing of cargo.Six men of the Italian coastguard were then deposited on the freighter by a military Aeronautics helicopter to complete the device. The vessel was Friday morning about 20 nautical miles (37 km) off the coast of Crotone. But due to bad weather, it headed Corigliano Calabro, much more to the North, but better protected, according to the Italian coast guard.According to this source, the Ezadeen departed from Turkey. But according to the marinetraffic.com engineering website, he left the port of Famagusta, on the coast East of Cyprus, under Turkish control, from Tartus in Syria. According to this site specializes in the monitoring of maritime traffic, its official destination was the port of Sète in the South of the France.

‘Ghost ships’ new tactic of drug traffickers

Two days earlier, the same helicopter had already filed a crew of Coast Guard to take control of another ship, abandoned by its crew, the Blue Sky M, carrying nearly 800 migrants. « A catastrophe was avoided », the Navy had then welcomed.This cargo, flying flag Moldovan, is arrived Wednesday before dawn in Gallipoli, in Puglia (South East), where hundreds of illegal immigrants, all Syrians, were taken in charge by the authorities.Two cargo ships abandoned drifting these days off the coast of Italy with more than 1,200 illegal immigrants on Board show that traffickers do not hesitate to use new tactics, yet more perilous, to manage the constant migratory flows via the Mediterranee.outre common ways used so far here, fishing boats or tyres for boating or sailing vessels, networks of traffickers use more and more cargo ships of opportunity or vessels waiting for case-sensitive to deceive the coast guard patrolling the maritime borders these old boats are sold all over the world, « which is legal », says the AFP David Olsen, expert from the maritime newspaper Lloyd’s List. « They are sold on internet sites and even Ebay », is it.These cargos are worth « less than the price of an apartment in London ». « There are people who, sipping their beer around a table, agree to sell an old boat. Because it does not worth to send boats of 40 or 50 years in India to destroy », said the expert.The age of the two cargo ships adrift this week off the coast of Italy, the Ezadeen, registered in Sierra Leone or the Blue Sky the flying M Moldavian Pavilion, was more than 40 years.In both cases of the Blue Sky as the Ezadeen, smugglers did not hesitate to put the lives of the migrants at risk by abandoning the ships at sea to provoke the intervention of the coast guard.The tactic most common to trigger a rescue operation, very used mainly in the Aegean Sea in Greece, is to require migrants to deflate the canoes and to jump in the sea, forcing the coast guard to intervene. »The use of large cargo ships also allows to make of »economies of scale « , notes Joel Millman, spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration (IOM). »Entire towns are being evacuated in Syria, which represents thousands of migrants each month », said Joel Millman. » « We have information according to which these migrants pay between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars per person, which means that those who are behind a cargo such as the Blue Sky M accounted for more than one million dollars for a single journey to pay the crew, its evacuation and probably bribes that might be useful for a next operation »He adds.

The fight against traffickers, a priority for the European Union in 2015

The Italy faces for several years with an influx of illegal immigrants who try to reach Europe by the Mediterranean Sea at the risk of their lives, at a rate of about 400 arrivals a day. More than half are Syrians or Eritreans. The vast majority arrive aboard from inflatable boats or old fishing boats departing from Libya where the chaos that followed the fall of the power of Muammar al-Gaddafi leaves the field open to smugglers.Conflicts in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, as well as poverty in some countries of Africa and Asia have caused a record migratory flow in 2014 to Europe: more than 170,000 people have been rescued by the Italy in the past 14 months and hundreds of others, perhaps thousands, were killed in their attempt to cross the Mediterranee.la fight against traffickers using ‘new ways’ to join the EU will be one of the « priorities » of the European Union in 2015promised Friday a spokesman.

The Italy and europe, one feels that the boat is sinking, we balance rates at the lowest

10-year borrowing rate reached new lowest historic in Germany, France, Spain and Italy Tuesday on the bond market, investors focusing on these obligations on a background of political uncertainty in Grece.les investors have tended to turn to government bonds in the eurozone, at the expense of actions that were displayed in net decline in the afternoon.At 18:00 (17: 00 GMT), the rate to 10 years in the Germany, evolving in the opposite direction of the application, established himself at 0.540%, with a record to 0.535% from 0.544% Monday to the fence on the secondary market where already issued debt Exchange.The rate of the France finished 0.822%, which marks a further down (against 0.831%).Among the countries of the South of the eurozone, the rate of the Spain amounted to 1,606%, with a record 1,586% (against 1,673%) and in Italy at 1.883%, with one lower at 1,873% (compared with 1,982%).These records are involved in a market where trading volumes are very limited in this year-end holiday season, which could accentuate movements.Political uncertainty in Greece, with the perspective of legislative elections late January, also had no consequence on the debts of the most fragile in the euro zone countries, remaining confined to the Greek bonds whose rates are still slightly tended to 9,591% (against 9,532%).The Greek performance caught his breath after flew above 9% the day before, due to failed presidential candidate of the Government, which opens the way for early legislative elections late January.This perspective maintains the uncertainty for investors, since the anti-austerite Syriza party is at the top of the polls, which could complicate negotiations with the creditors of the country, EU and IMF head. » » » We reiterate our belief that the Greece, nor the European partners can make l? economy d? a negotiated solution « , stress strategists at Credit Mutuel-CIC. » »This is d? all the more credible that the new team which will lead the destiny of the country will soon face the need to refinance 5 billion debts approximately in the first quarter 2015, and more than 20 billion on l? set of l? next year », according to them.The issue of legislative elections is « the maintenance of the country in Europe », also said the first conservative Greek Minister Antonis Samaras while Fitch Ratings Rating Agency has estimated that the risk of a deterioration of the creditworthiness of the Greece had increased.Syriza is leading in the polls but the gap with new democracy (Party of Samaras, Editor’s note) narrowed during the last weeks, »temper strategists bond at BNP Paribas.En any case, »the risk of contagion to other peripheral debt seem very limited, »observe in addition.More generally, the bond market has widely since months of hopes for a new gesture of support from the European Central Bank (ECB) to fight deflation and boost the economy in the euro zone.Investors are counting on the implementation of a comprehensive programme of assets, expanded buyouts until the sovereign debt, which explains the success of these securities, whose yields are collapsing.Outside the eurozone, the British 10-year rates closed at 1.790% compared to 1.818% Monday.In the United States, the 10-year rate fell to 2,172% against 2.202 per cent the day before, like that in 30 years at 2,746% against 2,773%. Meanwhile, the 2-year rate was descending at 0.676% against 0.708%.



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