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If the QATAR, instead of wanting to sow terror with his money that it distributes has various factions jihadists in sy series in others, and stand strongly about human rights to acquire, what it has not yet, should rather closer to the VATICAN for different things, between people who talk big under there, it will have an interlocutor, and not less., it has more to gain, that a lost

Osama bin Laden

Born into a wealthy Saudi family originally from the Yemen, his father founded the Bin Laden Construction groupcompany construction public holder of many contracts of exclusivity with the Saudi Government.The family fortune is estimated at $ US 5 billion

proximity to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia participates in the fortunes of the company that became one of the first companies in construction in the world, diversifies and becomes the Saudi Binladent Group, with many ramifications. Among themthe Bin Laden Telecommunications, become since 1999 the Baud Telecom Company (BTC Networks).

He studied in this period the main texts of Wahhabism this form of Sunni islam, who was born in Saudi Arabia, is regarded as particularly harsh and fundamentalist, nothing to do with French moderate islam

While the Qatari are not whhabiste, are even, which IEA appreciate pas.la evidence, here are sites that demonstrate that all the world do not think like that

The checkbook diplomacy and Wahhabism in Stern

The Qatar in France: A tactic to extend the neo…

The Qatar is investing in the suburbs: a tactic for…

Contactless CB,This is good, but be careful , if you you did it fly, the thief can make purchases,up to €20

Because insurance reimburses up to 20 euro, which said no contact, said Wi-Fi or bluetooth, which means that the data transmission is by waves, which means that if a little perverse, goes between the card and the receiver

You can say,’ Wed ‘ am well screwed, knowing only to United States Eric.Emerson schmidt (google), and a few informaticens

Work on a project called ‘ concussion ‘ see below

Project: comotion

‘ Twenty young people complete a software allowing the creation of wireless broadband 100% autonomous, operating on frequencies Wi – Fi, without relying on any existing infrastructure.Conspiritech / Wikimedia commons

A comfortable and anonymous building in the heart of Washington, a few blocks from the White House. In a suite of offices at the bottom of the 5e floor, twenty young people, especially boys, work quietly, in a relaxed and studious atmosphere. This small team of computer scientists, lawyers and sociologists, is carrying out utopia supreme from hackers and libertarian worldwide activists: a software allowing the creation of wireless broadband 100% autonomous, that will operate on frequencies Wi – Fi, without relying on any existing infrastructure – or relay, cable, or satellite. They will be moving, horizontal, fully decentralized and escape any monitoring, because traffic will be encrypted and anonymous.

This ambitious project – code-named shock – headed by Sascha Meinrath, 37 years, long-time free Internet activist and precursor of citizen networks – within the collective of online Indymedia journalists, then at the University of Urbana-Champaign (Illinois), one of the cradles of free software, and in various start-up and social action NGO: ‘I tinkered my first network independent a decade ago. The antennas were made with boxes of canned.  » Since these heroic times, Sascha Meinrath has made inroads. In its current version, concussion is a very formal project. It is hosted and funded by the Open Technology Initiative (OTI), high-tech Department of the New America Foundation, prestigious organization devoted to the study of the major problems of society American and chaired P-T-N, I’ve seen the skewer of collectors to the demonstration of CHARLIE HEBDO, Gee, this is, as you say, I’m hyper happy, not to make part…The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the president of the Commission European Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the french president François Holland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, president of the Union European Donald Tusk, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, the Queen of Jordan Rania, the King of Jordan Abdullah II, Swiss President Simonetta Sommarugathe Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and the president of Ukraine Petro

by Eric Emerson Schmidt, one of the bosses of Google.

AH to Aymeric Chauprade, I don’t know you, but if you want peace Mef, drop these tench, those that you hear now the Freemasons, etc. and stop taking invitations from plateau, you do what you want, but, mef, but they are taking for a C… on LCP as BFM, ITELE to the FN, Marine, Marion, Finna have unfortunately, their bad habithis family in Germany to the SPD, said that it mingles the Germans for once and that it avoids to give lessons, she stops to make the game, she returns home.

For the PEGIDAgroup, I know and I suspect that PEGIDA is a political recovery , so we believe, that all Germans are islamophobic and xenophobic, , those who have parades, and who goIf them is not a little, by sending the dead self saying threats je located in Syria , it is possible, but I have a doubt and not a petit(p’tit)) « , it is true that the Pharaohs also ruled by fear, I know that this is not true,that is wrong , that the Germans are all xenophobic and Islamophobic, sincerely, I believe that it is the same that happens in France, but the difference is that it is fighting for the French nation, since very, long, but in retrospect, I makes me that this is not really important, what ‘ we have is to fight for his nation, and our children, so that they do not live in a sclerotic world , more, I listened to a German who had a small 50 elder, like me on Euronews, which paraded with his friends, but who said she parade not often, but that She parade to defend the values of his country and the German language, and that she thought that this was fair, I suspect this some on tried to do the same thing in France and who flipped out,put the Germans against each other , e.g. PRO PEDIGA and those who are supposedly against because only if the pro and cons gather this know the mess to the SPD and the CDU. The fact that this part PEDIGA opens all the world dislike strongly to the other 2, it would be one of the reasons that drove LUTZ BACHMAN has resigned from PEDIGA it is, what scares to some, it is, this replica on the flags and the blog of PEDIGA, « we are all the world » marks it as, « ANONYMOUS »We are LEGIONS », this is not to fix things, and it is well explicit against Islamization, do not mean against islam, if the people of Ars read, that they will do share things PEDIGA, movement of « European Patriots against the Islamization of the West ». SO this is like the FN, in France, it got all the air, at least.

For more info



Resignation of the leader of the anti-islam Pegida, photographed Hitler http://www.lepoint.fr/tiny/1-1898507 via @point http://www.lepoint.fr/tiny/1-1898507

21:05-21 Jan 2015

Resignation of the leader of the anti-islam Pegida, photographed by…

The former robber Lutz Bachmann had also insulted on Facebook refugees. He could be prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred.

The Point @LePoint

Henrik Uterwedde directs the Franco-German Institute of Ludwigsburg. In an article in the point, it analyzes the seeds that led to the outbreak of the anti-islam Pediga movement in Dresden. The success of this movement would be emblematic of a loss of landmarks of a portion of the population. He hopes that his appearance against the massive mobilization that it generated will lead Germany to restore national dialogue on the subject of the very sensitive immigration issue. Article

For more info: Before I say, that the others are islamophobic and xenophobic, some must know whereof they speak, primarily to look in a mirror.

The MP Miri Regev (Likud) condemned the murder of the young resident of East Jerusalem, Mohammed Abu-Khder (age 16) .a following the announcement of the arrest of six extremists Jews suspected of wanting to avenge the murders of three Jewish teenagers month last near Hebron: « I condemn violence and killings on both sides, Jews and Arabs together. However, the police must have time to carry out investigations and bring the perpetrators to justice without that riots and anti-Semitic attacks are committed by Arab extremists in retaliation. There’s no place for the riots throughout the country…

the members of the Knesset from two Arab majority parties and an arabo-juif party threaten to boycott the opening of the Knesset Monday winter session

the members of the Knesset from two Arab majority parties and an arabo-juif party threaten to boycott the opening of the Knesset Monday winter session. They justify their threat citing environmental racism, incitement to hatred which they are the victims and the violation of their right to speak in Parliament.

At a press conference in the Knesset, members of the Balad, United Arab list and Hadash also expressed their opposition to the law of governance passed last March, which changes the electoral threshold – the minimum number of votes that a party must obtain to enter Parliament, which goes from 2 to 3.25%. They argue that the purpose of this Act was to oust them from the Knesset.

The Balad, Hadash and the United Arab list received, respectively, 2.56% and 2.99% 3.65% at the last elections. Without dramatic change in the political organization Arabic, these parties probably will not survive the next elections.

« Lately, there has been an increase of incidents that indicate that the rules of the game have changed », informed the head of the Balad party, Jamal Zahalka.

« The electoral threshold has been increased to prevent the Arab parties returned to the Knesset in the coming elections, the Member Hanin Zoabi [Balad] has been suspended from the Knesset by a decision unprecedented, another MP was beaten during a demonstration. There is a campaign of incitement against the Arab members who becomes more and more vicious and harmful », he said. His statements were echoed by the second string.

In July, Zoabi was suspended for six months following an investigation launched after it has claimed that the killers of the three Israeli teenagers were not terrorists. It has also been the subject investigated for taking part in a police officer in Nazareth.

The same month, Zoabi and Zahalka participated in a demonstration in Haifa against the protective border operation which became violent. Zoabi was handcuffed for disturbing public order during the protest and Zahalka was insulted after scuffles.

« The day arrives where the Arab members will be persuaded that it is pointless to take part in the political sphere. We realize more and more that we are persona non grata in the Knesset », says Bassal Gatas, which is also of Balad.

« Those who have hung me want ‘good Arabs’, » Zoabi said.

« We will be ‘Good Arabs’ for our people and loyal to our values.  » Those who stand up against racism are exemplary. The left, which sees the trampled Arab rights, remain silent. It’s crazy to transform each argument in a crime or [in a reason to switch in] ethics commission. We have come here to discuss and we beat, not to be nice and get favors ».

Foreign Minister Avidgor Liberman welcomed the promise of Arab deputies to leave the Knesset.

« I hope they will run this ‘threat’ as quickly as possible », he said on Facebook.

The truckers strike is growing

Road – blocks of industrial centres and petroleum deposits, operations snail, particularly in the West of the country: the truckers strike was Monday morning to weigh on wage negotiations.

« Our goal is to develop mobilization, creating new points of tension in the North and West of the France », commented to AFP Jérôme truth, boss of the CGT transport.

Slow the economy to put pressure on employers. The slogan launched by the trade unions CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC is translated by some 50 shares on the whole of the territory on the night of Sunday to Monday, including in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille (Tourcoing), Metz and Reims.

Monday at 10: 00, the national centre for road information (CNIR), questioned by FTVi, reported 737 km from plugs… but due to the weather. « Only 40 kilometres are related to the road blockages », says the site.

« Everything is calm »

Marseille, three operations snail slowed down the motorway traffic Monday morning in the direction of the city from the West, East and North, with caps up to 15 km.

In the Paris region, it is the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) that some 30 activists blocked three main roundabouts, according to a police source. All trucks are blocked, according to the source.

Gennevilliers is the first port of Ile-de-France. Each year, 20 million tons of goods pass on this platform, « where almost all the oil in the Ile-de-France region is distributed », according to Pascal Goument (CFTC-GND).

In the Lyon suburbs, a hundred people block access to carriers of Corbas wholesale market since Sunday evening. They intend to remain in place until Tuesday.

Monday morning, West of the France was particularly affected by the truck drivers on strike. At Rennes, 50 of them were filtered through cars « porte de Lorient » exit of the ring road in the direction of Paris, according to Christophe Provost (CGT). They prevent the trucks to pass, but leave access cars. « Everything is calm », according to him.

Trade unions and employer organisations meet Tuesday in Paris to raise a round of wage negotiations stalled. In December, the failure of mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) had led the inter-trade union association to appeal to a renewable strike. Part one, the CFDT had blocked heavy overnight at the Saint-Arnoult toll (Yvelines).

« Tired »

Near Nantes, all access to the industrial area of Carquefou are blocked by strikers fifty, according to Thierry Mayer (CGT) which indicates that 70 to 80 trucks are blocked since 5 h 15. « Nobody comes nobody comes out », according to him.

At Caen, regional traffic Center reported 10 to 12 km from caps on the device shortly after 08:00, with hundreds of heavy weight stored on and near the ring road.

For Jean-Louis Delaunay (CGT), who participated in the operation snail, the extent of the mobilization reflects the « tired » of the profession. « Since 2013 he was no conventional increase, will be the shot anyway! », he warns.

By these blockages, the road mean « deny rampant poverty and the Smicardisation » of the profession and weigh in on the negotiations.

In 2014, one of the four coefficients in force (which serve as a basis for wage negotiations) in road transport – one of the most qualified employees – exceeded the minimum wage (9.61 euros gross per hour in 2015).

Trade unions are demanding « an increase of the purchasing power of minimum 100 euros » per month, bringing to 10 euros the minimum hourly rate for the lowest coefficients to be hiring.

The context is in favour of upgradings, believe the unionists, pointing the public aid granted to companies via the Covenant of responsibility and competitiveness (CICE) employment tax Credit, or yet the decline in fuel prices.

Employers responded that he doesn’t have « sufficient room for manoeuvre » to meet these requirements.

Claims of trade unions, which require also a 13th month or the removal of deficiency disease, are « at odds with the economic realities of the business », defends Nicolas Paulissen, delegate general of the National Federation of road transport.

His organization will present Tuesday a « improved proposal » « 1% to 2% increase according to the coefficients ». The unions are demanding 5%.

The doctors strike continues and may extend

On strike since23 Decembere to protest against the project health, les liberal doctors does not intend to resume work quickly.

‘This strike normally stops on 31 December. But we know it’s going to last, we know it’ll be forced to endure. It is in front of a Department that is particularly deaf», said the president of the Federation of doctors from France, Jean-Paul Hamon, on RTL.

The French Union for a free medicine has also called in a statement further movement « before the firmness hostile and contemptuous of the Ministry ». Marisol Touraine hitherto excluded from respond to doctors before re-entry and the resumption of discussions on the rewriting of the text, whose consideration was postponed to April.

Read: the main provisions of the health bill


According to the Confederation of french medical unions, the main Union of general practitioners, the strike movement would be « particularly follow-up », with more of ‘80% of closed surgeries’. The magnitude of this mobilisation shows, according to the Union, « exasperation and the determination of the occupation » against the Government. Text «which will destroy the care organization liberal’s proximity to which the French are attached to in make a factory gas in the hands of the administration where everything will be more complicated and more».

Read testimonials: strike of liberal doctors: «this Government wants to sell our profession cutting»

Doctors also have tariff claims: general practitioners require a consultation at 25 euros, the specialists the Revalorization of the acts.

See also: emergency physicians, general practitioners, clinics: who does strike and for what?


Despite the intensity of the movement, the Ministry of health assured Friday that «continuity and the permanence of care are provided in this holiday season».

« So far, no particular difficulty in the care of the sick were reported throughout the territory. Reception of emergency services attendance rates are stable compared to what was observed during the same period the previous year. »

According to Jean-Paul Hamon, the Minister of health « has a bit of luck and patients also », « there are actually fewer patients at this time, there is no epidemic, there are very few diseases » , he noted

The 3 Laurent, forget, forgiveness

Doctors strike: MG France requesting the intervention of François Holland and Manuel Valls

Wednesday, the main Union of general practitioners, MG France, called the intervention of president François Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the Minister of health refusing for the moment to deal with the rehabilitation of their fees.

« We send today a letter to Manuel Valls to ask its arbitration, since Marisol Touraine says it cannot go further in the area of financial resources », announced Claude Leicher, MG France president to the press.

« And we call on the president of the Republic, because there is a value of the Republic which is now at stake is access to the care of the population, » he added.

Multiplying calls for the strike for several weeks, the Union is concerned about the future of general medicine, facing a fall in its workforce, and « excluded » the tariff adjustments which have benefited the specialists in 2007.

It thus seeks a basic consultation at 25 euros, identical to that of specialists, against 23 currently.

But in a letter this week to the Union, Health Minister recalled that the remuneration of doctors depended on conventional negotiation between professionals and health insurance, and announced the launch of a discussion on the subject ‘immediately after’ the holding of the elections, « planned in the fall of 2015″.»

Insufficient guarantees, according to Claude Leicher, denouncing a « new year » from the point of view of remuneration.

« The occupation will not be do », he said, giving voice to three doctors who have begun to increase their rates on a personal basis.

Among them, Pascal Dureau, generalist in Vénissieux (Rhône), Bill consultation per day at 25 euros since late December – which is however rejected by health insurance. « I do it in third party paying because I will not take my patients hostage, » he said.

If MG France can legally call all of the doctors to do the same, it will display « total solidarity » with physicians who follow the movement and risk conventional sanctions, said Claude Leicher.

Now calling administrative strike (boycott of vital map, especially) and the closure of firms on 5 February, the president of MG France however welcomed the opening next week of working groups on the issues of the Bill health, as the third party paying generalized.

The text of Minister Marisol Touraine should switch to commission « the week of March 2 » and here « early April », said Wednesday the President of the commission for Social Affairs of the Assembly, Catherine Lemorton (PS).

The conclusions of the working groups, expected late March, can be taken into account by the Government, assured the Parliament.

Tuesday, two other unions, the CRIDDLE000 and the SML, had called to continue the administrative strike, considering other actions for the coming weeks.

Tags: strike, Manuel Valls, MG France, Minister of health

In France, the PS bothered by the prospect of a victory for Syriza – the world

Yen has tired of recoveries

And, after some King of the recovery as they have done for CHARLIE HEBDO, come to ask , BEN, why, SYRIZA, is left, however, I conpremd po ! either left bid, which has really nothing to do with that I knew, the left now is charmeuse, stinking, lying, Frank maçonne(menteur et franc maçon,c’est pareil!!), thief, cautious, glandeuse, with an IQ of 3, worse than the right, no, it is not possible, though!who has trouble to account, that guys, who don’t have never desired make policy, because there were guys, such as VALLS, MÉLENCHON, among other, that was the patholiques liars.

And that in SYRIZA, there were people from all horizons, which, however, some have voted right, before the crises of austerity, they realized, that the left or right, they were having. But that, some guys rock too close to the wall

Is in are not rendered account,Hello the left now !!!!!!!!!

In France, the PS bothered by the prospect of a Socialist SyrizaLe MondeAu party victory, embarrassment often translates into an economy of words. To summarize the position of his party on the legislative election on Sunday, January 25 in Greece, the first Secretary, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, gives in the formula: « we… ».Greece: Alexis Tsipras wants to have hands free to renegotiate the…The Echosvideo. Legislation in Greece: Alexis Tsipras, and after?The Expresselections in Greece. « The leader of Syriza dream of majority absolueOuest – FranceRomandie.com – release – Francetv info166 other articles.

The GAG! TOO STRONG! A level lie, Lentz Mélenchon: a victory for Syriza in Greece would be a « very good news »

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the left partysays ,Fortunately he says a victory for Syriza in Greece Sunday « would be very good news for the morale of the French », in an interview at the…

Makes me think about those coming to remove chestnuts from the fire kind, the upstart, you know, he who is in the class or other, who dare not come out and happening, once again, that things are completed, you can feel the guy, full of vigor, the guy… can! frankly pathetic, gerber, vomit!

I recall that MÉLENCHON.JL is Freemason, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, this Freemason ‘ Defrancisation.com and Mason franc, it is a liar in politics and in life.

Mélenchon and Duflot full moon of honey for Syriza and against the Act Macron Mélenchon recovered, this does not surprise me, but I didn’t, that of CÉCILE DUFLOT, as, what, everyone can be wrong! I thought some more integrated!

Syriza-Podemos, two sister parties to move Europe in 2015?

The two formations anti-austerite, a Greek, another Spanish, afford to disrupt the political situation in Europe in 2015. Audit of the debt, euro, nationalizations, taxation… There are many common points in their program. But there are still a few substantive differences in their mode of organization. Cross decryption.

In Patras, at the meeting of Tsipras: ‘ Let’s give him a chance!

Independence has a price

In Patras, at the meeting of Tsipras: ‘ Let’s give him a chance!

22 January 2015 | By Amélie Poinssot

The Greeks are called Sunday to renew their Parliament. Syriza, first opposition party, leads an offensive campaign with aim the end of policies of austerity at work in Greece since 2010. In Patras, this Wednesday, January 21, Alexis Tsipras has rolled out its program before an enthusiastic crowd.

Euro area: the Greece remains a case apart

22 January 2015 | By Philippe Riès

Would a victory for Syriza finally address the sclerosis of the Greek economy, to which austerity version Troika (EU-IMF-ECB) was able to remedy? Public debt, nor the maintenance or not in the euro zone are really the problem while annuities, the dismantling of a clientelist state hunting and a reform of the tax system remained largely a dead letter. Explanations.

Greece: Syriza hunting the conservative electorate

January 21, 2015 . By Amélie Poinssot

Carried by a strong momentum for the January 25 elections, the party of the radical left is an absolute majority in the future Parliament. This is the time for the opening. Its candidates are gentle eyes to a traditionally conservative electorate, while the more radical points of the program are put aside. Reportage with a candidate in the electoral district of Athens.

In Paris, ‘hope Syriza’ requinque a weakened left opposition

January 20, 2015 . By Stéphane Allies

Still shocked by the attacks of Paris and doubts on its impact on the political climate, the leaders of the left of left held Monday evening unit meeting at the Japy gymnasium, to encourage and hope together ‘model Syriza’ victory in Greece. With the hope that it spreads in Spain, and that it would move the lines in France.

The Spanish political class heats on the Greek elections

January 20, 2015 . By Ludovic Jason

Greek ballot turns the dress rehearsal for the legislative Spanish of the fall, with a clash in distance between the conservative popular party and the newcomers podemos.

OPEDocumentary. Syriza, Act

January 20, 2015 . By Mediapart

The ascension of Syriza, the emergence of its leader Alexis Tsipras, the commitment of activists, the responsibility of the alternative… The 72 minutes ofhope on the wire, documentary with Alexandre Papanicolaou, Emilie Yannoukou, recount the emergence of the Greek party from the campaign for the legislative elections of 2012. And put in perspective the hope at work, around a possible victory Sunday of Syriza.

In Greece, the right of Samaras no longer seems to believe in a victory in the legislative elections

18 January 2015 | By Amélie Poinssot

The central of Syriza in Athens kiosk © AP

Greeks vote Sunday 25 January in legislative elections for the second time in less than three years. Consequence of a tipped country and perfusion, the political landscape is deeply transformed. The party of the right in power is more discreet. And for the first time, the left-wing Syriza party could come to power.

The Socialist Guillaume Balas: « the Syriza left go me very well ».

18 January 2015 | By Stéphane Allies and Ludovic Jason

One week of the Greek election, the MEP l’ eurodepute finds that « democracy is not the tools today to respond to the crisis ». This left wing socialist wants to learn the lessons of a policy of François Holland in Europe, which has « disappointed everyone », and as it deems too magnetic to Berlin. But he remains cautious on the emergence of a Syriza French.

The Germany would again consider the output of the Greece of the euro area

04 January 2015 | By Mediapart

The possibility of Syriza take elections reanimates the output of the Greece scenario. Angela Merkel and her Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, believe that the risks associated with an exclusion of Athens of the eurozone would be less in 2012.

Financial play intimidation against the Greece

04 January 2015 | By martine orange

Today, Arnaud Roman reads Martine Orange article: financial play intimidation against the Greece, published December 30, 2014, on Mediapart.

‘Syriza will test the flexibility of Europe ‘.

02 January 2015 | By Amélie Poinssot

The Greeks will vote January 25 to elect a new Parliament. Syriza share favorite poll. Could what policy the party put in place? Interview with Gerassimos Moschonas, Panteion University in Athens.

Syriza-Podemos, two sister parties to move Europe in 2015?

December 30, 2014 . By Ludovic Jason and Amélie Poinssot

The two formations anti-austerite, a Greek, another Spanish, afford to disrupt the political situation in Europe in 2015. Audit of the debt, euro, nationalizations, taxation… There are many common points in their program. But there are still a few substantive differences in their mode of organization. Cross decryption.

Financial play intimidation against the Greece

December 30, 2014 . By martine orange

After the announcement of the elections, the IMF announced the suspension of its aid waiting for a new Government. The Troika as financial circles began to remind their rules Syriza: the Greece has no alternative but the submission or chaos.

File: Syriza, Greek hope

Our reports, analyses and investigations on the rise of the party of the radical left in Greece.

In Greece, Syriza share favorite for the legislative elections of January 25

December 29, 2014 . By Amélie Poinssot

The Greek Parliament failed Monday, December 29 meet the majority in three-fifths necessary to elect the president of the Republic. According to the Greek Constitution, the Assembly will therefore be dissolved; the legislative elections will be held on January 25.

For a policy of struggles: Syriza, Podemos and we

For Italian philosophers Sandro Mezzadra and Toni Negri, « the sequence of elections in Greece and Spain » in 2015 is an opportunity for that « the struggles of recent years against austerity emerging finally from a dimension purely » »resistancielle »  » « ..

Greek experimentation and the elections of 25 January

23 January 2015 | By Georges Contogeorgis

Everything leads one to believe that on 25 January, the Greece will be a new Government. The idea of a Government Syriza arouses feelings mixed with revulsion, anger, concern within the political Europe and world markets.

Libertarian voice of Subcomandante Marcos to the Greece

A tribute to the libertarian word of Subcomandante Marcos in the Chiapas Mexican, who left the scene politics in 2014, in the eyes now turned to Greece, with a nod to Chakrapani…

Edition: than Vive the Greece!

Our lives are worth more than their accounts!

05 January 2015 | By Gabriel Colletis

Pierre Moscovici ignores superbly and sharing in any way the Greeks daily which is akin to a large number of them in a humanitarian crisis situation. The European Commissioner does not have the right to use with impunity the term of ‘suicidal’ to qualify a sovereign decision that would take a new Government elected by universal suffrage.

Edition: than Vive the Greece!

Troika basta! Give democracy to the Greece!

05 January 2015 | By the guests of Mediapart

« It is the people of Greece, father of democracy but today martyr austerity, sovereignly decide his future » , believe the signatories of this appeal of »citizens of Europe » that require « international financial institutions, the ratings agencies and the European authorities that they immediately cease their unworthy pressure ».

UNBEARABLE! The pressure of the Germany on Greek voters.

05 January 2015 | By victorayoli

Tsipras, OWL and serpent EURO

02 January 2015 | By jocegaly

Below, a very interesting article by Jacques SAPIR [2]

Tsipras (Syriza), December 29, 2014: « We will win this battle »

01 January 2015 | By pascal b

Speech of A. Tsipras, December 29, 2014. Extracts.

Down the legs before the Greece which struggle and resist!

31 December 2014 . By cadtm

The powerful in Europe and around the world have even not waited for the dissolution of the Greek Parliament and the opening of the election campaign to launch their new offensive of lies and cha

Thanks Mosco!

December 16, 2014 . By Makis Malafekas

The professional trainer Pierre Moscovici returned just to Brussels after spending 48 hours among the Greeks to tell them what they should vote, that is to the right.

Syriza program under the microscope

06 October 2014 . By Gabriel Colletis

In a recent speech, September 13, at Thessaloniki, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras, has, for the first time, this estimate of the program of his party. This is undoubtedly an important step in Greek political life.

Buddies first to human first.

June 03, 2014 | By André Smolarz

My dear friends (I dare say yet comrades, it seems unfortunately still premature),.

Edition: Mediapart en Español

Extrema derecha, izquierda radical: unas contestaciones totalmente distintas

02 June 2014 . By Los invitados Mediapart

Para prevenir propagación aun mayor of the violencia y desesperanza, la Unión Europea necesita nuevas alianzas than atraviesen fronteras nacionales y una radical Reorganización sus instituciones in una mayor igualdad Económica pos. Por Etienne Balibar, Judith Butler, Eric Fassin, Costas Douzinas, Slavoj Zizek…

Nineteenth letter: liberal Thermidor

29 may 2014 . By Olivier barrel

Dear friends, it is true, as suggested by the beautiful documentary by Jean-Robert Viallet, that the crisis is the root cause of the rise of the National Front, the figures announced in the wake of the European elections are not made to reassure us: unemployment continues to rise and taxes reported twice less than the State budgeted. Were you hoping for something else? No: these sad news generate more today than a gloomy resignation.

Alexis Tsipras: « I am not dangerous »!

May 16, 2014 . By XipeTotec

Who know Alexis Tsipras in France? Greek politician, president of the SYRIZA party from may 2012, President of its parliamentary group, he is vice-president of the party of the European (EMP), which the french Pierre Laurent (PCF) is the Chairman.



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