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I would like to apologize to truckers and carriers, oblivion yesterday, which I have proof, e speaking as lawyers and doctors, about strikes.

I thought that carriers, which are a fierce strike and who have reason, these people require only simply fair return of things, (let me explain, given that three quarters of today’s societies, not all ¾ have been granted increases in salary 2%; 3% etc…, as well as the 13 th month during the past 20 years, and makes part of the acquis, now some SMEs, Anecdote in 1985, I worked as couriers to PARIS for a photo(10 pers.) studio, then this should be in 87, I was working at a commercial printer (about 15 pers.)and each time, I had my 13th month in the two companies, it is the reason, why I find normal from their granted what they ask, again, do not say that it should strike often, it does so taxed color of box, but, on the other hand, when they do strike, we remember 2010, and regreve in TOTAL and 10 of the 12 oil refineries , were closed technical unemployment, counted discontinuation of the service station, we already experienced it in 2010 to the month of October 2010

I you remerciede read me alumni and newcomers, Chile, Brazil, Algeria, Japan, India, ISRAEL, South Africa, UKRAINE, Thailand, Tanzania, Colombia, if someone ‘ each had doubts that they go on the sit (, what it lowest written ago between parenthesis), I wouldn’t hurt, on the contrary, this, you will see, what he did y nothing to hide, and I have nothing more to hide.

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QAPA, recruitment, I heard, that the between Pisa QAPA reduce unemployment of at least 10%, however, all the good ideas, which may allow a minimal same fall in unemployment, is good to take, I found that it was a good, that is why, that I speak.

I realize of a trick, that some people really want to undo our defence system, and in our medical system, that has been, if long has set up, and whose full of country inspired

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Truckers on strike, tens of kilometres of Stoppers and more

2015-01-19 08:54

(MarketWatch) – following the call by several unions of truckers (CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC), extendable strike action has disrupted traffic on the roads Monday morning. In addition to blockages on the outskirts of cities, the road targeting petroleum deposits, buying and industrial sites such as the port of Gennevilliers and even the airport hub of Roissy. « Filter dams and operations snails are already underway and cause significant slowdowns, » said Bison Futé.

On the French network, there are currently 280 kilometres of cumulative caps and 320 kilometers in the province, throughout the network. Note that, in some areas, the ice also disrupts traffic…

Wage claims

Truckers are demanding « an increase of the purchasing power of minimum 100 euro » and an hourly rate of at least 10 euros for the lowest coefficients (9.53 euros gross per hour currently). They want a salary adjustment of 5% for all employees. These movements of grumbling intervene to influence the social negotiations which will open Tuesday with the bosses, the first discussions for a revaluation of + 1.7% for drivers at the bottom of scale and + 1% to the top of the salary grid.

Social demands

In addition to wage demands, the foundations of the mobilizations are also social. Truckers intend to fight against the precarisation of their craft and ask for the industry: « the implementation of a 13th month for all »; the abolition of deficiency disease. a social protection to mutual, pension and dependence levels. The road also want their voice on the purposes of career management…

Truckers on strike: yet of blockages to Toulouse, Rennes and Nantes

Truckers on strike: still deadlocks in Toulouse, Rennes and NantesLe movement of the road started on 18 January continued in several cities of France Tuesday, including in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) and Caen (Calvados).The Inter-Trade Union Association of road hauliers (CGT, FO, CFTC and CFE – CGC) had asked Monday evening « the Government the urgent appointment of a mediator » in the conflict that pits them against the employer side to « bring back all the parties to the negotiating table.Discussions have been suspended since last Tuesday. Since employers have refused repeatedly to resume negotiations, despite the expressed will of the Secretary of State in charge of transport, Alain Vidalies.A Toulouse, an operation snail of the road on the outer ring road caused ’10 km of restraint’, according to « Metro Toulouse. « The truck drivers had no permission to demonstrate with their trucks. So it is with about 30 cars that they have started this operation on the Toulouse device », said France 3 Midi-pyrenees.operation snail of the road Tuesday morning on the ring road of #Toulouse

doctors opt for boycott of vital map

Starting Monday, January 5, doctors might refuse vital map to protest Bill of Marisol Touraine. Their movement could cause a beautiful mess

Monday, January 5, your practitioner might not take your vital card but you put a sheet of care, as before. After the strike started during the Christmas holidays against the reform of the system of health willed by Marisol Touraine, generalists harden their movement with this action supported by several unions. The goal: make react the Government and overwhelm social security.

« We know what’s going to happen. One is obliged to strong typing. It is to wake up consciences. People do realize not what will happen. Under this varnish from all-free, it is the health system which is changing », explains Dr. Albert Palombo, practitioner of the Hauts-de-Seine-France 3,.

The mobilization is unwavering

Social security fears up to two months delay in reimbursements. Angry, doctors do not let go. »The third paying generalized will ‘hold doctors by the stock exchanges’, as what is done for pharmacies that burst because of that. » Because the third party paying to have it repay, it’s a disaster », continues Dr. Palombo.

Doctors strike

After the emergency physicians, specialists and general practitioners: the movement of discontent among doctors spread Monday, December 29 to SOS Médecins. What are the emergency physicians who were the first to strike, asking for better working conditions before adjourning their notice 24 hours later, through an agreement with the Ministry of health. Liberal physicians, they have called for the strike until December 31. GPS require an upgrading of the tariffs of the consultations and protested several provisions of the public healthBill, including the third paying generalized. Private clinics, they have launched a notice for January 5: they consider that Marisol Touraine Bill condemns the private sector. The record of the Express

DOCTOR Moroccan on strike unlimited – YouTube

Doctors on strike: the shock of an emergency doctor testimony

FIGAROVOX/maintenance – while the announcement of the end of the emergency, by Marisol Touraine strike, was immediately contradicted by the latter, Dr. Gérald Kierzek explained the ins and outs of the protest movement.

Gérald Kierzek is physician. He is also the founder of the hospital association for all. He is also the author of « 101 tips for not landing emergencies » (Robert Laffont 2014)

INTERVIEW by Wladimir Garcin.

FigaroVox: All medical trade unions are opposed to the text of the Minister of health, which must be debated in Parliament in April. What are your demands?

Gerald Karim: The common point between all doctors, be they liberal or hospital, and even all caregivers (nurses, health care aides,…) is flush the bowl and exhaustion. RAS Bowl decisions to be taken by the administrative disconnected care and taken in the short term without rethink, with us, a system of health at the end of the roll. Emergencies are a symptom. Liberal colleagues do what they can to care for patients in the city and at home but when circumstances require they pass the relay and emergencies are complementary. Unfortunately, the inevitable increase in the number of patients linked to the ageing of the population in a hospital that closes its beds leads to an unmanageable situation in emergencies with hours of waiting, a violence and a burnout. Our demands are therefore a respect of working hours decent (48 hours per week under European rule) to absorb shock when emergency!

Choose the holidays to strike was good timing?

It is unworthy of being forced to wait dramas to be aware of the lack of attractiveness of the hospital.

Emergencies welcome 365 patients. The concomitance of fellow Liberal and hospital strikes is a good thing to send a signal strong. Don’t worry, all will ensure their mission of care: hospital we are assigned by the administration and therefore occupy our workstations. Patients are not hostages of the situation and argue on the contrary movement. Practitioners in the form are guarantees of safety of care: our demands are therefore at the service of patients.

What are the difficulties of emergency physicians in everyday life today?

Lack of beds, influx of patients (more than 18 million per year so that emergency services have increased from several thousand to 700 in France), management of health crises (Ebola, influenza,…), arduousness of work (hours, night guards, etc.), the list is long. Emergencies are the receptacle or the shock absorber of the problems of the health system. The emergency physicians are therefore essential, link and complementarity of other actors to upstream (doctors and city teams) and downstream (hospital services,…). Communicate, find beds, adapt to unforeseen situations are part of our business but there the situation is unfortunately predictable daily: no beds, no seats and the hours of waiting. This situation is therefore trying for a caregiver and leads to exhaustion. Many leave, change of job and consider a career as an emergency doctor problem.

Would you say that the public hospital is imprisoning?

It is necessary to restore medical power, in the good sense of the term to be able to make health choices (and not within the meaning of the all-powerful mandarins of the past decades).Yes. It is unworthy to wait patient for hours on stretchers, to be forced to wait dramas (maternity of Orthez, deaths of patients,…) to realize the lack of attractiveness of the hospital. And this isn’t just a question of means. We must certainly stop the essential proximity hospital closures in the territory with their medical services that make enormous services to the population. But above all we must remédicaliser health decisions and stop entrust technocrats health policy, worse, managers. Otherwise, they reason budget and not care, and restrict means arbitrarily and not medically. City colleagues do strike among others to stop this all administrative power of the ARS (regional health agencies) and to not live that we experience at the hospital. It is necessary to restore medical power, in the good sense of the term to be able to make health choices (and not within the meaning of the all-powerful mandarins of the past decades). For example, for me, it would be a no brainer to have a two-headed direction with a medical director and a financial and Administrative Director.

The social movement also mobilizes private practitioners. What concerns join those of the emergency?

On the ras Bowl, exhaustion and contempt that it suffers for years now: Yes. To reform the hospital or city without its practitioners medicine is nonsense.The ARS cannot be supporting practitioners, whether they be city or hospital and not vice versa!Need to store on caregivers who are not the irresponsible spenders. We are therefore not against reform but it must be carried out with us. Mount patients against us by passing of haves or spenders is the worst division because it contradicts the meaning of our profession. Patients should understand that health in France is very sick.

Cécile Duflot denounces Act Macron

The former environmental Minister took Emmanuel Macron projects and policy François Holland. After several dives, it is offensive and direct in the JDD

The tribune signed Cécile Duflot Jan. 4 in the JDD publishing sounds like a frontal attack against the Government. The former Minister of housing takes harsh words for scratching the Macron Act, intended to relaunch activity and the economy, and which must be examined in the National Assembly from January 22.Therefore, hand extended lately by François Holland to environmentalists is not captured by the Member of EELV.

Breaking with the Government

« Despite the display of good green intentions, Government is wrong conduct an endless race to growth, hooked to an outdated model. Added to this blindness is a social renunciation », including deals Cécile Duflot.L’ last summer, it was already been critical in his book »from the inside ». This time, his break with the Executive is clear. Could it be a new sign about his intentions for 2017?

DEFINITELY, between the earthquakes, TSUMANI FUKUSIMA central, 2 hostages this much, it is there that one realises that has some people, are stronger in the face of adversity than others.

Japanese hostages of the EI group: Tokyo still seeking information

By Karyn NISHIMURA-doll | Agency France-Press – sam. 24 Jan. 2015

« The Japanese Government continued Saturday to activate all channels to save his two hostages in the hands of the Islamic State (AR) group, experts directing the attempt to establish contact via the relations woven into the region, including the Turkey. »There is not really progress », said Japanese media a head of Government in the morning, nearly 24 hours after the alleged ultimatum of 72 hours posed Tuesday by the jihadists.In a video, that connoisseurs deem « doctored » due to differing shadows and other inconsistencies, a member of the EIS has threatened in English to kill the two Japanese Haruna Yukawa (boss of a small security company) and Kenji Goto (journalist) if $ 200 million not were not paid within the time limit.However, according to the Government, « no message » has subsequently come to the kidnappers. »Even though no concrete progress emerged these past hours, an adviser to the Prime Minister however said Friday on TBS television: »it is not that there is no reaction in an indirect way, but we do not reply »jihadis themselves. »There’s no real new information, we have just point on the situation », said Saturday morning the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida, at the exit from a crisis meeting.The day before, shortly before the end of the time allowed by the Islamists for receiving the money claimed, held a National Security Council (NSC).The Government, which also undergoes pressure from foreign leaders to do nothing let go, reaffirmed its position to « not give in to terrorist threats », as well as its commitment « to fight them with the international community », even if the Japan can only provide non-military support, because of the constitutional prohibition of go on the offensive.The Executive has denied rumors that would have raised the theoretical possibility to intervene in such cases under a new interpretation of the basic law allowing Japan to send soldiers on the ground to help a contested ally or save compatriots on behalf of collective defence. For the moment, the entourage of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed that time is mainly to « accumulate information with the help of other countries in order to release soon the two Japanese ». – Turkish Relations, French experience-« I hope that he (Kenji Goto) return, through discussions behind the scenes. » Before 72 hours, I was very afraid, but since nothing happened after the expiry of this period, I dare to hope », said media an ex-guide of nippon in the region journalist, until Mr. Goto disappears late October in the area of Syria controlled by the IC.The exact status of the two hostages remain unknown. »We rule out any hypothesis, we collect and control information, said for his part on the evening of Friday (Saturday morning at the Japan) an Assistant of Mr. Kishida, Yasuhide Nakayama, dispatched to Jordan to manage contacts directly on the spot.Islamic scholars and media stress the key role that could primarily play the Turkey and possibly the France who came to release last year four journalists abducted by the EIS. »Prime Minister Abe has visited several times Turkey, certainly for before any economic grounds relating to nuclear energy, but this country, which has a border with the Syria and is a crossing point, may be an important intermediary, »explains Professor Masanori Naito, of the University Doshinsha.Les Japanese television channels seek also the french hostage Nicolas Hénin, journalist who told them « assume that the faction that holds the two Japanese is probably the same as that which had abducted it and detained » for ten months before his release in April.And logs indicate that the experience of France in this area can also be useful. Mr. Kishida had also quickly called his counterpart Laurent Fabius to seek the cooperation of the hexagonal diplomacy.

Impossibiltes by way of videos on GOOGLE, You know, or, there is the possibility to put videos, links, text, the bar, which is located under the various comments, you can do, ben

When I place the menu, I can’t do fonctionnaitla topic « Paste »

But, frankly, you have incompetent to keys, ANNE Hidalgo, Mairie de PARIS, Valls positions, Prime Minister, HOLLLAND, head of the State, the new fad of Mdme hidalgo, has, the prohibition of cars or buses. In PARIS, this means that single , large tourist transport companies, or downright, who work with the big constucteurs,

I was thinking what is se saying listeners when there is a radio show with the other decerebrate Cohen, that stupid questions (to wonder, if certain are not paid) hilarious mediocrity

What is currently working in an SME, not all people I grant you, but 3/4, when you think about it, it is caught up with the delay, that society in general ‘ took

Lawyers on strike December 10

The General Assembly of the national Council of the bars was to vote this Friday afternoon the principle of a day of action to oppose Bill Macron, which could join the other legal professions concerned by the reform.
The meeting was tense Friday morning between the president of the national Council of the bar, Jean-Marie Burguburu, and the cabinet of Manuel Valls. Lawyers have organised a week of mobilization against Bill Macron everywhere in France, and including this Friday at Nantes where over 1,000 lawyers marched in dress in the city centre, it is a plea of inadmissibility that the NBC has received from the Matignon about this reform. « Our partners don’t take themselves not the measure of the gravity of the situation », regrets the NBC.

For the head of Government, it is not question of return on arbitration that have been rendered on the Bill Macron last weekend, regulated legal professions and the lawyers. The Executive wishes to create business lawyer status , just as he wished to expand the territorial postulation. Two subjects of tension for the NBC, who asked what the component concerning lawyers came out of the Macron Bill to be processed by the Chancellery. « Health professionals have obtained that the reforms that concern be treated under the Health Act. « We want the same thing, as the keeper of the seals has a very found legislative vehicle, of the draft law on Justice of the 21st century ‘, explains Jean-Marie Burguburu.

« The same language as us.

Will the text be so different if it is written by the Chancery? Surely, because the positions of the Justice Department were 180 degrees compared to Bercy on certain points, whether lawyers or notaries. And the final decisions by Matignon have rather tipped the balance towards Emmanuel Macron. We are sure to get something different with Mrs Taubira. We want to speak with people who speak the same language as us, said the president of the NBC.

To put pressure on the Government, the General Assembly of the CNB should vote this Friday a motion proposing a day of joint action with the other professions legal impacted by the Macron reform December 10. The date was not chosen at random, it is that of the presentation of the Macron in Council Bill of Ministers.

Cameroonian lawyers are on strike. Cameroonwebnews.com



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