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They kill themselves to the task, that of glandus paluchent once with the left and once with the right

If I had known all this, that, surprise me strong that me, my cousin, and others have reportedly distributed leaflets for SOS Racism /MRAP in 1980, 81, 82.

, And watch the video on Daily ISRAEL: racism ANTI-AFRICAINS « proud of being racist… ». »
THE ROTHSCHILDS, the France 2000 billion debt of€ ‘
In fact, it, normal, a part (French in this case) is no ready to prepare its campaign (in this case) by his country, no.

Play with the credulity of the people, NOT IN MY NAME, and I am CHARLIE in another, it is abject.


What I like, it is valls and hollande, PS, and the UMP, therefore (UNION of liars patent) is the way to a crisis meeting, without prompt MARINE LEPEN, we knew you were wrong, but there, you demonstrated, however, that you request it, or, no, this will not change anything, make your 2 pins and ball you, leave, those who are able.

AAAHHH practice, as in theWorld Trade center,it was either saying,Bin LADEN, it was the mossad, I believeandin BOSTON, Muslim Chechen, not evidence, but the assumptions about the CIA,because some don’t want not assisted the Syrian people the Syria who arrive by boat wrecks in Italy; for the Ukraine, the EU has not budged, for, the EU does not moveit serves what? But, to the Government, they used to play with the people, it seems to me, to pass laws, which arranges, such or such Minister, or MPs/senators, BEN what… it’s true, including the BYGMALION case, I presume, or BISMUTH can be, I do not know, I proposed, but that it was before; can also be ROYBON, GLANDS ND I was thinking knowing, that as of usual, 2 persons, 2 brothers Saad and Charles Kaye

were parties of a city is are therefore, from the cities, as if by chance, so if I understand correctly, if you’re Muslim, Black’s preference,(c’est bien connu les juifs adorent les noirs,) and that you are between 20 and 30 years old, from cities, without work, you risk being mistaken for a terrorist, on the other hand if you are juif.et, you are between 20 and 30 years, you can do what you want flights, aggression, rape etc…!However if the person, or they chopent you it n there will be nobody to help you, ask why! will have to ask your elders, it’s crazy, the number of people, qi will look elsewhere AH, for the rest of the French population if you are, a little bronze, or tanner by the Sun, kind: sinners sailors, or farmers staying in PARIS , or avoid the emmerdes stay elsewhere at home for the moment, assume that people with full power, when I say full, it’s full;

Timelines of events MERAH , which was, really helped pat the DCRI, yeah, yeah, he had even phone a keuf, in his short pocket, saying attacks, March 2012, either saying attack at the Jewish Museum of Brussels, 30 mai , Meow,DIJON, a person, in Dijon to darken on 10 people around by car, he reportedly shouted ALLAH OUHAKBAR in his car , whatever ‘ each heard it , as by chance, there had a similar accident, he y a15 days in Israel (in TEL AVIV), 23/12/2014, a man of twenty years has attacked three policemen with a knife a man of 20 years attacked three policemen with a knife in Joué-les-Tours, Indre-et-Loire., 21/12014, there apparently; he shouted ALLAH?OUHAKBAR, supposedly, but nobody has heard, before, there was the story FILLON, JOUYET
This is Mahmoud Jibril, former Prime Minister of the Transitional Government and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Libyan transitional national Council who returned on the mystery that still surrounds the death of Muammar al-Gaddafi, Egyptian television. The man says that the former Libyan head of State was assassinated by a secret agent hired by Sarkozy.


The IMF acknowledges errors on the Greece and questioned the Troika: EU, ECB, IMF , but, of course, need a scapegoat

Meanwhile, fortunately, they pay that you have done studies, this would have been a shame

Slaughterhouses AIM placed in receivership, nearly 600 jobs threatened

AIM, 600 jobs, who cares, it was ours, in which we in train not one

Act macron

It is enveut not, it’s crazy, ca! This will be like as the ecotax, the work on Sunday, the status European SNCF, ROYBON, ND of the glands, the worst, is that this Act fouurre all, 90, balladur, did not want even passed to the roping, anyway, if it passes, it will be transferred in 2 years.

Reminder, sarko, and his clique of wheeler-dealer VALLS is from in: (54.67% of NON) in the Referendum, ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon)

Why is the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty requires to change the French Constitution?

Thanks SARKO’ and after, you want to trust a Jew, How to make a kid in the back, it is hard, there is, which happens

6 and 7 February 2008: vote on the ratification of the Treaty by the two assemblies

Constitutional bill aimed at reforming the Constitution to ratify the Lisbon Treaty introduced by the Council of Ministers on January 3. French Parliament’s increased powers provided for by the Treaty and the transfers of sovereignty caused by the extension of the qualified majority in the Council voting require this revision.

Recent developments and next steps:
•December 13, 2007:Signing of the Treaty of Lisbon by the Member States
•December 20, 2007 : the Constitutional Council Decision on the compatibility of the Treaty with the French Constitution
•3 January 2008: presentation of the draft constitutional law to the Council of Ministers
•15 January 2008: start of the debates on the Treaty to the National Assembly
•4 February 2008: meeting of the Congress
•6 and 7 February 2008: vote on the ratification of the Treaty by the two assemblies

In short:

Will the Government manage to convince 3/5 members of Parliament to vote for the constitutional revision necessary for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty? If the leadership of the Socialist Party said it would approve the text, many of Socialist parliamentarians, Communists or even sovereigntists, are today opposed to the entry into force of the text (read EurActiv.fr 04/12/2007)

The part is therefore not totally won for the Government. The Garde des Sceaux, Rachida Dati, however presented as planned, Thursday, January 3, in Council of Ministers, the draft constitutional law amending Title XV of the Constitution, today not in accordance with the Treaty of Lisbon. This Bill follows the decision by the Constitutional Council on 20 December 2007.

According to the latter, various aspects of the Treaty require revision of the Constitution:

Competencies and functioning of the Union:Certain provisions of the Treaty reflect those of the old draft Constitution the Constitutional Council had already considered to be contrary to the Constitution in 2004 (2004-505 DC). These include provisions relating to sovereign matters, such as ‘the area of freedom, security and justice’ and « foreign and common security policy ».

These materials will now come under qualified majority, and no longer the unanimity of the Council of Ministers of the EU. This affects « the essential conditions for the exercise of national sovereignty » and therefore needs to redesign the procedures for the exercise of powers already transferred to the EU.

The role of the french Parliament: The Lisbon Treaty recognises the new prerogatives of the National Assembly and the Senate. The text in fact adds two articles 88-6 and 88-7 to the Constitution.

Article 88-6 defines the conditions in which each House will be able to ensure compliance by the institutions of the EU to the principle of subsidiarity. Rendered recipients of certain draft acts, the National Assembly and the Senate may each adopt and send to the presidents of the European institutions a reasoned opinion indicating the reasons for which the principle of subsidiarity could be ignored. Each Assembly may, in addition, the Court of justice of the EU of an appeal against an act it considers contrary to the principle of subsidiarity.

Article 88-7 organizes the procedure allowing Parliament, by the vote of a motion adopted in identical terms by the two assemblies, to oppose the amendment of the rules of adoption of some European acts in the cases provided for by the treaties.

If it isn’t here, here cost dearly

AIM, 600 jobs, who cares, it was ours, in which we in train not one

The video allows us to gain a better understanding of the reality of Chechnya, since the conflict of the 1990s to the present day. The mainstream media present us with the second Chechen war (1999-2002) as the Russia aggression against a Muslim State, the reality is different.Indeed, just like what is happening today in Syria, the United States and its Saudi allies there had fomented a Wahhabi terrorist insurgency to annihilate the Russia and make him suffer the fate of Yugoslavia. When, in 1999, the Brigade international Chechnya Islamist (ancestor of  » The Islamic State « ) attacked neighboring, mostly Muslim Dagestan and as part of the Federation of Russia, the Russian forces had to intervene to defend the Daghestanis who fiercely resisted the invasion, and restore order in Chechnya, to the appeal of its leader Akhmad Haji Kadyrov, who had objected to the Russia during the first Chechen war (1994-1996) but had become aware of the dangers of imported Wahhabi barbarism from abroad and aspiring to eradicate traditional local Islam. Russian forces were therefore fully supported by armed Muslim local Chechens, fighting international terrorism wanted and supported by Zionism.Today, Chechnya is a peaceful Republic, where Wahhabism has been eradicated in favour of traditional Islam. Ramzan Akhmadovitch Kadyrov (president of the Republic of Chechnya since 15 February 2007) and Vladimir Poutine have both proven that Islam and authentic patriotism are in unison, defending both the interests of the community, the Nation and sound traditional values, just the opposite of the effort Zionist atlanto-wahhabi repeatedly denounced by Vladimir Poutine.

Since Grozny Stadium, where he recalled the terrorist threat that hung over the Russia president Ramzan Kadyrov addressed president Vladimir Poutine on behalf of 10,000 present voluntary Chechen soldiers, and said that Chechnya was ready to protect the interests of the Russian Federation throughout the world…

Israel carried out a new air raid in Syria

Aviation Israeli military reportedly conducted a raid in Syria aimed presumably of weapons to the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah, while hundreds of families were fleeing Saturday, may 4, Banias Sunni neighbourhoods, fearing a « massacre ».

At the time where the war moves to the alawite country – community which the head of State Bashar al-Assad – Syrian West, president Barack Obama said not to provide a priori to send his soldiers in Syria if it was proved that the regime had resorted to chemical weapons.Quoted by the Politico website, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham reportedly said during a public speech that Israel « had bombed the Syria last night (Thursday) ». « Agencies U.S. and Western intelligence examined classified data showing that Israel most likely conducted an air raid in the period from Thursday to Friday » then this country was flying warplanes over the Lebanon, said for his part the television channel CNN, citing two U.S. officials.

The silent Israeli army

The Israeli army did not comment on this information, but a Ministry of defence official told AFP that « Israel was following the situation in Syria and Lebanon, especially regarding the transfer of chemical weapons and special weapons ». A statement of the Lebanese Army for its part reported three flybys of two fighter-bombers Israelis between Thursday evening and Friday.According to MSNBC, also quoting US officials, « Israeli officials acknowledged Friday evening have launched an air raid which hit the inside of the Syria ». And after NBC, « the main target of Israel was a shipment of arms destined for Hezbollah in the Lebanon ». But CNN said his side that Israel would not subject the stocks of chemical weapons.Israel had already implicitly claimed responsibility for an air operation end of January against military installations in Syria, attracting the Iran threats. President Obama has for its part said Friday night not to provide priors to send American soldiers on the Syrian territory if it was proved that the Assad regime had resorted to its stock of chemical weapons.The day before, the United States, by the voice of the Secretary to the defence Chuck Hagel, had for the first time publicly considered arming Syrian rebels. Washington has so far confined to humanitarian and « non-lethal » aid to the rebels.ExodeSur field, hundreds of families were fleeing Saturday the Sunni neighborhoods of Banias, a town in the North-West of the Syria, fearing a « new massacre » after the attack in a nearby town, according to the Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH). « They began to flee this morning at dawn the areas Sunnis from the South of the city in the direction of Tartus and unearthed », respectively in the South and North of Banias, told AFP the Director of this NGO, Rami Abdel Rahmane.Cet exodus began after bombings Friday of Sunni neighborhoods, and information on a « massacre » committed Thursday in the Sunni village near Bayda. The bombing Friday on the neighbourhood of Ras al-areas made at least nine dead, according to Rami Abdel-Rahman. A video of Ras al-areas, shot by militants and broadcast by the OSDH shows bodies bloodied in a street, with at least one child.The OSDH had reported at least 50 dead, mostly civilians, in Bayda, saying that these deaths were the result of summary execution and bombing. The Coalition of Syrian opposition has denounced a « large-scale massacre », but the regime said killing « terrorists ». With the cities of Tartous and Latakia including, Banias is part of what is called the ‘Alawi country’ – which extends along the coast.Moreover, heavy fighting took place in the orchards around the rebel town of Qousseir, a strategic point in the center of the Syria, because it ensures control of the road between Homs and Lattakia, according the OSDH.
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