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Hi all

ONE year already and tribute to you ANTOINE(décédé,01/01/2014 à 03h20 da matin)

HOMAGE to you, Charb, Wolinski, Cabu and Tignous, do not died you for nothing, died 08/01/2015

ON recognizes LA, the SOI bidders (Republicans and Democrats) ,which are all for the FN/RBM do not attend meetings, demonstrations, ,You will prevent The FN/RBM to participate in events such as always did it ultimately, I see more clearly, now More , IL MONTERA, L’AFFAIRE VALLS – DIEUDONNÉ, ca do you recall nothing, VALLS is really the best impresarios, definitely too strong, the guy, but really, too strong. More it Y AURA of the tract, for Navy, MARION, FLORIAN, DAVID, VALERIE, JULIEN, ETC… (AH?IT IS NOT SIMPLE, HUH!)THE life of a POLITICIAN.

What saddens me in all these fiascoes, after the assassination ofChakrapani, Wolinski, Cabu and Tignous and 6 others, which was not news, because apparently, they do not deserve to be known, they true that others were more known, especially wolisnki and cabu 12 dead in total, were Republicans and French, and some, which account for the pain especially relatives and families for crass political reasons , and dubious, must say that nobody has a monopoly on pain.Here, what you do of the Republic, so dearly acquired in 1789 by our forefathers, remind me the name of your schools; already!Fortunately, you’ve done the studies.

In addition, who is tench which replaces harlem Désir this mr sorop of SOS Racism, because this clown, from

SOS Racism, this guy, who, as, her previous HARLEM DÉSIR, is stupid and incapable, one feels the weight of lies and betrayal, all suite cellars, it is marked on its face, that ci would like to judge people as, MARINE LE PEN, who certainly more culture and know how to live, that there be all his life, Kind, he think that marine lepen, did not belong to the Sunday demonstration, certainly believes that it is in its place, or it is unable to make its taf, like its predecessor also HARLEM DÉSIR, when the beurs, or, whites are victims of racism, Yes, it happens, mdr, we know what, you think SOROP, desire, DRAIS, and any clique, a place in the Government and glander, others bosseront for me, is that, I know who will be able to glander, as, they have always done, I presume, and desire that’s right, I forgot, super, the com in case leonarda shot it’s not him also who takes a place of Secretary of State, responsible business, mdr moreWhile the left has lost a maximum of cities, and to lost the municipal elections altogether to the Government, he is given a post of Secretary of State for European Affairs. More, you’re no more, you montes, for the left, these are the values which they share to everyone, its values already, when Mr was a member, Yes, yes he ‘ was MEP, 1999 a2014, 15 years old, so he came, he took his ticket, and he walked away, I assume, that this had to happen like this, since it has never heard defend the french, to the European Community

you were wrong, when I distributed leaflets for you, when, there were the other abrutie of desire, I see that apparently with the new, which is not so new as that, it’s no better.

For info, chais not, they seems to, that the Jew in France complains, anti-Semitism, so that in his country, in Israel, there are 90,000 Sudanese and Eritreans, are white-collar victims of racism, SOS Racism, is not aware of, but; it’s true, I forgot, it is easier to see the mote in the eye of the neighbour, that to see the beam in its own it should be yet Mr SOROP is black, I think, he should be aware.

Ah, too, Jews don’t like the Arabs, at least in SAFED, eh!I saw a picture, he scored there on a wall, so the photo of a wall, or he had scored in the paint spray, in English « ARAB IN gas CHAMBERS »

That is not racism, it certainly meant « Arabic, is it you please, va-t-en, otherwise, you venture the gas chamber.Between us, I have never seen more racist that a Jew and the Jews feel oppressed, it’s a GAG! And after, it deals with extremists the LOGUE.Look at you in the mirror!

Small anecdotes of TEL AVIV

(In Tel Aviv) In this late summer afternoon in Tel Aviv, at the time where tourists enjoy the sunset while strolling on the seafront, Suleyman found his friends in square Lewinsky, a playground of the southern districts of the capital.There are many to visit here daily to enjoy a meal distributed by NGOs in the area. While everyone waits until the beginning of distribution, Suleyman strives to tell me precisely the long and perilous road that led him so far.


In Israel, three young Sudanese immigrants, accustomed to low profile in a country that hardly tolerates their presence is are taken to dream of becoming future stars of international hip-hop. One of them, Habib, lives in the ‘open prison’ of Holot, in the middle of the Negev desert (South), where are assigned to residence around 2,000 mainly Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers. It is not allowed to leave the detention centre where it points morning and evening, except during its two days of leave monthly. Each month, he spent those moments of freedom with his « crew » to try to advance their musical careers. The members of the « Innocent Boys » group to Rendezvous in the concrete aisles of the central station of Tel Aviv, four hours drive from Holot. All around is a district resembling ‘little Africa’, where a majority of the 53,000 deprived African asylum seekers. Habib, 27 years old, smiling, wide jean descended below the buttocks and approach of « gangsta-rapper », disembarks from a bus, one of his own songs on the loudspeaker of his telephone. « They put me in prison, but shit! I’m not a criminal, »he chants on his own voice, doing turn passers-by. His dream of music is about full African American counter-culture, which puts the struggle for civil rights by music and committed refrains. Mo-Yan and One – Pac (misuse of the name of the deceased rapper Tupac), the names of his two bandmates scene, also have the QuickDraw of their idols, the famous rappers of the American West Coast, such as Fifty percent or Dr. Dre: pants baggy, Basketball Jersey, Cap and a map of the African continent in bling-bling pendant around his neck. Impossible to guess that on a daily basis, these two stooges are discrete silhouettes in large hotels in the resort of Eilat, where they work as household men. Working, it goes to sleep, we go back to work, we are shadows, machines, robots, intones Mo-Yan, a former officer of the Sudanese army which waits five years to get the Israeli authorities ‘ political refugee ‘. Israel has 53,000 African asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants. -‘ Already is black’ – for their recording sessions, rappers of « Innocent Boys », accustomed to getting, are whenever turn SMS of the Sudanese community in Tel Aviv to find a laptop, a microphone and a speaker. While waiting to find the material, three young people are found in the Studio of a knowledge. They SIP sweet tea. Habib, MB-Yassin and One – Pac, raised in islam, don’t drink alcohol or smoke, unlike their American idols. For rapper, but also to converse, they adopted the English and even Hebrew, they speak fluently after five years, rather than their mother tongue, a close dialect of Arabic. « Already we’re black… If, in addition, Israelis hear us speak Arabic, then there it becomes complicated », fun Mo-Yan. Racism is the main theme of songs, very bitter, three Sudanese rappers. One of their songs, « Promised Land », made the list of the « disappointed promises » of Israel, where they believed lay « freedom, openness, and success ». Gloom settles in the small room. Recording equipment has not been found. Habib tries to galvanize his troops by offering a hip-hop outdoor session. In the meantime the Attic rooms, their scene will be tonight there a concrete block in a public park where some African immigrants, homeless, spend the night on the lawn. « We are locked up here, but we have a dream, » chanted. Mostly Eritrean immigrants and Sudanese asylum-January 15, 2014, in Tel Aviv


Europe grave the mask after Caleb Irri

I told you so well that it had that the masks fall : the Germany made today that there is no alternative to the refund of debts, regardless of the outcome of the elections in Greece. While contradicting masterfully in fact, since it is said that it would consider in this case the output of eurozone Greece… it’s like those who tell you that it cannot deviate from a law opposing the sanctions that you might If you do not submit what proves that you ‘can’ doyou just know what the consequences will be.

What does mean ultimately?

This means that there are good alternatives since the exit from the eurozone would be the ‘penalty’ to non-repayment of debt, knowing that the Germany view by showing that it is she who established the laws governing superiorly a theoretically sovereign State ; what constitutes direct interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country because with such a threat it denies to the Greeks the right to freely elect the Government they wish to install in power. All of this is strictly unacceptable and should be condemned unanimously.

But everyone is reassured : this is just a big bluff, because if the Syriza party won the elections and made what he said you want to do, then the Germany will be facing his impotence before the world : it is hard to imagine the Germany invade the Greece to go and serve directly on the back of a people then held hostagewhich would sound as a rather unwelcome diktat… And then especially it has no interest in seeing the Greece or any other country out of the euro zone (it’s the euro that is based its power !).

Now must try to understand why the Germany view as much: is so engaged in the debt of the Greece that it would apprehend in a change of governance in Greece losing its implementation, or it is simply trying to prevent Europe peoples to realize that it is-quite possible to refuse an illegitimate debt… without risking nothing at all, as has fact Ecuador in sound time? Because once a democratically elected Government to breast of the zone euro refusing the illegitimate debt, it will happen nothing else that the refusal by the other countries of their own debt… without no other possible sanctions as the end of the hegemony of Europe of markets on that of peoples.

It appears that in France, as in many other European countries, the problem is the same: the group for a audit citizen of la debt concluded in a report that 59% of the debt are illegitimate … If we add the illegitimate share of other countries, how many hundreds of billions are illegitimately claimed peoples? it surprises me not, dealing with liars and thieves, it gave them confidence, and they’re seal us

The problem is therefore not Europe but of his way of operate. If it refuses to be fooled by this « there is no alternative . « », no need for the TAFTA, the Macron Act nor the Covenant of liability or all these means disguised to deregulate the occupational marketl…Go them Greeks, resist, because the Europe of the people counting on you

Irri, Caleb it is in distress, I thought, that they were more, so much the better, I cheated, I see that they remain, who are lucid, finally, a guy, a journalist who did a job of journalist, it is true that, I agree totally with its meaning, and this reporter, shows us what a simple analysis Which, unfortunately, many have forgotten the conduct, cases of school

Langue source

Charb, Wolinski, Cabu et Tignous et les 6 autres ,dont ,on a pas de nouvelles ,car apparemment, ils ne méritent pas d’être connus ,ils vrai que les autres étaient plus connus ,surtout wolisnki et cabu les 12 morts au total ,étaient républicains et Français,et que certains ,qui s’accaparent la douleur en particulier des proches et des familles pour des raisons bassement politique



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