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Miles excuses, because, frankly, me, which just has a buddy in the profession, moreover, if it has stop, it is partly due to the fact that he had no, or almost no cuts between Saturday and Monday, because on Sunday, he spent it in the papers, among other when it was not, the head, under the hood, because he had heard a noise the night beforesuddenly, as he was divorced, even, if it had not been, besides, I am in the process of thinking, he saw, finally, if, see, but out in cities or in the forest, not, do an outing with his kid… what! , so he appealed to foreign aid, sympatoche help! , but it is such, normal, needed, the pay, ca could not, however, it held 2 years, approximately, to the pay and when he spun the keys to the new owner, he was happy on one side, because he no longer had to ensure its courses, but on the other, it was shit, because he had the impression of loss!

And to win, what. Surroundings for him 2000 00, chuis wide, when I think what ‘ lawyer of pistorius, do is survey memepas of the bed, if he does not his €3000 during the day, you can’t find, that it ‘ like a trick

Postal workers could soon pass the licence , but frankly goes it account absurdity, that is advanced, and, is, a guy, as in it, it is gone, pick us up, no, but you made express, it is not true, Valls, I ask, how, it the choisi.ils still want strikes, by March 2015, you do not bored, you are DECIDEDLY bad, and you made of studies for being as bad as CA,

There is full of unemployed people, who know how to lead, AAHH, but going to lengthen a p’tit some more, than keufs, military or postal workers, it is true that the postman are fittest butchers, or, chaurcutiers, no. c how if you open a box, let the people who know, please, frankly, outsourcing your wanted , catch desire, it’s not far away, Bartolone before but you y arrivrez, still a p’tit effort

in an act with Macron.

Work on Sunday: Aubry defies Valls and Macron

Manuel Valls defended the Macron act as a text « progress and freedom », Martine Aubry has called it, « regression »

Martine Aubry promises to combat the Macron law defended by Manuel Valls. © Photo


L a law Macron, which was presented by the Council of Ministers Wednesday morning, is far from being voted both the battle left promises to be tough. Advertising while the Slingers have already indicated that they would vote against, Manuel Valls defended this project, during a press conference at the Elysée Palace: « it is a law of progress and freedom and there I repeat the words spoken by the President of the Republic a moment ago ».

« General interest » against « regression »

« This law serves that interest, the public interest, added. It aims to improve quickly and concretely the life of the French. GAG, it is a law designed to create and develop the attractiveness. »

« I will fight this regression for our company at the national level, as in my city »: Martine Aubry

Remains that the tenant of Matignon and his Minister of economy will still have to convince. And especially that Martine Aubry, the Mayor of Lille and ex-patronne of the PS, in turn mounted to the plate against this text which she calls simply « regression ». Emmanuel Macron speaking, for his part, « of social progress ».

In a column published in the world Wednesday, it indeed does not mince its words about one of the flagship of this Act measures: the prospect to spend 5-12 Sunday worked per year.

Strolling at the Mall

« We want to make consumption – even more than today ‘ hui – the alpha and omega of our society, queries? » « The left did now to propose as an organization of life than Sunday at the shopping centre promenade and the accumulation of consumer goods? » Favourable that Sunday is a day « reserved for oneself and for the others », she added: « the economic arguments of those who are in favour of greater liberalisation of labour on Sunday do not withstand analysis. » Trade is disposable income. « It is limited, the enlargement of the opening days will be to a simple reallocation of purchases in the week. » No gains to provide so.

but she is quite, right, even though she cheated me, like the other prevents it has tou in fact reason!

A development that it doubles as a small lesson policy destined for the Executive: « policy, it is to say, with regard to our values and the meaning we give them, in what society we want to live and not to be guided by the studies of opinions. »Gee!WHAT THE KILLERS!, she tape

Certainty, Martine Aubry will not be appeased easily: « I am firmly opposed to the passage of 5 to 12 Sundays opened per year. I will fight this regression for our company at the national level, as in my city »

In the debates on the Act, Macron, MEPs adopted a reform of driving licences, which plans to reduce waiting times prior to taking the practical test

Wait on average 98 days to pass the driver’s license in France

Has nearly the hours of vivos debates, the National Assembly voted Friday a more ambitious than expected Act Macrondriving reform. Objective of the Minister of the economy: reduce congestion that prevents tens of thousands of French per year to pass this exam.Advertising medium for the exam timeout was indeed of 98 days in 2013, more than double the average European. With a cost that necessarily increases (on average 1,600 euros) and young people from modest backgrounds who are penalized.

Postal workers, of former military or police

The Assembly voted an emergency to 45 days. It has provided the redeployment of 35 examiners of permit trucks to the practical stage of the B permit in tense areas, or 92,000 new crossings per year, or even removed the minimum of 20 hours of practical training.Above all, in the most strained areas, prefectures will be able to use public or contractual agents empowered and trained. This can be for example the post office but also of former police or military officers. « I asked the CEO of La Poste to organize accordingly from the month of March, » said Emmanuel Macron. On the side of the post, unions are shared. The CDFT expressed support for such a measure as « there are fears on employment in the position », recalls Alain Barraud, national Secretary of the CFDT position on France Info. « Internet and digital are decreased by half, or more, of the activity by 2020 ‘ reference is expected.On the other hand, SUD – PTT shown much less enthusiastic in a press release. « It is both »make much of the body of the licence inspectors »and »consider that the postman – es turn thumbs », protested the Union, stressing that » post suffered a bleeding 90,000 jobs in a decade «  »

In the debates on the Act, Macron, MEPs adopted a reform of driving licences, which plans to reduce waiting times prior to taking the practical test

Driving schools strike: the movement will grow next Monday

Trade unions and several driving schools networks call for a mobilization Monday, February 9 in several cities of France, after the Friday in Paris, to challenge the reform of the licence under review in Parliament.

Driving schools will be strike Monday, February 9, against the reform of driving licences

In addition to Paris, rallies are planned in thirteen cities, including Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux, to the call of the Union nationale inter-trade union of teachers of driving (Unidec).
The three main networks of driving schools, ECF, REB and City’Zen, also called to join the movement.

Strike in Paris last Friday

Friday, February 6, 860 driving police vehicles gathered near the Eiffel Tower.
They should be much more numerous Monday by counting all gatherings, in Paris and in the province, said Frédéric Martinez, Director of the ECF network.
The profession is mobilized to move the contents of the Macron Act, which the review will continue the week next to the National Assembly.
She worries, among other things, possible recourse, introduced by this new text, others as inspectors for the practical test of driving licences, including agents of the post office.

Another point of tension, the deletion of the minimum mandatory of twenty hours of course prior to submission to the review.
« This is not acceptable », warns Mr. Martínez, for which this measurement is equivalent to  » send a bad signal »to young drivers.
In less than twenty hours, it is not possible to address the new repository for citizen engagement (CTMIR) education, set up in 2014 to develop a responsible behaviour of the future motorist, adds Mr. Martínez.
Professionals also refuse that the initial evaluation can be done remotely, without direct contact with a professional, as the law provides.

« Is like a quote. It is impossible to ask a painter or a Mason to do an estimate without seeing the apartment », explains the Director of the ECF system.
Professionals believe nonetheless that the mobilization of Friday allowed to resume the dialogue.
A meeting is scheduled Tuesday between the trade unions and the thematic rapporteur of the Macron Bill, MP PS Gilles Savary, said Mr. Martínez.

It’s called demagoguery, it is shown on television of the kids, who planquent in rooms without heat, without electricity, leaving not because there are bombs, which can at any moment come to kill and break out the little bit of life, there is, I hope, sincerely that they will emerge unharmed, they live Them, and that they remain the + long possible in life, however, in Palestine, we know posed the question if, children, hungry, if they were going

At school, this is not serious by any ways, they will explode, even if they are protected by NATO, and, fortunately, that they were protected, otherwise, that is what it would have been

Talent, we can always try to make believe that there has, it is like, culture and jam less, more, we spread it out

Frankly, I died laughing, but is it pissing, guys (people), it’s been 40 years, they are in power, it’s been 40 years, it put us against each other, in short, it’s been 40 years, they have been unable, I say unable manage, the communities, the foreign communities, be it Africans, or the Moldovan, Romanian, Yugoslavia, (Ex Yugoslavia Serbo-Croatian Croatia) (I also grew up with of Yugoslavia) and other communities, and some left, of course, these fauxderches, I talk, of is so-called elites, because me, too, I’ve voted left, but unlike, I was sincere, like many, my cousin in another then when I hear some buffoons , makes me gently laughing. Unlike some, them manage communities and others, the french.You guess, that is, what

. The Spain debt exceeds 1,000 billion

End of June, the public debt of the Spain surpassed the 1,000 billion euros, a first, according to figures released Thursday by the Central Bank.

End of June, the public debt of the Spain surpassed the 1,000 billion euros, a first, according to figures released Thursday by the Central Bank.At 1.007 billion euros exactly, it represents 98.5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2013, according to AFP calculations. The Bank of Spain, awaiting the publication of end of August of the final figures of GDP for the second quarter, will be published in September, the exact percentage.The GDP increased 0.6% over this period from the first quarter, according to a first estimate.According to the Government projections, public debt will reach 99.5% late 2014 and then exceed the symbolic threshold of 100% in 2015, to 101.7%. It is much more than the European limit of 60% of GDP.

The public debt of the Spain brink 100% of GDP in 2014

Public debt of the Spain will reach next year well higher than forecast according to the 2014 budget presented Monday to Parliament.

The public debt of the Spain, ceasing of swell since 2011, Brink 100% of GDP in 2014 after reaching 94.2% this year, figures well above previous forecasts, according to the draft budget 2014 this Monday to the Spanish debt Parlement.La no end of inflate. While she was 40.2% at the time of the explosion of the housing bubble in 2008 and had even finished 2011 at a relatively low level in the European Union (68.5% of GDP), it has exploded since. It rose to 85.9% 2012 end and 92.2% end of June 2013. Is higher than the expected 90.5% for the end of 2013 by the previous Conservative Government’s budget. However things are not near to improve. According to the draft budget 2014 this Monday in Parliament, in effect, the Government is now forecasting a debt of 94.2% of GDP this year and 99.8% at the end of 2014. It anticipates gross financing needs of EUR 243,888 billion for 2014 against 207,173 in 2013, an increase of 17.7%. In budgetary terms, interest on the debt in 2014 is projected 36,590 billion euros or 3.49% of GDP. Spain, which has had to resort to a bailout for its banks in 2012 and has touched a global rescue of its economy, benefited from a drop in its cost of funding after the European Central Bank intervention who bought the debt of European countries in difficulty. The average cost of the debt of the State increased from 3.90% in 2012 to 3.77% in the first six months of 2013. The Spanish Treasury also already completed 83.3% of its needs for this year. 2013 « is the last year of recession, again assured the Minister of Budget, Cristobal Montoro, presenting the 2014 budget. The Government approved Friday the budget based on the economic recovery while the country sees the end of the recession. The fourth of the euro area economy should emerge from two years of recession in the third quarter, with growth expected between 0.1% and 0.2%. After having resisted in 2012 the pressure of the market who wanted to see it ask its rescue, as the Greece and Portugal before it, the Spain table on a growth of 0.7% in 2014, against 0.5% previously, even if GDP is expected to further decline by 1.3% this year. But rigor is still required and begins to bear fruit, assured Cristobal Montoro, the Government hoping to bring back, as promised to the European Union, its public deficit to 6.5% of GDP in 2013 and 5.8% in 2014. The potion remains bitter socially with 150 billion savings scheduled between 2012 and 2014, including for civil servants and retirees. In 2014, the 2.6 million employees will have their wages frozen for the fourth consecutive year. The Government, which had made the maintenance of the purchasing power of the over 9 million pensioners a promise, has planned to de-indexing of prices rising retirement benefits. They will increase by 0.25% in 2014 for an inflation of more than 2% on average since the beginning of the year.

« The Spain will soon be a problem for Europe.» | The Opinion

23 oct. 2014… If the figures of l’ evolution of the debt public in France are scary, so what about those of l’Spain ? We are to become.

A demonstration against the policy of the Government turns to confrontation in Madrid

One to two thousands of people gathered near the Congress of deputies to request the resignation of the Government and, according to the slogan, « besiege Congress ».

The climate is poisoned in early evening: groups of youths throwing projectiles on the police who responded with batons. Appraisal: a fortnight of arrests and injured 30.

Such violence contrast with the peaceful protests so far in Spain against austerity.

These incidents occurred a few hours after the announcement of a new record unemployment rate: 27.16%. More than six million people are so jobless in Spain, and, in the 16-24 age group, the rate reached even 57%.

The Government of Mariano Rajoy is expected to announce further reforms this Friday. He is already committed to 150 billion euros in savings from here to the end of 2014

The collapse of the Euro is inevitable according to the SG analystby John Lloyds

It is an analyst of Société Générale, one of the most prestigious Bank, Albert Edwards, who threw the pad in the pond. This bird of ill omen had already announced in 2009 that he was expected to « see global markets plunge to a new low in 2010 » (1). But a few days ago, he has shown a pessimism that would have made pale Cioran: « my vision is that it has that little other than temporary help that can be offered to the Greece by the countries of the euro area […] Any assistance to this country may only postpone the break-up of the Euro area’ (2)

The collapse of the Euro is inevitable (3), hammers the expert! It must be said that the scenes of what might become the Eurogate begin to reveal behind the Greece of the submarines so complementary that one could almost detect a harmony of programmed destruction: the EU Finance Ministers, notation and Eurostat agencies which would have buffered the imprimatur to arrangements whose purpose was to disguise debt Greek is sinking a screed of long-term loans presented in CDS by Goldman Sachs, according to Jorion (4) and as indicated in the NYT (7), that harbinger of a new strategy of financial predation after the destruction of competition on Wall street, Goverment Sachs tackles States.

Is it surprising? According to Albert Edwards (5), the current world growth was obtained through the hallowed pyramid scheme, and the debts of the States can no longer be monetized; because abyssal balances (balances to-470% in Europe,-500% for the United States,-800% for the Greece), it is the planet that became insolvent and the G7 is called to collapse (6). Therefore, why deprive themselves of the opportunity, well organized seems to charge a nation through the Bank a lifeline at 6%, when banks are less than 1%, refinance loans which will be also more expensive lame duck that are the PIGS (7)?
The recent posturing of the heads of State around the Greek corpse poorly masked not only their fears of a possible explosion of the euro area, but also their fears about the threat of contagion on the basis of important financial nestings: « banks European lent more than 252 billion to the Greek economy, according to figures from the Bank for international settlements dating from September 2009. ‘. French institutions are the most exposed, with 75 billion dollars (55 billion euros) in assets. The Swiss institutions have invested 63 billion dollars (46 billion euros), the Germans 43 billion (31 billion euros) […] French and German banks have more than 115 billion dollars (84 billion euros) of exposure in Greece and six times more across southern Europe. « The Spain, likely next target markets, concerned much more» (8).
European banks have lent any informed, to a country, whose abysmal debt was carefully masked by Government Sachs? Will they play the Holy innocence swearing their great God that the financial world is really rotten, that they were aware of anything, that they could not imagine that a such betrayal of ethics was possible, and that on more resume them?
It is therefore not the Greece that scares, countries including Europe to strut, say bluntly. What makes fear, it is the specter of contagion. According to Helga Zepp-Larouche, « two choices that are available to the EU, until it locks himself inside the current system, are that a draconian to Hjalmar Schacht austerity and that, by turning the a ticket of the ECB Board, of a Bank Bailout causing hyperinflation in Weimar.» « These two choices lead us to yet more crisis and perhaps the war ‘ (9).
Already, the ECB is preparing to break with the Euro (10). Europe has just put a revolver on the Greek temple for 30 days (11), but the first son cursed the euro remains in the arms of honour, a dialogue of the deaf (12) optimistic predictions probably a major European political crisis. Go to the ultimatum, on 16 March, date at which Jean-Claude Juncker has scheduled any « measures determined and coordinated […] ». We do not believe that it would be wise to have a public discussion of such instruments.

The USA falling into poverty

The 31st report on hunger and homelessness (Assessment of hunger and homelessness) which took place in the United States highlight an evolution of American society little relayed by the media acquired for the great majorte to dominant neo-liberal thought: despite an alleged decline slow but continuing unemployment, the number of homeless and hungry persons increases. In total, 46.5 million Americans who live below the poverty line, according to the study conducted by the Conference of the mayors of the United States, in twenty-five major U.S. cities are.

More than 1 US 6 is globalized third. Defenders of the American economic model that they set up as a model, strive to make us believe in a stunning way, that There Is Not Alternative, need to deregulate and liberalize further, because there is nothing between it and the destructive communism in the former Soviet bloc and especially not a another development mode which does not allow to put full pockets.

Match-fixing figures, omissions, partial truths… Everything is good to make us take bladders for lanterns.

A concrete example of this misinformation can be found in the current allegory of thinking goods on Spanish exports growing at the moment. The Spanish recovery is there us serine who better better. Rajoy destructive policy begins to do his work, the sacrifices of the Spaniards were not vain. Caution the France, the Spaniards decided to conquer Europe. We’ll have to lower the cost of labour and squalid loads weighing on businesses that freinentsa competitiveness and therefore growth,… Yes, except that if the Spanish trade balance becomes beneficial, this is because the Spanish buy more nothing internationally and that imports of goods and services are collapsing. It is therefore that of a simple mechanical rebalancing of the Spanish trade balance, purely accounting.

For US, it’s the same song. The US recovery began, their economic policy would begin to provide results, cars will sell like hotcakes, shale gas detonated meters of the revival.

Ben see. The American economic model, which remains the reference – when the USA was fluffy, the world cough – what is a steamroller that crushes everything in its path, the Americans themselves first of all.

The situation really deteriorates.

An AFP dispatch comes to inform us that weekly unemployment registrations rebounded more than expected in the United States for the week close on 7 December, surprising analysts, said Thursday the Department of labor. «» In data adjusted for seasonal variations, they amounted to 368 000, an increase of 68 000 from the previous week slightly revised an increase to 300,000 against 289 000 previously estimated. « Not to mention those who knowing unnecessary unemployment registration do not approach to make themselves known.

Beyond unemployment itself, these are consequences that should have in mind. Homelessness and hunger are spreading across America like wildfire.

The study of the Conference of the mayors of the United States is uplifting. It is the point on the evolution of hunger and the homeless between September 2012 and August 2013 in 25 cities American – Ashevill, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Plano, Providence, St. Paul, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Trenton and Washington.

The data revealed by this study are just damning for the world’s leading economic power.

-the request for food aid to increased in 83% of these cities, an average of 7%.

-More than 90% of the cities studied have reported an increase in the number of people seeking food assistance for the first time

-the food aid beneficiaries live in a family to 58%, 43% have a job 21% are elderly people, 9% are homeless

-The 25 cities spent $ 324 million in food aid during this period

-21% of people who need this help to survive could receive it

-the quantity of food provided has been reduced due to lack of means. 78% of the cities have had to reduce the number of times where a person or a family can receive food each month.

-71% of the cities have had to deny homeless families with children because of the lack of available beds and in two-thirds of the cities, help centres must send people away from home due to the lack of places.

-the number of homeless increased in 52% of the cities studied and fell in only 36% of them. In 12% of the cities, the number of homeless has not varied. The average increase in the number of homeless is 4% for the whole of the 25 cities analyzed

-alone in Chicago, 116 042 people were homeless during the school year 2012-13, an increase of 11.4% in one year. Among them, there are 18 669 students whom 98.3% were children of color and 20% have been diagnosed with a disability or developmental delay

-30% of the homeless have mental disorders, 17 per cent a motor disability, 16% have been victims of domestic violence, 3% are sero-positive, 9% pursue an occupational activity and 13% are veterans of war

Recall that the USA have more than 3.5 million of homeless including:
•35% are families with children.
•23% are veterans of the U.S. Army.
•25% are children under the age of 18 years.
•30% suffered from domestic violence.
•20 25% suffer from mental illness.

Etc, etc… Any study is to match, not a figure to save the other. Add data overwhelming State of health, and you’ll have a pretty terrifying view of the model that inspired yet the EU out of the crisis created precisely by this model.


Study link : http://www.usmayors.org/pressreleases/uploads/2013/1210-report-hh.PDF

Some quick lessons of Ukrainian parliamentary election.

1 °) counting is not completed, but the participation rate is declining compared to the presidential elections in may, 53.27% (taking into account that this official figure is proportional to the voters considered enrolled in the Southeast and in the Crimea, who were able to vote). In may, the rate was high enough for the Ukraine, no doubt due to the sense of national defence associated with voting, and because Poroshenko was not yet in power and gave some hope.
Now there is, and a « political bid » quite largely oligarchic, while the Maidan was the destruction of this oligarchy, largely explained that discontent was this time much less constrained by the feeling that remains, national defence.
Participation is higher in the West, which is pretty classic 70% in the Lviv oblast, 68.3% in Ternopil, 64% in Ivano-Frankivsk, 65% in Volhynia, 55.7% in Kyiv. It fell to 39.5% in Odessa. In the Donbass oblast it is 32.5% and that of Luhansk of 32.5%, which is relatively important in light of the ban on voting implemented by « separatists », the majority of registered voters unable to vote.

2 °) the score of the supporters of the president in place Poroshenko is bad compared to the forecast. With 21.45 percent of the votes cast, its « block Poroshenko’ happen just behind the coalition ‘Popular Front’ Turchynov, Yatsenyuk and Avakov, 21, 82%, which aggregates all of the forces that took power after Yanukovych leakage outside, precisely, Poroshenko (and the Svoboda party), which would be a heavy symbolic failure attesting to wear fast and understandable…

3 °) if the ‘popular Front’ can boast of having as much or a little more than voice the « block Poroshenko » it appears however as an addition of forces as disputed and disappointing the ones than the others. The fact that it is 10% more than that promised the polls appears as a great success, but it’s mainly a mistrust of Poroshenko and a kind of manoeuvre of the electorate that, even if vote for parties little afriolants, would not concentrate all powers on one of them.
The ‘oppositional Bloc’, from the old party of Regions, 9.73%, and the KPU (PC), whose ‘the nazis’ ban was for the umpteenth time announced here shortly by the blogosphere « strong Communist » (so to speak!), made 3.93%: forces in power until February are therefore 13.66%, vote has little ideological content but translated old clients to be slow (it is still they who are involved in the biggest case of vote buying from) This election, in Kirovograd…).
Baktivtchina (« motherland ») of Iulia Timoshenko is permanently marginalized with 5.66%, and the radical party of the Oleh Lyashko, polls gave 15-20%, and happening to retrieve the voice of Svoboda, fact that 7.39%.
Svoboda is below the 5% to 4.72%. Its collapse is even more pronounced in its historic bastion of Galicia that elsewhere: this party would only save 5 deputies, elected by majority vote in a round (50% of the rada is elected, the other half being proportional above 5%), which only 2 in Galicia. Pravý Sector is at 1.87%, but gets 2 members using this system, including its Chief Iarosh in Dnipropetrovsk, although it is far from having obtained the majority of votes.
Naturally the blogosphere stirred up by ‘Ukrainian Nazi’ totals the voices of Svoboda, Pravý Sector and those of the radical party (which the political nature is different, it is a mixture of populism, nationalism and peasant populism), and others, to say that with some 15% of the vote or more, ‘the nazis’ multiply ten times their score compared to the presidential (1.6% for Tianybok of Svoboda, and Iarosh Pravý Sector, together! ) which had much annoyed because it contradicted their frenzied propaganda, and which until now they avoided talk.
In fact, the Svoboda and Pravý Sector scores are no surprise, they match in the circumstances of the legislative presidential results and illustrate this political reality: the extreme right in Ukraine was not reinforced, but weakened by the Maidan and the fall of Yanukovich, holding the top of the keypad only in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts with Russian help.
But more generally, these elections express weariness, rejection or disappointment with almost all of the political forces with pinion on street.

4 °) the exception, it is Samopomitch with 11.12% of the votes, only truly victorious force in this election. Samopomitch means something like ‘Let’s get ourselves », better translated by the English »self-help « .
This party was formed this spring by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, hostile from the beginning to the rise of Svoboda in its region (Svoboda had conquered the majority at the level of Galicia, but not in Lviv, where the mobilizations against the authority named by Svoboda). On a program that might be described as democratic and cooperative, it is an organization that relies on committees of districts and on the sectors of the uniate Church hostile to Svoboda and his recovery by ultra-nationalists.
But in fact, what has boosted Samopomitch, it is the decision taken by « Semen Semenchenko », pseudonym of the leader of the Donbass battalion (originally from Donetzk, he wishes to protect his family), to support this party and registration of candidates in the elections from his battalion. Semenchenko, hospitalized for his wounds of war, severely confronted the Government late August early September, advocating volunteerism rather than conscription (in which preferential treatment raised waves of protest), requiring weapons and food for the volunteers and accusing the Government of abandoning them, demanding the resignation of the Minister of defence. Indeed, his «battalion Donbass», the majority of recruits appear to be from Southeast of the Ukraine, was largely loose and horribly massacred by Russian forces, just before the signing of a ceasefire, in the pocket of Ilovaisk (it seems that photographs of victims of the massacres are circulating since, on the blogosphere « strong Communist » and far-right, to illustrate the « genocide committed against the Russian-speaking » – battalion Donbass is perfectly « Russian-speaking »!).
This battalion was precisely the main training of volunteers armed to escape virtually to control either the Ministry of defence, or of the Ukrainian far-right, or both. Needless to say, the blogosphere just to be issue has particularly been fed ‘information’ by doing some sort of « SS division »: such « information » are required for the not understanding what happens really, and therefore to the internationalist non-mobilisation. It is therefore likely that in addition to the voices of the « nazis », the blogosphere much of Eastern Europe and neofascist will add Samopomitch, so as to approach the 25%!
Of course, he is not here to idealize nor the battalion Donbass, nor Samopomitch, but to analyse the political facts: the only notable political success of these elections is that which combines desire for national defence, challenge to the established power and refusal of the extreme right.
Highly significant: Samopomitch is in the lead in Kyiv.
On the other hand, forces policy of the radical left, mentioned in the article below A. Volodarskoe, were unable to present candidates. There is therefore a yawning political vacuum, and « phenomena » various such as Samopomitch but also Lyashko, partly before him Svoboda, yet previously Timoshenko or Natalia Vitrenko if you go back 20 years ago, manifested in their way this vacuum. It is also not enough to find it to fill it!
Another interesting indication is given by the election, by an absolute majority in his district, one of the very few independent candidates, without sponsor or party in place no means financial: Volodymyr Parasiuk, which on the Maidan of Kyiv, by a decisive intervention, had demolished the manoeuvre of the leaders of the three parties Baktivchina, Oka, and Svoboda, concerted with German, french and Polish Ministers to form a Government of national unity, maintaining Yanukovich. Very popular for this historic role, he was wounded and captured, while his real identity being discovered, during the terrible massacre in Ilovaisk early September. The hand of Russian military intelligence which has not identified him, he was traded against separatist prisoners. It comes, alone, to 54% of the vote in a territory of Western Galicia.
Cannot say at all that politically it will become, how it will turn. But men of this caliber would have their place in a movement of emancipation to hunt all the oligarchs!
The Ukrainian left torn between Maidan and Antimaidan.
by Alexandr Volodarkiy.

The deep divisions between the various protagonists of the Ukrainian policy also affected the radical left. The fracture, which has its roots in the difference of interpretation of the Soviet experience, manifested in all its breadth when the Maidan and the Antimaidan resulted in the creation of the « popular republics » of Donbass (1). Today a unit of the left on the bottom of this bloody war, appears impossible (2).

The Maidan has completely disrupted previous reports of forces in the political life of the Ukraine. Many leading players are out of the scene, and others which were only small pieces have become the Kings of the scene. Of the parties that were until then outsiders, such as the « block Oleg Lyashko » [now Radical Party] and ‘Solidarity’ [renamed « block Petro Poroshenko] are currently at the top of the polls. The influence of the « block Iulia Timoshenko’, which had in fact seized power after the Maidan, but lost him in the conduct of the presidential elections, collapsed. Svoboda has lost its image of the most radical actor in parliamentary politics and no longer has the opportunity to repeat his success of 2012 in a general election, when he had obtained more than 10%. The Regions Party disintegrated and fell into a coma, its members actively supporting separatist movements of South-Eastern Ukraine, or seeking to forget their past in integrating with less discredited political forces. Vitaliy Klichko, who appeared as the most probable candidates for the Presidency, is now Mayor of Kiev and will hardly be able to move beyond. (3)

Breaks are not only the main political forces, but also those, more marginal, on which the masses have little information. Do not underestimate and it is necessary to consider them carefully. Pravý Sector, whatever with any received broad support in society (it has stagnated at the level of 1%), has become a major media phenomenon and had played a catalytic role in the passage of the Maidan of the peaceful period to that of street fighting (4). The core of this movement consists of extreme rightist organizations which, compared to a larger force as Svoboda, seemed until there be of small sects sentenced to a political death. In the same way, the extreme-right organizations and pro-Russian monarchist in Eastern Ukraine, restricted until there a narrow circle, have become an important factor that could be described as key factor in the formation of the separatist movement (5). The small « Republic of Donetsk » Organization, which had existed since the mid-2000s primarily in cyberspace, now attends a life-size fantasies incarnation. Thus, even political sects of hundreds, or even tens, activists, can in certain circumstances influence the masses and radically alter the political situation.

Have the Ukrainian far-left organisations also strongly stirred by recent events. Today they play a secondary role and their voice is hardly heard in background noise that is mostly right, but before the rise of social tensions left orientations can relativize or even to marginalise nationalists in the protests coming. But if the forces of Ukrainian pro-Russian right or pro very logically found their place on opposite sides of the barricade on the basis of their national and linguistic preferences, left the ongoing processes are more complex. The main dividing line derives from the position relating to the USSR, which a historical and theoretical issue became a hot topic of news.

Red Maidan and black Maidan.

The leftist Opposition, which brings together Democratic Socialists (6) and Trotskyites, took part in the Kiev Maidan from the early days (7). They descended on the square with euro-socialistes slogans waving a red flag in the colours of the EU (8). Also present on the Maidan were anarchists, the most active organization being Terra Libera, eco-anarchist, associated with militants of all organizations, to the left of the Khudrad union artists and the Union student direct Action. Because the symbols they used, skirmishes occurred between them and Pravý Sector, still little known. Various groups left activists have managed to assert their presence, not not so much on the square as occupied buildings, students running a film library, where stood the meetings and was available the press left. If it is impossible to say that in Kiev the activists emerged as an integral part of the movement with their full political identity, cannot say either that he had not left on the Maidan, or that it would have been « completely expelled. The anarcho-syndicalist of the autonomous Union of workers of Kyiv took initially neutral towards the Maidan, because they did not see the possibility of having an effective influence on the movement under the hegemony of the right conditions, but they eventually give it their support when Yanukovich made the legislation against the right of demonstration and meeting on 16 January. The cell of Kharkov of this organization took part, however, of beginning to the Maidan of Kharkov, in which the influence of the extreme right has remained largely minority and where they were able to develop without barriers, with their emblems, an orientation focused on social issues.
From the beginning fighting Street Hurshevsky, left many activists and anarchists took part in humanitarian actions and this is a group of anarchists and left Liberals who organized the ‘hospital Brigade’, which took place in hospitals to prohibit the removal of the wounded by the forces of repression. Direct Action activists are brought to the forefront the 1 ° December, encourage the formation of first aid Brigade. Many found themselves in first line, as doctors and nurses either fighting directly. One of the burned tanks was by the anarchists. The threats of armed formations of the far-right have prevented us to go up to the explicit creation of an anarchist Centurie, which would have also associated the ultras of the football club Arsenal, which, in contrast to other supporters, themselves are defined as « anti-racism ». Anarchists, together with the student movement activists, were able to take their small revenge [on Pravý Sector, NDT] following the takeover of assault of the Ministry of Education. Access to the activists of Svoboda and Pravý Sector building them was prohibited (9), and a series of claims were addressed to the new Minister of Education who could not get to his Ministry as long as he had not signed. A part of the action participants felt this success biased, because the choice of Sergey Kvit [Serhiy Kvit] due to his extreme-right past, was not acceptable. Despite the pressure of the anarchists, professional « student leaders » are managed to prevent an escalation of the conflict, preferring to collaborate with the Minister.
It must also make their way to the left of Resistance autonomous nationalists. Until there is little this organization was closely associated with Svoboda and one of its leaders, especially Yuriy Mikhalchishin. But a conflict is open between the master and students and Resistance autonomous came into opposition to the influence of Svoboda in Western Ukraine. Part of the left saw Resistance autonomous a possible ally, another maintains the distance because they always use a nationalist and conservative rhetoric. Do not underestimate his role in the Maidan of Lviv, which was opposed not only to the party of the Regions to power nationally, but also to the local power of Svoboda. Autonomous resistance took part actively in the ‘night of wrath’, a series of assault against the buildings of the Ministry of the Interior of Security Services (SBU) and the Chancellery [in Lviv]. (10)

The Antimaidan.

The only training left significant to be opposed to the Maidan from the beginning to the end is Borotba, although its position actually changes (11). In November and December [2013] Borotba criticised the Maidan, but about taking its distance towards the Antimaidan (among other things they issued a resolution to form a Krasny Sector [sector Red] which did exist only virtually and have claimed responsibility for some cars burned in Kiev) (12). With the radicalisation of the situation Borotba has increasingly tilted side Antimaidan, described as « anti-Fascist forces. End of February – beginning of March [2014] Borotba showed side-by-side with the pro-Russian of Oplot and unit Slave, in Kharkov and Odessa. Borotba also collaborates with the Ukrainian PC, which long has never been regarded as of left in any way whatsoever by radical activists (13).

A serious and violent confrontation between militant left (even if each party disclaims to another the right to be called) supporters and opponents of the Maidan has been triggered in March, from the occupation of Kharkiv regional administration (14). The pro-Russian and Borotba, together, have beaten Euromaidan local militants barricaded inside the building, striking also those who had offered no resistance. Their victims included anarchists, including the famous writer Serhiy Zhadan, seriously injured. Affirming its support for the Antimaidan on many occasions, Borotba there included its components explicitly right. Describing Kiev of junta fascist »regime, Borotba has called for a »broad anti-fascist front ‘. The broad front has materialized in Odessa, where Borotba has teamed with Rodina and unit Slave, two organizations in its time Borotba had denounced for Russian nationalism (15).

A great break.

Following the events of Kharkov various left and anarchist organizations have published an open letter from distance against Borotba socket (16). The wound worsened with the tragic events of the House of unions in Odessa (17): If some have sympathized with Borotba, others accused him of direct support for the provocative armed [in the first phase of the events of May 2] and attributed a portion of responsibility in what happened to the head of Borotba in Odessa, Aleksy Albu. Yet, during the first phase of the Maidan, Odessa de Borotba section had conducted joint actions with the local cell of Resistance autonomous, then regardless of its Ukrainian nationalism. It is not correct to speak simply of sympathy ‘pro-Russian’ or ‘Ukrainian pro’ to explain this division, because the fracture line is not on the national aspect.
This fracture line has an international character. In Germany we saw activists carry out actions with the « Ribbon of Saint George » and brandish Russian flags, others trying to block such actions. There’s no unity in the ranks of the main left-wing parties: thus in Die Linke was opposite, positions ranging from support for the « popular republics » Donetzk (RPD) and from Lugansk (RPL) to a violently critical attitude towards them. Rote Hilfe, an organisation that is dedicated to aid political prisoners and victims of the extreme right, has harvested the Borotba Fund initially, but then ceased to do so, under the influence of the anarchists. Similar trends can be observed in forces left in Poland, Spain, Sweden, France, England and virtually all the rest of the world. Found in Russia this division between those who support RPD and DPL and those who condemn them categorically. (18)

(this is not) our war.

The ‘Stop the war in Ukraine’ resolution adopted early June at a conference held in the Belarusian capital Minsk, expressed by its formulations blur two antagonistic positions at the same time, giving rise to different public interpretations on the part of its sponsors. On Russian leftist website Rabkor you can read an interesting controversy between Denis Denisov (of the left Opposition) and the drafting of the site. The first sees the resolution of Minsk a call to lay down their weapons as well addressing the Ukrainian army to his opponents. The drafting of the site sees it as a call for the surrender of the Kiev Government and recognition of DPR (19).
The anarchists manifesto entitled « War on war » leaves less space to various interpretations and has received the support of a variety of organisations from left and libertarian organizations from various regions of the world. In this text the RPD and the RPL plans are characterised as reactionary and as the oppressors who consciously threaten the populations of the two regions, while are condemned threats from the Ukrainian Government and the far-right who receives weapons. The solution to the conflict must be based on the development of a movement of the workers from the bottom.
A similar design: condemnation of the extreme right of the two camps, support to movements of workers and trade unions, affirmation of the discourse on the social question as an instrument of defence against the war, is also made by the left (20) Opposition.

After the Maidan.

Despite these many problems after the Maidan political activity of the left has not been terminated, and even intensified. The independent workers Union (UAL) Kiev frequently organizes actions against the current Government and the authorities of the city. At the anarchist demonstration of the first of may took part of hundreds of people, although it has had to change the Assembly point at the last moment for security reasons. Such demonstrations were also held in Kharkiv and Zhytomyr.
The Kharkov UAL is actively engaged in support of refugees. Like the European anarchists, they occupied a municipal building abandoned for a few years to make a social centre. Refugees who have been forced to abandon Slavyansk is are organized there in autonomy, with anarchists. Local authorities make threats of eviction, but are unwilling to find a home for refugees.
Representatives of the left Opposition participated in municipal elections in Kiev, and although having not obtained significant results, they continue to act for a presence of the left in the parliamentary, currently always more deserted arena. On this goal they gave life « Assembly of Social Revolution », which brings together trade union activists and the « left-wing intellectuals » eager to find an anchor in real politics.
Borotba has chosen the path of integration into the structures of the « popular republics. The leader of this movement, Sergey Kirichuk, is currently in Germany, where he is seeking refugee status. It is as binding narrow stroke of the « anti-imperialist » left groups, in particular those who support « Monday for peace events. A part of the leadership of Borotba moved to Crimea, while grassroots activists remained in their respective regions, or some were arrested by the security services and the police.

It can be said with certainty that in Ukraine there will be more « left unity ». The heirs of the Soviet political tradition and their opponents are now divided not only by their historical memory, but by a blood still fresh, which could even be paid even more abundantly, so the conflict is far from over.

Aleksandr Volodarskoe, Russkaya Planeta, 10 July 2014.
Translated from Russian into Italian by Andrea Ferrario, 24 October 2014, on Focus Ukraina.
Translated from Italian into french by Vincent Pawanarkar, 26 October 2014.

Notes and comments on « the Ukrainian left ».
by Vincent Pawandiwa.

(1) the main thesis of Alexandr Volodarkiy is as follows: it is not to the departure of the pro-Russian national affinities or Ukrainian pro, which explain the harvest of positions of each for the first and the other in favour of the latter, but it is the report to the « Soviet » past
The currents that the USSR was little or less « Socialist » and think that it is its collapse which is the sole cause of the setbacks of the standard of living of the masses, tend to see in the Russia current, even when they admit little or less that its society is capitalist, and his State police and oligarchic, a sort of continuation of the past valued. There is also the idea that the enclaves of national minorities manipulated by Russia, or even occupied by Russia (Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria) or could it be (Gagauzia), as well as the perceived as fundamentally Russian Crimea and provided crush those of its components which are opposed, would be at the bottom of the pieces of the USSR, remnants of the old ice. Such theories circulating about Donbass.
But in fact, the only organization «left», as explained more later Alexandr Volodarsky, which, in Ukraine, falls completely within this cultural background, is Borotba.
In addition, the « positive » report of these environments to the ‘Soviet’ past is now currently experiencing rapid change, turning into joining the revolution Eurasian advocated up there by the Russian ultra-right, which has joined an old figure of the ‘ left’ Moscow intelligentsia, Boris Kagarkistky, related precisely to Borotba.
Viewpoint of Alexandr Volodarsky implies it therefore that all currents ‘ left’ Borotba have a basically negative view of the Soviet past: this vision is especially anarchists, which may help to explain, moreover, their current importance in Ukraine.

(2) a demonstration of Alexandr Volodarsky comes to this conclusion: an ameliorative starting point or pejorative towards the Soviet past, each and the others arrived to compete directly on the ground and support of opposing forces. The unit of ‘the left’ is now a dream, because this term, ‘left’, includes too different things.
However, critical A. Volodarsky in his article a declaration adopted this spring at a conference of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian left-wing groups held in Minsk, which seems to find such a ‘unit ‘. And great is the temptation, in the « new left » Ukrainian represented for example by the left Opposition (or League Opposition Socialist left), to « set aside » the « national question » to address the « social question ». This would tend to show that fundamental separation is not, for young groups in a moving situation with few resources and little baggage policy, also obvious that seems here say A. Volodarsky.
But do not deal with the ‘national question’ to be able to deal with the ‘social question’ is – not to condemn to impotence? A previous history deserves to be pondered: the fate of the Irish left after the assassination of James Connoly by British imperialism, pulling back on trade unionism for the most part, and leaving the « national fight » only nationalists, a part, in the North, occurring also in the trailer of the Orangemen to imperialism.

(3) this quick description can now be supplemented by the first lessons suggested in the legislative elections of 26 October, see above.

(4) what written here A. Volodarskoe very exactly matches how left activists, who are not different here from the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians, see the «Pravý Sector» phenomenon: before any a runaway media, and an organization that played a prominent role at a single time, in street fighting when events on the Maidan are hardened. You might add a certain reputation in youth, where many people to reject Pravý Sector as an organization because of his leadership of the extreme right, of his homophobia, even suspicious ties (recall that his Chief Iarosh met Yanukovych shortly before his escape), but to join a ‘spirit Pravý Sector’ is wanting to patriotismdedication, disposition to act as opposed to the defaulting State, corrupt or ineffective.
The Ukrainians who are discovering that the Russian news channels covering the southeast of the country and the means of ‘information’, including via the internet, repeated for months that Pravý Sector would be virtually to power and form a sort of nazi mass party terrorizing everyone in their country, in general feel a deep annoyance involved humiliation, but also some surprise, because it’s a bit as if we explained that in France, the ‘Identity’ and Dieudonné are scroll all the youth walking all Sunday…

(5) it should be noted the parallel which is made here between Pravý Sector and the russophile Donbass extreme-right: same situation groupusculaire initial, same propulsion at the forefront when the revolution broke and that the State and oligarchic forces had need to open the firewall and to exploit the threat of war, then the war.

(6) the Socialist League or Socialist Union was created late 2011 by the merger of several smaller groups, including the Group «Tomato» whose iconic tomato always appears on the site http://gaslo.info/, and a large part of the Ukrainian Marxist organization created in 2006, with between 100 and 200 militants, the other part of this organization going towards Borotba. It seems that the cleavage was one point A. Volodarkiy: the report to the « Soviet » past The Socialist League most of Trotskyist activists or trotskisants of Ukraine in partnership with activists claiming of socialism and democracy or the anti-globalization group. The text indicates that there are « Trotskyites » and « Democrats », however, the connotation today very ‘right-handed’ formula ‘Social Democrat’ in Western Europe, as well as the existence of a small Ukrainian Social Democratic Party in principle related to the Socialist International and organising trade union training activities especially, led me to here prefer the expression « Democratic Socialists ».
The Socialist League has international links significant, particularly with the 4th International (international Committee, former unified Secretariat) with french officials located the NPA and « Together! ».
On the Maidan, she quickly called for the unification of all currents of left, including anarchists, in a LeftMaidan. It seems that the expression « Left Opposition » be so imposed to designate.

(7) Nina Potarska, leader of the left Opposition, has formed a squadron of women (sotnia) on the Maidan.

(8) red flags with the stars of the European Union, in effect visible on various images of the Maidan: this kind of syncretism may jump over a militant of the French «left». This would be a reaction of chauvinistic ignorance: the great social movements BREW symbols and are with everything that occurs to them. However, it should be noted that the Socialist League (left Opposition) voted against the accession of the Ukraine to the EU. It is therefore perfectly possible that holders of these flags have wanted to express a willingness to « blush » throughout Europe.

(9) this quick story, which concerns fights which took part the author of the article, shows that anarchists Terra Libera and the autonomous Union of workers (created in 2011), in particular, faced both the regime Berkuts and Pravý Sector. They are joined football fans of Arsenal, including the kernel, the Klan Hoods Hoods, was stated as « antifa » and singled out of most of the other « ultras » at the time of Euro 2012. Physical clashes with Pravý Sector have not failed, the anarchists failing to impose the full organization of an Anarchist armed force recognized as such on the Maidan, but to physically prohibit the building of the Ministry of Education to Pravý Sector as well as Svoboda. The confrontation with the new Minister, from the extreme right, ought to go until his expulsion, which was, according to the author of the article, prevented by the Student Union leaders, relying doubtless on the ‘unit’ of the crowd feeling just after the flight of Yanukovich.
Be it licence here to note that, while since months and months a cohort of « anti-imperialist » which the enemy is more capital, but ‘America’, treat all blogs and forums ‘Nazis’ all combatants of the Maidan and those who support them, only physically facing the right, be gone him argue the fieldare those who him are thus amalgamated fraudulently. ONLY convergence with the extreme-right is instead that the neostaliniens and their allies, engaged physically and in the fight at his side and under his leadership, in the so-called ‘popular republics» materially

(10) Svoboda grew late, especially in Galicia and Volhynia, from racist and anti-Semitic nationalist groups whose principal was the Ukrainian social-nationalist party, posing as defenders of the oppressed and to do this the image of victim conferred by Stalinist propaganda, Brezhnev then Russian systematically presenting the Ukrainians as « nazis ». Double rejection of the pro-Russian oligarchs and the leaders of the « orange revolution » then promoted Svoboda, secretly-backed Yanukovich: never-wing Ukrainian has been as strong as in 2012, and not today (at that time there there was yet no « anti-imperialist resistant » to declare war on the « Ukrainian nazis » on the web), when the Russia and Yanukovich relied on growth to maintain it at the next presidential. The revolution of the Maidan has strengthened, not weakened, interrupting the progression of Svoboda.
Svoboda was, with its popular regional base, virtually the only party important in Ukraine to not appear as a private company, a piece of State, a clientelaire network or all at once, but as a true mass party, serious contradictions it crossed when the revolutionary crisis opened in the country. Its the more « social » wing, until there influenced by Yuriy Mikhalchishin, anti-Semitic referring openly to Nazism, partly turned violently against it. The founders of Resistance autonomous (Avtonomia Riso), perhaps majority split of Svoboda in the city of Lviv (birthplace of the movement), dropped by anti-Semitic and made speeches in front of old texts of the OUN (Organization nationalist Ukrainian) of forty and fifty years, condemning capitalism and speaking for the social means of production ownership, and claim both of Stepan Bandera and Nestor Makhno. This movement cannot be defined not as ‘left’, but as « nationalist identity » and has links with a minority fringe of extreme-right European (minority doubling: compared to Putin, foremost, and compared with the support of Svoboda supports, then). Rhetoric and imagery of this movement mix libertarian, ecological and ethno-identitaires aspects (the latter generally associated), and a speech found elsewhere in the extreme-left movements, type « Global Intifada ». Such a split would obviously not have occurred without the radicalization of part of wanting « to right » youth, engaged in clashes with the State and the oligarchs, and non, or losing confidence, Western imperialism, along with other young anarchists or hostile racism.
Other important information given in this article from Alexandr Volodarskoe: while we were watered, in France, of ‘information’ by the Maidan a movement led by Svoboda and Pravý Sector, it appears that in reality, in the «city of Svoboda», Lviv, where the party had taken in hand local administration and power (in agreement with Yanukovych!), the « Maidan » was a movement against Svoboda. Autonomous resistance is far from being the sole beneficiary: a flowering of social movements and organizations characterized in fact the city of Lviv and its region, fantasized as the heart of the « Nazism » in the Demonology of part of « left » activists of Russia and the West: from association of the Maidan, Union « Defence of labour » (prior to the Maidan), rejection of any local governmentblocks of private of public space ownership, patrols against the mafia, organized home Tatar families fleeing the Crimea… Thus, the spontaneous appearance of groups claiming both anarchism and nationalism is one of the evidence of the search for a political solution in this ideological ferment.
This political fermentation did not go up to occur directly in the elections, which are not the ground of choice for these movements. Where rather, she certainly played an indirect role in the breakthrough of Samopomitch (see previous article).

(11) Borotba was created in 2011, by the merger of a sector of the youth in the KPU, the Ukrainian PC and probably the majority of the Ukrainian Marxist organization, in contrast to the currents which take part to the Foundation, shortly after, the Socialist League. I will specifically return on history and Borotba positions in a future article because this organization occupies a central place to the fantastical use of part of the Western left-wing so as to align it on Russian Pro-imperialist positions or at least neutralize any attempt to concrete analysis of the revolutionary crisis called « Maidan ».
Borotba means ‘the struggle ‘. In history, this name was already a party Ukrainian, much more powerful, the borot’ bhati, Socialist-revolutionaries from left to nationalist tendency, the most powerful peasant party of Ukraine in 1918-1920. Borotba has absolutely nothing to do with this tradition.

(12) several leaders of Borotba interviews broadcast in the West said that any intervention left or extreme-left on the Maidan proved impossible. The facts reported above deny this assertion. It seems true for Borotba, while it is true that this group has tried to settle on the Maidan with a portrait of Stalin, and, expelled, immediately complained of ‘nazis’: we are here neither more nor less than a deliberate provocation, that the rest of the article unfortunately tends to confirm.

(13) three parties of large size, at one time or another, heirs of the old Soviet Communist Party, had a « Socialist » or « Communist » name in Ukraine since 1991. The party of Socialist Alexander Moroz came from business pro-Gorbachev of the old PC to power and has gradually severely weakened in the 2000s. Natalia Vitrenko’s Progressive Socialist Party, the previous split, had catalyzed a part of the anger of people against the oligarchs at the end of the 1990s, and passed under the financing of billionaire US «anti-dust system »Lyndon Larouche (in France: Jacques Cheminade), and through him Russian oligarchs; groupusculaire, today incorporated in the « popular republics » of the East.
The third and by far the most important of these parties is the KPU, Ukrainian PC whose best-known leader is Petro Simonenko. Formed in 1993 in opposition with the apparatchiks rallied the country formal independence, the KPU, consisting of pieces of the apparatus of State and administration and a powerful customer, had considerable weight in the 1990s, where he was this pusher elected the oligarchs in place in the different elections, that Svoboda tended more later to become before the Maidan. The party of Regions, federation of oligarchical fiefdoms and mafia, gradually fed the defection of oligarchs leaving, or doing leave their servants, the KPU.
When Alexandr Volodarskoe wrote that no one in the Ukrainian left, either closely or from afar, considers the KPU as ‘of left’, he expresses an obvious thing in Ukraine. Not only is it not « left » plan ideological – conservatism social and family, hatred of homosexuals, anti-Semitism are widely cultivated by the KPU – but it has no root close or distant in the labour movement, he is entirely based on the bureaucratic apparatus of the State, and is no longer strictly speaking « a party » the party of the Regions. Only his youth, for reasons of image, of folklore and to cultivate contacts in the « communist movement » abroad, are are returned a verbal « Communist » ideological allure It is precisely a these youth sector which engages the Borotba launch, which is therefore also, more partially but very really, one of the political forces having an affiliation with the former CPSU in 2011.
January 16, the KPU, Member of the coalition supporting Yanukovych, was advanced in the development and the vote of the draconian laws suspending the rights of event and meeting, from which the situation is radicalized.
The KPU is now engaged with the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate which it is close, in the administration of the «popular Republics» from the Southeast, while taking an « anti war » speech depending on the circumstances. His ban has been regularly proposed and never actually carried out by the Ukrainian Government since February. It is, more often still, announced on the sites of the Western ‘communist resistance’ fantasizing in the KPU’s new FTP fighting the Gestapo…
More seriously, the actions of the KPU (and more secondarily Borotba, whose importance lies especially in its reputation with international « leftism ») allow the power and the Ukrainian right to launch attacks against « communism » and « socialism » likely to return, or be directed primarily against social struggles.

(14) it is on the occasion of the first armed operations that the photo of a young man replacing the Ukrainian flag by the Russian flag on the Town Hall of Kharkiv has circulated widely on the sites of the « Communists resistant » Western, seeing in him a sort of hero of the Soviet Union. The man was yet known as a Russian citizen, Member of the bodies and renowned be related to RNE, unit national Russian – an organization claiming of Nazism…
The main group to which Borotba binds to Kharkov-Kharkiv is Oplot (‘bastion’). Oplot grew in January-February 2014, from club sport of the same name and in military schools and the police, organizing assaults on the Maidan of Kharkiv, under the direction of a Chief of the FBU, Yevgeny Zhilin, passed in Russia in early March. This group has played a key role in the articulation of the propaganda of the « pro-Russian » around anti-Semitism, focused on the denunciation of the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk, Kolomoiski oligarch, as « Jew of the nazis ». In its releases, Oplot also sets the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 to Jews.

(15) Rodina is a far-right Russian organization whose former leader, Dmitry Rogovin, since 2007 is an important figure in the Russia-NATO discussions. Slave Unit presents itself as an organization of Russian Cossacks. Odessa is a Ukrainian and multinational town with many Russians: even (especially?) compared to these, the local offices of these organizations are nothing other groups of thugs handled by bodies.

(16) http://avtonomia.net/2014/03/03/statement-left-anarchist-organizations-borotba-organization/

(17) by writing « tragic events », A. Volodraskiy there still perfectly expresses the common feeling of the Ukrainians hostile to the operations ‘pro-Russian’ on the case of « The House of trade unions » in Odessa on May 2, 2014. Recall that on 17 April, Putin had called for the formation of the «Novorossia. May 2 in the morning, armed groups with the support of sectors of the police and the presence of paramilitaries from Transinistrie attack Ukrainian nationalist demonstrators in Odessa. They are crushed, with relatively few victims by a powerful spontaneous mobilization. The failure of this attempt to make a step forward to ‘Novorossia’ as in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk, must, for the dominant imperialist power, be hidden under the myth of a « Nazi » operation: this is particularly vital to imperialist propaganda.
Borotba, associated with the armed attack of nationalist demonstrators in the morning with Rodina, unit Slavic and Orthodox Christian scouts, launches the watchword of grouping in the House of trade unions, next to the camp of the Antimaidan of Odessa. Many pro-Russian protesters or antimaidan are packed, without leaders who called to do so. The building is besieged by counter-demonstrators and militants of Prayi Sector that send Molotov cocktails, fires shots are taken, fire takes – strangely, at 4 ° floor – and there are 40 dead. Of the late afternoon of the same day, all the Western blogosphere, « strong Communist » and extreme-right, fueled by the antennas of RIA-Novosti, diffuse loop that « Ukrainian Nazi » have committed a « pogrom » against « trade unionists » in Odessa, announcing up to several hundred deaths, rapes, etc. Borotba claims a death in this case.

(18) it is in fact a fracture line that runs through organizations claiming to be socialist revolution across the world, gradually separating positions internationalists of the positions preparing a possible war between imperialist powers. However, the lack of information and unprecedented place taken by propaganda, as well as by the credulity towards it on the part of militants and trained (rightly) currents in not believing the « voice of America » and to take the building, widely skews the cleavage: correct information, a serious analysis, East-West exchanges recovered, a real internationalist practicemust restore balance and allow expected people to not take bladders for lanterns to see fascism everywhere where it is located!

(19) and indeed; proclaim that the war is wrong, and ask that it puts an end, means what in a war against a nation suppressed an imperialist power and its local allies? This especially as the Russia declares not to be at war and wanting to ‘peace’, supposed to be able to make in responding to the request of « federalization » of « insurgent areas?
« Pacifist » speech agreed returning the ‘camps’ back-to-back doesn’t all just the game the stronger, militarily speaking?

(20) the rejection of « all forms of nationalism » is indeed small wonder in the ideological tradition of anarchism (or the current ultragauche and conseillistes). However, it does not prevent the vast majority of anarchists, Ukrainians but also Russians, to support the Ukrainian revolution (rather that the Ukrainian nation) against imperialism, capitalism and Russian statism. The left Opposition appears therefore more exposed positions returning everyone back to back, which would greatly weaken its burgeoning influence. Taking in charge of national defence or the defence of the starting revolution, made from the point of view and exploited and oppressed, does indeed imply any support for the Government in place, and does not imply any restriction of social struggles, instead.

[Resume] Washington collects lies, by Paul Craig Roberts

I pop a bit. These tickets have 2 months, but have not lost their freshness…
I recall that this Economist and journalist American paleoconservateur was Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan (1981-1982) administration, and is one of the founding fathers of the Reaganomics. He was also Deputy to the Wall Street Journal editor. His vision strips in general… Without adhering to any, it allows everyone to sharpen his critical mind…

Paul Craig Roberts

The last lie of Washington, from this time by NATO, is that the Russia invaded the Ukraine with one thousand soldiers and self-propelled artillery.

How do we know it’s a lie? Is it because everything we have heard about the Russia is just a tissue of lies? Whether it’s from NATO, by the mouth of Samantha Power, the United States to the United Nations Ambassador, Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State, Obama and his cohort of pathological liars, and also by the Governments of British, German and french in conjunction with the BBC and all of the Western media.

This, of course, is a good reason to understand that the last date Western propaganda is a lie. Pathological liars don’t suddenly start to tell the truth.

But there are better reasons yet to understand that the Russia has not invaded the Ukraine with one thousand soldiers.

One of these is that Putin has invested heavily in diplomacy while avoiding provocation. He would not compromise his diplomatic gamble by sending troops in numbers too low to have a decisive influence on the final result.

Another reason, is that if Putin decides that there is more choice than to send the Russian army to protect the residents of Russian in the East and South of the Ukraine, it will send enough soldiers to do the job quickly as it did in Georgia when the army Georgian, driven by Americans and Israelis, had invaded South Ossetia and it was destroyed in a few hours by the Russian response. If you learn that one hundred thousand Russian soldiers with air cover had invaded the Ukraine, it would be more credible.

A third reason is that the Russian military need not send troops into Ukraine to stop bombing and shelling that the puppet government in Washington in Kiev subjected to the Russian people. The Russian air force can easily and quickly destroy Ukrainian air force and artillery, and thus put an end to the Ukrainian attacks on the secessionist provinces.

Two weeks ago, the British Guardian and the BBC have released a report fabricated according to which an armored convoy had penetrated in Ukraine and had been destroyed by the Ukrainian army. And two weeks ago, we had the hoax of the satellite images allegedly handed over by the US State Department and broadcast internationally on social networks by corrupt Ambassador of United States in Kiev, which were supposed to show that Russian forces pounded the Ukraine. In one or two weeks after today, we will have right to another lie, and yet another a week or two more, and so on.

For most people, the cumulative effect of these added lies gives them the feeling that the Russians have bad intentions. Once that feeling is established, Western Governments will undertake more drastic actions against the Russia.

Brigadier general Niko Tak said, about the alleged intrusion of thousand soldiers Russian in Ukraine, it is « an important escalation of the Russian military interference in Ukraine. The liar by excellence Samantha Power told the American Security Council that « the Russia must stop lying. The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United Nations said that the Russia was guilty of an « unequivocal Ukrainian sovereign territory violation. The premier British Cameron has warned Russia of the ‘new consequences. German Chancellor Merkel announced additional sanctions. A German Security Council Adviser said that « the war against the Russia is an option. The Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski spoke of a Russian assault that requires international action. The french president Holland stated that the behaviour of the Russia is « intolerable. » The Ukraine Security Council imposed mandatory conscription.

The suicidal tendency of European leaders to the war against the Russia is fully based on the obvious lie that thousand Russian troops have crossed the border to the Ukraine.

Of course, Western media have followed suit as a single man. The BBC, CNN and Die Welt are among the more unconscious and irresponsible.

The mountain of lies heaped by the Governments and the Western media has masked the true story. The U.S. Government orchestrated the overthrow of the Government elected to Ukraine and imposed a U.S. puppet in Kiev. The puppet government in Washington has begun to issue threats and acts of violence against the Russian population of the former Russian territories which the Soviet leaders had attached to the Ukraine. The Russian population of the East and South of the Ukraine resisted this threat made by the Government of puppets of Washington installed in Kiev.

Washington accuses the Russian Government of supporting the population of the territories that voted for the partition with the Ukraine permanently. According to Washington, there would be no war without Russian support. But of course, Washington could easily stop the violence by ordering his Kiev puppet government to stop bombing and shelling on the former Russian provinces. If the Russia can order to « separatists » not to fight, Washington can also say to Kiev not to fight.

The only possible conclusion, in the light of the facts, is that Washington is determined to involve Europe in a war with the Russia or at least in an armed confrontation aimed at breaking political and economic Europe with the Russia relations.

Europe’s leaders accept this because the European countries, except the France of Charles de Gaulle, did not have independent foreign policies since the end of World War II. They follow Washington’s policy and are paid handsomely to do so.

The inability of Europe to adopt an independent policy condemns the diplomacy of president Putin to fail. If the capitals cannot take decisions independently of Washington, room for diplomacy by Putin does not exist.

You’ll notice that the next day even the Putin meeting with the Ukrainian vassal of Washington in an effort to resolve the situation, the new lie of the Russian invasion has been propagated to ensure that nothing positive can come out of this meeting in which Putin has invested his time and energy.

The sole interest of Washington is to preserve its hegemony. Washington has no interest in resolving the situation that Washington itself has created in order to generate unease and confusion in Russia. Taking into account that the situation could be resolved by the Ukraine, in the other case, economic collapse more Putin will put time to resolve the situation by force, more the task will be difficult.

Source: Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org, 28/08/2014

How can you know if the Russia invaded the Ukraine?

Paul Craig Roberts

« If you think that the Russia sends its regular units out there, so let me tell you something. If the Russia sent its regular troops, we wouldn’t be talking about the battle of Elenovka here. We would speak of the battle of Kiev or Lviv capture [Lviv Leopoli] possible « .
Alexander V. Zakharchenko, President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic national of Donetsk [Note: Republic popular of Donetsk].

Lviv is located in Western Ukraine, near the Polish border. In other words, if the Russia invades the Ukraine, fighting will move the eastern part to the western part of the country.

As I pointed out in a recent Forum, propagated by Western Governments and their pressetitues fantasy that 1,000 Russian soldiers had invaded the Ukraine reached the pinnacle of absurdity. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/08/28/Washington-piles-lie-upon-lie-Paul-Craig-Roberts/

Despite the absurdity of the accusations, some tabloids Westerners, kind in which now fell throughout the Western press reported that these 1 000 soldiers represented a « large scale invasion. » All these nonsense are used to raise the pressure before the next conference of the NATO-Wales. Using misinformation to create hysteria and justify a gathering of NATO to the borders of the Russia military troops, which could easily degenerate into ultimate war. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39543.htm

Ask yourself the following question: the Western as a whole press is if ignorant and incompetent that it does not realize that an invasion of the Ukraine by the Russia would not be in 1,000 soldiers (of which no one can prove the existence), or then, the Western as a whole press serves voluntarily Minister of propaganda for the warmongers of Washington, as the Western media had done so for the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush relying on faked evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction? We can reach two conclusions regarding the Western media: either they are completely stupid, or they are totally corrupt.

Dmitry Orlov tells you what a Russian invasion of the Ukraine would look like:

How can you know if the Russia invaded the Ukraine?

Source: Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org, 01/09/2014

Warning to the world: Washington and his vassals NATO & European Union lost head

Paul Craig Roberts

Herbert E. Meyer, a crackpot who was a time assistant special for the Director of the CIA under the administration Reagan, wrote an article calling for the assassination of Russian president Putin. If we ‘ out of the Kremlin feet front with a bullet in the neck, it should be us perfectly.  » http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/08/how_to_solve_the_putin_problem.html

As Meyer-le-dement is the illustration, the madness that Washington has poured out on the world knows no bounds. José Manuel Barroso, installed as a puppet of Washington as president of the European Commission, has distorted the content of her recent confidential telephone conversation with Putin, the president of the Russia, telling media that Putin had uttered a threat: « if I want, I can take Kiev in two weeks.

Obviously, Putin has not uttered a threat. A threat would be inconsistent with the dispassionate approach demonstrated by Putin to the strategic threat posed by Washington and its NATO puppets have on Russia in Ukraine. Vladimir Tchijov, the permanent representative of Russia to the European Union, said that if Barroso maintains his lie, the Russia would make public the complete recording of the conversation. Anyone who knows the disparity between the Russian military and the Ukrainian forces, knows that it would suffice only 14 hours, and not 14 days, the Russian army to conquer the whole of the Ukraine. Remember you only of what became of the Georgian army trained and equipped by the Americans and the Israelis when Washington threw his stupid Georgian puppets to attack South Ossetia. The Georgian army trained and equipped by the Americans and Israelis collapsed under the Russian counterattack in 5 hours.

The lie that Barroso puppet said was not worthy of a responsible person. But where so Europe can we find a responsible person in power? Nowhere. Some serious people who remain are all outside power. Take the case of the Secretary general of NATO, Anders Rasmussen. When he was Prime Minister of the Denmark, he realized that he could rise above the Denmark using puppet in Washington. As Prime Minister, he had strongly supported the illegal invasion of Iraq by Washington by declaring: « we know that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Of course, the asshole knew nothing of all this or why it would have significance if the Iraq possessed such weapons. Many countries possess weapons of mass destruction.

In accordance with the rule which States that any person serving Washington obtain a promotion, Rasmussen was therefore promoted.

The problem that arises when it promotes idiots without scruples, is that they can mortgage the world to promote their careers. Rasmussen, at the present time, has set in danger of total annihilation of Western and Eastern Europe. Rasmussen announced the creation of a special force of fast attack can do a blitzkrieg to the Russia. What the puppet of Washington called « Plan preparation » [« the Readiness Action Plan »] is justified as a response to « aggressive behavior of Russia in Ukraine.

‘Special force of fast attack’ Rasmussen would be swept away as well as all European capitals. What kind of idiot can thus cause a nuclear superpower?

Rasmussen argued the « aggressive behaviour of the Russia » but there no evidence. The Russia remained behind while the puppet government in Washington in Kiev pounded and bombed civilian housing, hospitals, schools and broadcast a steady stream of lies denigrating the Russia. The Russia has rejected requests for reunification with Russia of the Eastern and southern Ukrainian provinces which are now independent and who were former Russian territories. As my readers know, I consider the decision of Putin as an error, but events could give me wrong and it suits me very well. For the time being, it is clear that every act of aggressive behavior resulted from the support of the nazis from Kiev by the United States and the European Union. These are the Ukrainian Nazi militia attacking civilians in the former Russian territories to the East and South Ukraine. Many units of the Ukrainian regular army have defected in favour of the independent republics.

Yes, nazis. The Western Ukraine is the original home of the Ukrainian SS divisions who fought for Hitler. Today, militias supervised by sector right [Right Sector] and other political groups from right wear the insignia of the Ukrainian SS divisions. These are the people supported by Washington and the European Union. If the Ukrainian nazis could win against Russia, what they cannot do, they would roll over against the West, exactly as did ISIS subsidized by the United States that Washington has unleashed on the Syria and Libya. Now ISIS reorganizes the Middle East and Washington seems helpless.

William Binney, a former head of high-level agency national security of the United States [NSA, National Security Agency] with his colleagues from the CIA and the military intelligence services, wrote to German Chancellor Merkel to warn against the lies of Obama at the next NATO Summit in Wales. The intelligence officials advise Merkel to recall the « weapons of mass destruction » of the Iraq and not, being again tricked, this time in a conflict with the Russia. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-01/ex-NSA-Director-US-intelligence-veterans-write-open-letter-Merkel-avoid-all-out-ukra

The question that arises is the following: for rolling Merkel? Washington or the Germany? For the moment, Merkel defended Washington, not the interests of German business, not the German people and not the interests of Germany as a country. Here is a demonstration in Dresden where we see a crowd prevent Merkel speech with cries of « Kriegstreiber » (warmongers), ‘Liar, liar’ and ‘no war with the Russia ‘. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=-wSMhGE_Mpk

My doctoral thesis Director, who became a senior official in the Pentagon to end the Viet Nam war, while I asked him how it was that Washington still reaches for Europe that it defers to the wishes of Washington, replied: ‘money, we give them money. « In the form of external aid? » I asked. « No, we give to the leaders of the Europe of the bags full of cash. They are for sale, we purchased them. They make us accounts. Perhaps, which explains that the fortunes of Tony Blair is of $ 50 million a year after his tenure.

The Western media, which form the largest brothel in the world, desperately await a war. The Editorial Board of the Washington Post, became a newspaper – trophy in the hands of the billionaire owner of Amazon.com, issued August 31 an editorial that was all lies about Putin from Washington (and those of the Washington Post).

The owner of Amazon.com knows maybe how to market products on the Internet, but it is zero when it comes to direct a newspaper. His editors at the Washington Post have made her the laughing stock of the world trophy.

Here’s what absurd accusations against Putin on the part of the editors to whom this billionaire has assumed the responsibility for its trophy newspaper:

« Putin, bitterly regretting the loss of power due to the collapse of the Soviet bloc, has resurrected the »tyranny of the big lie »to rebuild the Russian empire. »

«The militias sponsored by Russia in Ukraine» are responsible for « the destruction in flight of the Malaysian in the month of July airliner ». The « State-controlled Russian media » have lied and misled the Russian people as to the identity of the camp responsible for shooting down the aircraft.

« In the absence of journalism free and independent, few Russians realise that armaments and Russian soldiers are engaged in Eastern Ukraine, even if (as in Crimea) their vehicles and their uniforms were deprived of the license plates and identification badges. Without free press, the Russians are delivered to themselves in storm of disinformation. »
« The Grand lie of Mr Putin shows why it is important to support free journalism everywhere where there are still and also sources of information such as Radio Free Europe who bring truth to those who need it. »

As a former editor at the Wall Street Journal, I can say with certainty that a monument of propaganda also extraordinary that pretends to an editorial, would have resulted in immediately the dismissal of all concerned. At the time, when I was part of the staff of the Congress, the Washington Post was regarded as an asset of the CIA. Today, the Post fell much lower still.

I’ve seen a lot of propaganda media at the time, but this editorial from the Washington Post won the palme. It demonstrates that the said editorial writers are either completely ignorant or completely corrupt. For them, their readers are floundering in ignorance. If Russian military units were in action in Eastern Ukraine, the situation would be exactly described by Alexandre Zakharchenko:
http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/08/30/West-greatest-cause-war-human-history-stands-stripped-legitimacy-Paul-Craig-Roberts/ or well Dimitri Orlov:
The Ukraine no longer exist. The Ukraine would make new part of the Russia as has been the case for centuries, before Washington does take advantage of the collapse of the Soviet bloc to snatch the Ukraine from the Russia.

So the question facing us is: how long the Russia will again t – it bear patiently the monstrous lies and provocations of the West? What are the retention efforts of the Russia, it is charged with the worst. As a result, the Russia might as well commit the worst.

When will the Russian Government conclude that the lies of Washington and those of his European toys, as well as the corruption of Western media destroy all Russian efforts to solve the problem through diplomacy and peaceful behavior? Since the Russia is constantly accused wrongly invade the Ukraine, since Western propaganda has demonstrated that the Russia had invaded the Ukraine, since sanctions and new military bases at the borders of the Russia have been imposed under the pretext of this alleged invasion, when the Russian Government will decide that the Russia would both go and get rid of the problem that Washington has created by invading the Ukraine for good?

NATO could do nothing if the Russia decided that a Ukraine in the hands of Washington is a too important strategic threat to it and if it returned again the Ukraine in Russia, instead she held for centuries. Any force NATO sent in retaliation would trigger a war that NATO cannot win. The German population remembering the consequences of the war with the Russia would reverse the puppet government in Washington. NATO and the European Union would collapse with the release of the Germany of this absurd construction serving Washington’s interests at the expense of those in Europe.

When this will happen, the world will be at peace. But not before.

For all those who are concerned to know how the country of lies works, the puppet government in Washington in Kiev attributed the defeat of the Russian military forces by the Donetsk Republic to the presence of military units in the army of Donetsk. This is propaganda that has been delivered to the Western Ukraine and media Western pressetitues, a band of prostitutes who are merely relaying propaganda without the shadow of an investigative work. However Kiev holds another speech to the IMF. If the Ukraine is at war, Kiev cannot receive the IMF funds with which it intends to pay its Western creditors. Then the Ukraine serves in the IMF reversed history: the Russia has not attacked the Ukraine.

The Western media are absolutely not facts. Only lies. Nothing but lies.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, Fox « news, » Die Welt, the French press, the British press, all crave: « Please Washington, give us even more sensational lies that we trumpeting. ». Our printing needs. War and the future of the human species are the least of our worries as long as we can find a little financial stability. »

Justin Raimondo warns us: Washington is trying to sow the seeds of the third world war: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2014/09/02/our-cold-war-with-russia-could-turn-hot/

Source: Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org, 02/09/2014

Greece / after the victory of the Syriza party: Athens – EU: the hackneyed cards

Ambiguity ■ the first speech of Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza, and new strong man of the Greece did not clearly identify its intentions. It blew hot and cold: « the verdict of the Greek people means the end of the troika », he first launched yesterday, referring to the ECB, the EU and the IMF experts who dictate to the Greece an austerity policy for four years in Exchange for loan EUR 240 billion to save the country from bankruptcy.
He was conciliatory, saying that the new Government « would be ready to cooperate and to negotiate for the first time with its partners a just, viable solution and that benefits all. The Cape of the Syriza Government could be determined by the alliances that will have to find the party which won 149 seats out of 300 in the Parliament and lack the absolute majority of two seats. This morning, Alexis Tsipras was to meet Panos Kammenos leader of the party «Independent Greeks» (Anel), formation of sovereigntist right, which is said to be ready to cooperate. An appointment with the pro-European party of centre-left « To Potami » is also announced, representing a more moderate alliance option vis-à-vis the European Union. The victory without call for the left-wing party Syriza opens a new political era in Greece where training, opponent of the policies of austerity in Europe, takes orders for the first time and discount cards of Athens with EU reports. The french president, François Holland, was among the first to congratulate Mr. Tsipras, expressing « willingness to continue the close cooperation between our two countries in the service of growth and the stability of the eurozone ». The White House said hope to work « closely » with the next Greek Government. The premier British David Cameron is however openly worried about a Greek election that « will increase the economic uncertainty in Europe. The EU indicated in Brussels, seemed to be sending signals to Mr. Tsipras as of this Monday, at a meeting of Finance Ministers of the euro area devoted to the programme of assistance to the Greece. The country should theoretically end end of February with the assistance of the EU program, with 7 billion euros in additional appropriations to the key. « We will not escape a renegotiation (on the debt), the question is what will she wear: deadlines, amounts, or both? », yesterday said a European source in Brussels. « For amounts, she added, it will be more difficult. » It is yet a reduction of this huge debt (300 billion euros) and 175% of GDP that Alexis Tsipras wants to get, besides the possibility to give some air to the Greeks in their daily life: rise of the level of the wage of 580 to 751 euros, or abolition of some taxes, against the advice of the troika. The president of the German Central Bank, Jens Weidmann, urged Mr. Tsipras Don’ts « illusory promises » to his fellow citizens. The success of Syriza instead raised hopes among Europe’s radical left parties.

Syriza think of the Russia

«With Syriza in his head, Greece, as an EU Member State, could pave the way to a dialogue with the Russia»

Syriza, the coalition of the radical left who won the parliamentary elections in Greece on 25 January 2015, has already displayed his break with the policy of the EU towards the Russia. Russia mail has collected the most striking statements by its representatives on this subject.

Alexis Tsipras, Greek Prime Minister

Alexis Tsipras. Credits: links.org.au

« The sanctions against the Russia harm Europe itself. By adopting such a strategy, the EU saw the branch on which it sits. We want that there is no military operation and that a dialogue be initiated to find a diplomatic solution.

The Russia is a large country with huge experience, history and potential. Including the experience of getting out of the crisis. Without a Russia occupying square inside which deserves it, Europe has no meaning. […] I think that the integration of Russia in Europe should be more appropriately. And major initiatives in this sense must come from Europe itself. »

During an official visit to Moscow in may 2014, at the invitation of the Russian Government

« We emphasize that you do not have the consent of our country [on sanctions against Moscow, ed.]. ». You did not consult the Greece before announcing that the EU was preparing to intensify pressure on Moscow. The European Union ignores the principle of consensus expected in case of important decision-making. »

In a telephone conversation with Federica Mogherini, high representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and security policy, about the EU release, published on 28 January, that condemns the Russian activity in the Ukrainian East and threatens to prolong, or even strengthen sanctions against Moscow

Nikos Kotzias, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs

Nikos Kotzias. Credits: nikoskotzias.com

« The Greece wants to avoid digging a ditch between the Russia and the EU, although the two parties are engaged in a sharp conflict, since the past ten months, for the onslaught of Moscow on the Ukraine. »

At a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the EU, Thursday 29 January in Brussels, Nikos Kotzias refused to sign the key passage on the strengthening of sanctions

Kostas Sirixos, Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Syriza

Kostas Sirixos. Credits: rg.ru

« Our first task is to restore the sovereignty of the Greece. […] In foreign policy, our country, on which weighs 340 billion euro debt, tends to run obediently the willingness of creditors. Our second priority is to cooperate with our political allies in Europe to counter the economic and geopolitical influence that Berlin is trying to exercise, especially on the countries of southern and Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Medium and long term, we must develop and use new vectors of foreign policy outside the European Union. Syriza Government including the willingness to cooperate with the BRICScountries, and especially Russia, in all areas of mutual interests.

We must remember that relations between our countries [the Greece and Russia, Editor’s note] are far more important than the international agenda. We share the same religion, cultural roots and historical links. Our party aims for a long time to improve relations with Russian political forces and the Government. We have excellent contacts with the Embassy of the Russia Federation in Greece and Mr. Maslov personally, the new Russian Ambassador to Athens. It is very likely that during the next three or four months, it is Moscow that our leader Alexis Tsipras will make one of his first trips abroad.


We did not vote for EU sanctions against the Russia, we are strongly opposed. We had warned – and the sequence of events gave us reason – that the Russia would adopt response measures. Some of these Russian ‘contre-sanctions’ are a heavy burden on the Greek economy, in particular on our agriculture. Our farmers have lost nearly 430 million euros with the interruption of Greek exports to Russia. I think that with Syriza headed, Greece, as a Member State of the EU, could pave the way to a dialogue with the Russia. »

In an interview on January 21 for the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the foreign policy guidelines, Syriza

Manolis Glezos, the party Syriza European Parliament Member

Resistant in 1941 against Nazism, Manolis Glezos, is a legend in Greece Credits: left.gr

«Former « Comrade » and now « Sir » Putin…» While the Ukraine has become a toy in the hands of gangs of fascists, we again defend the right of peoples to self-determination. In Greece, we were against the break-up of Yugoslavia and the bombing of Serbia, against the Iraq invasion and threats against the Syria. To do this, our nations, Greece and Cyprus, have paid the price high. We know the position of our present Government against the Russia. But I appeal to your humanity asking you to lift the sanctions that affect our farmers. »

Yiorgos Tsipras, Coordinator of the Department of foreign relations of Syriza and first cousin of Alexis Tsipras

« We are at the epicenter of two conflict zones: the Ukraine to the North, and Syria to the Southeast.  » We want to develop our relations with the Russia and register them in a multidimensional policy. We want more the policy of Euro-Atlantic alignment. Sanctions against the Russia have been losing a lot of money to Greece, which is has won anything. »

In an interview with L’AGEFI (newspaper of the Agency economic and financial, based in Geneva) on the intentions of the new party in power in Greece


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