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Holland, Valls clear, you are bad, you’re bad, it’s not your fault, we understand

A little common sense

What Navy want, what we want, what I want

The power to issue money confers full powers.

« Give me control of the currency of a nation, and I will not have to deal with those who make the laws. »

This sentence attributed to Mayer Amschel Bauer / Rothschild,

Is a guy that I heard on MARSEILLE, but P-T-N, he was right about what he said, the line

KARIM WESAM, at one time, he spoke to rebuild somehow, but it was not rebuild, c « was wholesale put life in the district, it was at the castellane, I believe, but he was also talking to other areas, frankly to me this guy has everything like what capture the good sensest for everyone, is not because it comes out of the kitchen of jupiter (it’s not me(, it’s Mr COLUCHE), from the moment, or, you made part intregrante of a whole, you are indispensable, and redo everything, this is precisely what he was saying, it was reintroducing services, Remaking a city, which is Anytown

Implementation review, the former accountant of the Bettencourt maintains his accusations

Claire Thibout reaffirms « The Obs » an envelope of cash for the financing of the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy has been remitted to the Manager of the billionaire’s fortune.

I will never return to what I said. « It is well what I have seen, that is what I lived ‘. Prosecuted for « false testimony », the former accountant for Liliane Bettencourt, Claire Thibout, which Le Monde (pay article) published excerpts from the minutes of interrogation Saturday 6 December, maintains his accusations.

« This indictment shocks me » , said in an interview with The Obs published Thursday this witness in the investigation into abuse of weakness to the prejudice of the billionaire. « It is very painful to live for me and for my family because it implies that I have not told the truth, what is false ».

She concedes approximations

If Taylor recognizes approximations and date errors in his testimony, however, reaffirmed inter alia an envelope of cash for the financing of the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy has been furnished to the Manager of fortune of Liliane Bettencourt in January 2007. That deny the persons concerned.

Extracts from the minutes of hearing cited by Le Monde come reinforce the thesis of the former accountant. It reads its implementation review judge Taylor questioned inconsistencies regarding the dates given to investigators by this former employee of the Bettencourt, without directly questioning the substance of his remarks.

A dozen people still prosecuted for abuse of weakness

Occurred Thursday, November 27, review by Claire Thibout occurs two months before the appearance in corrections for abuse of weakness of a dozen people, including former Minister Eric Woerth, Patrice de Maistre and photographer François-Marie Banier, two close to Liliane Bettencourt, the head of an immense fortune as heiress of L’oreal.

Monday, counsel for the former accountant was rebelled against Nicolas Sarkozy, who said on TF1 that the press had ignored the indictment of his client’s statements. « He was under investigation in that case to finally qualify for a non-suit and which therefore knows what is tested to be unjustly suspected, yet did not hesitate to deliver my client in food to the public while it is presumed innocent », said Mr. George.

Chais not, it’s like Putin, it’s crazy huh…!I have more likely to believe than the others, chais not?


Same Mrs Rosen Ibrahim (former prostitutes said what even, sometimes, it was a gift that was to a boss Finally, so-called gentlemen ladies patterns, you would not increase the famous 1% employer, which is not 1%, so the this s can also have this kind of gift is to change, last year was the circus)I see people’s heads!GAGs (when you need to eat, even if it is against your will, you close your mouth, and you do it knowing that if you do, it will be taken for consent, and who is the whore (whore)? NO MORE COMMENTS)

Bygmalion, Karachi, Bettencourt… Is the defense of Sarkozy the case?

Meeting in Velizy (Yvelines) Monday, the former head of State, candidate for the Presidency of the UMP, swept all the mis en cause which made the object. With not always relevant arguments.

Above all, never approach the bottom of the folders. Instead, arise as a victim, and distill some sarcastic reflections to ensure a success with the public. Face Affairs, Nicolas Sarkozy chose his line of defense: deny block. It is in any case the strategy that the candidate for the Presidency of the UMP is implementing in its media speeches and during its meetings.

« If I had anything to reproach myself, is that I would come back? If I was not income, it seemed that I was scared. I’m not afraid, » said already on 21 September on the plateau of France 2. Monday, October 6, in public in Velizy meeting (Yvelines), the former president has reviewed almost all business in which his name has been cited. Francetv info examines one by one its arguments.

The Bettencourt case

What he says. « In full presidential campaign now explains to all French that I have abused an old lady », attack Nicolas Sarkozy. And noted, as it had already done on France 2, « twenty-two hours of interrogation and confrontation » , and « four searches » that he had to undergo. If it has been successively « assisted witness », then « indicted » before receiving a « dismissal », is that there has been « a mistake at a time ». And the »error », he explains, « is that there was the presidential campaign ».

It is, moreover, in the World. The reason: five one published by the newspaper that infringe the presumption of innocence. He also took the opportunity to blame the newspaper to have subcontracted its dismissal in this case.

Why it does not hold. Nicolas Sarkozy makes the connection between putting in the Bettencourt case and the proximity of the elections of 2012. However, this affair erupted two years earlier, in June 2010, after the disclosure in the press of recordings involving Eric Woerth in an illegal financing assumed during the 2007 presidential election. Treasurer of Nicolas Sarkozy campaign in this election, the former Minister of the Budget must also soon answer of « concealment » before the Correctional Court of Bordeaux (Gironde).

In their order of dismissal, in October 2013, the judges do not completely absolve Nicolas Sarkozy. « There is no adequate charges establishing a direct link between the abuse of Nicolas Sarkozy and injurious acts made by Liliane Bettencourt’s provision of species, » they write.

Finally, contrary to what suggests the former head of State, Le Monde has not evaded his dismissal in this case. In its issue of October 9, 2013, the daily spent more than a full page on this information.

AH, in fact, I think a trick, some as valls, and nkm, are so omnubiles by the FN has each time, that is by policy, these 2 there among other things, don’t think about policy, but to leave their fatal weapon these 4 Word is « make dam to the FN » If, if mef, it begins, like ca, after it is direct asylumalready, which are not helped, but with a cachetons, P-T-N, mixture, I see them well, in dress blanche(vous savez,celles que l’on donne, qui s’attache par l’arriére) with 2 buddies chapi chapo de1.9 0 m, 90 to 100 kg dressed in white, the one wearing, handkerchief, that it will use to wipe the ecumee drooling well white, that will flow from the mouth of one or the other for families RIVOTRIL is better, but it is see dear.poor, pitiful, finally, there should be any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For Jean-Pierre Filiu, the al-Dhanub Front is that (the extension in Syrian territory from the Islamic State) AL NOSTRA fights well with EI, and not against, this is what I had read about an article the other day, I heard on TV I around 12:15

Frontal nostra fought against, the EIS! while it is false, they are with.

09 February 2015

HISTORY! The State Council gives reason to Dini

09 February 2015

Victory! The Dieudonné show will take place in Clermont-Ferrand despite the attempt to ban

You know, now, who to believe, ISRAEL and the USA or, Putin, can lie it also, it is true, but, I say to myself that I was more tricked by israel, and USA by Putin, although it and I noticed one thing, when Israel, lying on the so-called cease-fire among others on almost everything Besides, the comments of journalists , the location, or, they could cover the event, the USA had lied, according to Israel (covering Israeli lies,) because, let us not forget that many American Jews are very rich and Republican, and some Democrats that they say it helps, so that in Israel LY the USA, not in dislike to some, I’d not do it again worldwide, and among other things also, lie about Ferguson in other , and wanting to believe that this was the fault of the black population to the purpose, I you grant, but is just that, moreover, the only response they have had is the Republican Guard, thanks OBAMA, on NEW YORCKaussi (filcs), over the USA had lied to their people by making them buy homes at supposedly low interest rates, be saying interesting, you’re, what, when your Government tells you it’s good, you go there, you trust them, they have had wrongs , (some, also won’t have to trust to MADOFF, easy to say) (I know, you will say, but it is not left to pick them up pulling them by the neck, it is true, but what you have done is worse , because you have sold them wind, a promise of better life, of hope (argument, the garden and the cue beard, good work), so, Yes, you have lied to them, the Congress (Republicans and Democrats alike) has always lied, has its people, as the policies in France, had always lied in general, because those who were honest , did not long ago, whether it’s in the state, as in France short. ISRAEL and USA, SARKOZY, Holland, liarME, I’m french, point bar, was born in french short paris, I was left, I understand, on the other hand, I am tempted to believe Putin, this, because it brings me evidence, photos and videos that I found, but there are the pictures, taken by news agency x, or seen clearly, like what, although presence of American soldiers on the ground there , I am tempted to say that the Yankees are in Germany, Jitendra ‘ is

If Europe was to arrange with Putin, did not try to look for the little beast with the help of the Americans, to Putin with UKRAINE that ukraine falls into the European fold, all this would not happen, if the Ukrainian facistes did had not deceived their world, and especially the ukrnainiene population, also if they came foutrent shit, one wonders if they came all alone, I like the Yankees, but at home and I the reditils – have nothing fuck in EUROPE, on the tolerant because after war, should be

The tunes to rebuild the Germany, which suffered a lot of Allied bombing, but AH is there, it is rebuilt, and they remain in Germany ok, but warning FRANCE, it is not CUBAet is not Palestine, who come not to act with us.

U.S. mercenaries whose presence alongside the armed forces of the Government of Ukraine has already been reportedlla, at least, there is evidence, as what has interference

USA military mercenary BlackWater in Ukraine? (Donetsk, rare footage)

Blackwater BUSTED: American goon wearing uniform of Ukraine’s tactical police captured in Kharkov

‘Blackwater’ members in Ukraine’s Donetsk

Blackwater deployed to southeast Ukraine to terrorize the civilians: Sara Flounders

Original article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/Ukrainian-Government-no-Russian-troops-are-fighting-against-us-sanctions-against-Russia-based-on-falshoods/5428523

04 February 2015

Ukrainian general: ‘no Russian troops combat against us’If the FORCE army


I myself recall also, now in retrospect, I was asked questions about provenance, soldiers, and I myself recall watching mechanically their feet and a trick, had surprised me, it was their pairs of pumps (shoes), it was tennis, there was, he had blue tennis, I told myself, here it is funny, and yet for a soldierIt should have rangers or the bredequins, it was next to a body, any Dechiquettequ’ whether or not tennis shoes, it is necessary that it cease.

And, after I looked at the dates of the photos, excuse me, I put pictures that had 10 months.

This does not change anything on the and the photos, but still

According to the Ukrainian general Viktor Muzhenko « no Russian troops fighting against us » and sanctions against the Russia are based on lies,ca not metonne than half

The Ukrainian general contradicts the claims of the administration Obama and Ukrainian Government and asserts that any Russian troops fighting against the Ukrainian army in the East of the separatist country where a civil war currently unfolds.

The appointed general Viktor Muzhenko, by Poroshenko, Chief of staff of the armed forces

The Chief of the General staff of the Ukrainian armed forces, general Viktor Muzhenko, said during a briefing press Thursday, January 29, as only Russian citizens who fought in separatist regions are « local residents », and that other Russian citizens (and this does not contradict not the potential of other foreign fighters presence, as for example one)

) members of « illegal armed groups », are paid by any Government but fighting « ad personam ». General Muzhenko also stated that « the Ukrainian army does not fight against regular Russian army units. »

In other words, it has explicitly and clearly set aside assertions that motivated the establishment of the European and American sanctions against the Russia: all sanctions against the Russia are indeed based on the false assertion that the Ukrainian Government fights « regular units of the Russian army.

These allegations also contributed evidence to assert that Vladimir Poutine had invaded the Ukraine, and they are at the base of the sanctions intended to put pressure on the Russia.

These sanctions should immediately be lifted, accompanied by an apology and financial compensation for those who suffered, and onus is more on the Russian Government to pursue the perpetrators of this fraud, through all legal legal channels, in order to obtain reparations for the damage that was caused to the Russia economy. The information in the media already to ascertain who are these people, and those who were required to the comments, in the context of official statements, which can be regarded as major defamation.

Moreover, it is likely that this Ukrainian general be dismissed for having made such statements.

If what says it general Muzhenko is true, it must be regarded as a hero who risked his career to make this information public. And if what he said turned out to be false, it means that it had no place at the head of the Ukrainian army.

QATAR The Club Med for terrorists,we knew, but there

Is on

read below

Doha, June 25, 2014 – AFP / AL-WATAN DOHA / Karim JAAFAR, (picture removed by my care

Then the Qatar says combat extremism and joined the coalition against the Islamic State, various reports on terrorism by the U.S. State Department show that some Qataris Fund, with the endorsement of the Emirate, the jihadist in Iraq and Syria movement.

Therefore lies!

While the United Kingdom is going to intervene in Iraq, Alastair Campbell, the honcho of the communication of the previous war in Iraq [and former Director of communications for Tony Blair], found a new job. He and his son Rory write now for a blog about football, The Pressing Game, which claims to be « truly independent » but who spent most of his time to refute criticism of the organization by the next Cup Qatar world.

Unfortunately, as revealed by Channel 4 on 26 September, The laundry Game is financed secretly by lobbyists who work for the qatari Government. This is not the first time that the tiny Kingdom of Golf has shown such a lack of transparency.

Last week for example, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, emir of the Qatar, gave his first interview since his accession to the throne in 2013. « We fund not extremists, he said on CNN. »If you want to talk about certain movements, especially Syria and Iraq, know that we consider them all as of terrorist movements. » Qatar, which hosts a major U.S. air base, has also joined the international coalition against the Islamic State (AR).

Evidence of the action of the Qatar

The truth is that, without funding the EIS received by certain individuals to the Qatar, it would have had no war at the outset. In the United Kingdom, Jihad John, man with a strong British accent this on 3 videos where the hostages are murdered now embodies the threat of the EIS in the eyes of the British public.
Last week, even that the Qatar emir swore his great gods that the country had never funded the EIS, the US Treasury provided the first evidence that money from the Qatar had well allowed Jihad John and other British to join the Syria.

Therefore in core lies!, and worst pares members
In this document is thus revealed the identity of a terrorist by the name of Tariq Al-Bilal, describing himself as « the emir for the region border between the Syria and the Turkey, charged by the IC to welcome new foreign combatants and to equip them with arms before you send them to Syria ».
He was « responsible for the foreign fighters who came from the United Kingdom ».

There was that ca shines!

EI made his races in the United Kingdom, me I go to INTER!P-T-N, and after, journalopes, finally of the presentalopes on the media i TV… etc, among others who allow themselves out of the dumb things, like what Fn is nazi, fascist, the WSPU is worse, it is the III th REICH

The vigilance of the Qatar is « non-existent »

In September, according to the US Treasury, Tariq Al-Fernanda « helped the IC to receive $ 2 million to a financial intermediary of the EIS based in Qatar, provided that this money be allocated only to military operations. « The financial intermediary based in the Qatar had also recruited Al-Bilal to raise funds in the Qatar. »EHBEN? this is can not be clearer, QATAR is an ally of EI, therefore by the by EI than QATAR, wants Syria, AH agree, it should be said, chais po MB, with micque boot in catouchou, and europe Merkel, Holland, that annoys Putin with UKRAINE with the help of the Americans, with their sub lacking not for the instant(on en reparlera dans 3mois). »As long as the bear growls, cava, if he throws the paw, I ‘ break and on breaks, to go or?, in France.EGINATULLINA!EH!BEN, fortunately you have the idea, you have other

Who wants to Putin, WOAWhhh,to it asking

Doha responded it as private individuals, not the Government. But any State, and even more an autocracy of the Gulf, has the means to prevent this kind of thing, as long as it will.

However, according to the latest report on terrorism by the U.S. State Department, the vigilance of the Qatar on this subject is « no ». Certainly, there are laws against money-laundering and the financing of terrorist organizations but their implementation is « random » and marked by of « serious deficiencies «  ».

On the other hand, evidence of the links of the qatari Government with extremists (which some managed to raise funds allocated subsequently to the IC) are irrefutable. « Between eight and twelve eminent persons to the Qatar have reaped millions of dollars for jihadists, said a local Western diplomat. » And they are hardly hiding. »

The juicy mergers

Most of these personalities were gathering out of money for the Front Al-Dhanub, a subsidiary of Al-Qaeda in Syria. Money has flowed in last year when Al-Dhanub and the EIS were formally merged and pooled their fighters and their equipment. But this partnership was short-lived and ended at the beginning of the year. Part of the funding and weapons sent by Qatar at Al-Dhanub between April 2013 and February 2014 has then expired to the IC.

In December 2013, the U.S. Government said a man by the name of Abd Al-Rahman bin Umayr Al -Nuaymi to its list of terrorists officially wanted by its services. According to sources officialNuaymi « ordered the transfer of more than $ 600,000 to Al-Qaida through the representatives of the terrorist group in Syria ». Onlyt?

Nuaymi was still recently Advisor for the Qatar Government and founding member of a large charitable organization linked to the Royal family, Sheikh Eid bin Mohammed Al-Thani charitable foundation. From 2012, a man answering on behalf of Hajjaj Al – Ajmi, who lives in Kuwait, also regularly comes to the Qatar.

On videos online, you can see Ajmi now declare before a qatari public aid in Syria is ‘important’ but that the priority is to support jihadists and arm them… Give your money to those who will spend it for holy war rather than in humanitarian aid. »

The dangerous game of alliances

There is also Mohammed Al-Arifi, imam today forbidden to stay in the United Kingdom for having prepared two young Welsh to Jihad. This man was invited twice by the qatari Government: in March 2012 and in January of this year.

Arifi still returned to the Qatar this summer, after his deportation from the United Kingdom, at a celebration of ramadan where attended a large number of extremists. One of the players of this festival was another man forbidden to stay in the United Kingdom, Wagdy Ghoneim, who considers Oussama Ben Laden as a « hero » and a « martyr » and has been recorded doing singing to an audience of anti-Semitic songs with chorus: « Non-Jews, descendants of monkey « ! »

The commitment of the Qatar with extremists is probably a way toensure its arrears in Syria. The Qatar is a country which has always sought to expand alliances: the Taliban to Israel, with whom time was the only country in the Gulf to maintain trade relations. The Qatar welcomes Hamas, the Libyan Islamist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood in the whole region.

But this strategy does not work. And this issue of balancing could be very expensive in Doha.

A new agreement on the Ukraine will be concluded in Minsk February 11?

Vladimir Poutine, François Holland, Angela Merkel and Petro Poroshenko shall meet in the Belarusian capital in an attempt to make progress towards a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.

International mail

February 9, 2015

One of the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta dated February 9, 2015

Vladimir Poutine personally announced to the Belarus president, Alexandre Loukachenko, his participation in the Summit of the « quartet of Normandy » in Minsk, on 11 February, informed the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta. The four European leaders (Russian, Ukrainian, french and German) who had already met in the French province, June 6, 2014 [on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the landings] took date in attempting to achieve a « breakthrough in the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine ». Important results are indeed expected at the Summit, on condition, however, that in the meantime of the Foreign Ministers of four countries, met today in Berlin, agree on the starting positions.

According to one expert quoted by the Nezavisimaya Gazeta, two assumptions are essential for the Russia in discussions: consideration of « the enormous responsibility of Kiev in Minsk ceasefire breaches and the escalation of the conflict ». « the granting to the popular Republics [self-proclaimed] Donetsk and Lugansk to the status of negotiators, including through direct dialogue with Kiev ».

« In the eyes of the Kremlin, no progress may be achieved in the discussions without it, except to consider progress action armed with the Ukraine against separatists », concludes the expert

UKRAINE five points which could derail the peace talks

The Russian daily Kommersant list unresolved issues that lead the forthcoming talks in Minsk to the impasse.


A tank in the colours of the Ukrainian flag passes close to the city of Lugansk, February 8, 2015 – AFP/Volodymyr Shuvayev

On 11 February, in Minsk, are likely to meet heads of State french, Russian, Ukrainian and German Chancellor. Will join also the representatives of the contact group, among which the delegations of the two Ukrainian separatist republics. The objective of this Summit is to conclude a peace plan ending the war in the Donbass. What will be the most hotly debated points during these negotiations? 1. Who will be responsible for ensuring respect for the ceasefire

DONBASS Debaltseve, a new disaster for the Ukrainian army?

A woman and a boy flee the city of Debaltseve in bus, February 1, 2015 – AFP PHOTO / MANU BRABO

On 22 January, the Ukrainian army was wiping a heavy setback: the loss of Donetsk airport, theatre since months of confrontation with the pro-Russian camp. After the tragic end of « cyborgs » (nickname given by their opponents to defenders of the airport) in the ruins of the airport, the Kiev Government is committing another strategic mistake? Many think are his detractors in the Ukrainian press.

Instead of the drama: Debaltseve (province in Russian), an important road and rail junction northeast of Donetsk. According the daily Den, « these days, [pro-Russian] activists have tried to create a cauldron in Debaltseve area cutting axes that allow resupply the beachhead » where Ukrainian forces are deployed.

Dmytro Timtchouk, specializing in military issues cited by the newspaper of Kiev, the situation would be already catastrophic on the spot: « the enemy reinforces its workforce and proves to be very active, preparation for a breakthrough. » Throughout the weekend, nearly a thousand of civilians have been evacuated from « Debaltseve Pocket », destined for Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, cities that have already experienced fighting in the spring and last summer, and which may soon find themselves once more on the front line.

Global HSBC Swissleaks scandal: a survey and a hype

More than 150 journalists from around the world have collaborated on an extensive system of fraud endorsed by HSBC Bank survey. This is one of the largest operations of transnational investigative journalism in recent years

SWISSLEAKS HSBC: a global scandal

United Kingdom HSBC Bank apologizes for its failure

HSBC scandal Swissleaks: a survey and a hype global

More than 150 journalists from around the world have collaborated on an extensive system of fraud endorsed by HSBC Bank survey. This is one of the largest operations of transnational investigative journalism in recent years.

Drawing of Boligán (Mexico)

Between November 2006 and March 2007, HSBC, British, second global banking group, has organized, through its Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank, fraud amounting to 180.6 billion euros, involving 100,000 customers and 20,000 companies offshore. This information that summarizes the scope of the scandal has required months of investigation and the collaborative work of hundreds of journalists.

In January 2014, an individual whose World protects anonymity presents the evening daily a USB key containing all of the files established by Hervé Falciani. End of 2008, the french computer scientist, former employee of HSBC in Geneva, had already provided to the french tax authorities of data on 3,000 french nationals suspected of tax evasion with the complicity of the said Bank.

This time ci 59,000 files provided are 100,000 bank accounts of customers from over 200 countries. The mass of information is too important and involves too many countries to be treated by a single administrator, reported Le Monde (international mail belongs to the group worldwide). French journalists decide to share the files with other editors through the international Consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ).

Global collaboration

The investigation operation is then launched. The Consortium international investigative journalist (ICIJ), which is headquartered in Washington, is an offshoot of the Center for Public Integrity (CPI, Centre for public integrity), a not-for-profit organization created in 1989. It will coordinate « skinning » and analysis of records involving more than 150 journalists from some 50 countries.

Among them: the BBC, the Guardian (United Kingdom), Clarín (Argentina), Politiken (Denmark), Ha’Aretz (Israel), Aftenposten (Norway), the Tages-Anzeiger (Switzerland), the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany),Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Le Soir (Belgium), etc. The ICIJ also listed and published on its website links to articles about the case in any of the world’s press on Monday, February 9.

Data journalism

« If these journalists have managed to identify politicians who came from Great Britain, financial investments of Russia, of Ukraine, Georgia, of Kenya, of Romania, of India, from Liechtenstein, of Mexico, etc. […], it is also because joined in the effort of journalists from difficult countries, including Angola, of the Brazil, Egypt, Cyprus, Hungary, of India and of Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire and of Kenya »of the Morocco, of Singapore, the Venezuela and of the Zimbabwe », stresses also The evening .

This global investigation shows how transnational collaborations between journalists and the culture of data sharing can be successful. The emergence of « big data », access to large data sets and the need to analyze show the ever-growing importance of the datajournalisme. Before Swissleaks, Offshore Leaks and revelations about the NSA listens in had already demonstrated.

One voice

A countdown of the widespread enthusiasm for this global investigation, some newspapers however have some reservations. This is the case of the editor in Chief of review, a bi-monthly economic Swiss. Author of a book on tax evasion, Myret Zaki questioned the hype generated by the case. « The work of journalists who themselves are immersed in these data from the weeks certainly deserves respect and praise. But the problem with these coordinated operations, is that involved press becomes uniform, speaks with a single voice, presents the same facts, and critical thinking is lost somewhere in the mass of gigabytes. It receives ready to use data? Then we tape on the target without asking questions. »

Essentially, it does not reside in the fact that some celebrities such as Gad Elmaleh listed Falciani but rather in what it reveals about the laxity of some countries in the fight against money laundering. « While we view doubtful accounts from this list, we know that the public prosecutor of the Confederation had knowledge, and that at no time the Switzerland has seen fit to investigate […] It is here that at the beginning of the journalistic investigation. As the phenomenon of tax subtraction, the problem of money laundering remains whole, it is growing, and it is global. It is at this level that the journalists could combine their forces worldwide to investigate. »

I think this financial arrangement dating back to 1914, will explain quite a thing!

Graph of who « owns » the federal reserve

Chart 1

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank

1976 published

Graph 1 shows the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England and Bank of London houses which ultimately control the banks from the federal reserve through their holdings of Bank stock and their subsidiary companies in New York.Two main representatives of Rothschild in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn, Loeb & Co. have been companies that have implemented the Conference from the island of Jekyll during which the federal reserve Act was drafted, who led the campaign later to have the force of law by Congress the plan of the, and who bought the amounts control stock in the Bank of federal reserve of New York in 1914. These companies had their leaders appointed to the Board of Governors of the federal reserve and federal Advisory Council in 1914. In 1914 a few families (blood or business related) majority owner of stock in existing banks (for example, in New York City) caused those banks to buy a majority stake in the regional federal reserve banks. The review charts and text in the House Banking Committee from August 1976 staff report and the current list of the shareholders of the 12 regional federal reserve banks show this same family control.

N.M. Rothschild, London – the Bank of England


| |

| J. Henry Schröder

| Banking services | Corp.

| |

Brown, Shipley – Morgan Grenfell – Lazard – |

Company & Brothers Company |

| | | |

——————–| ——-| | |

| | | | | |

Alex Brown – Brown Bros – Lord Mantagu – Morgan et Cie – Lazard |

& Son | Harriman Norman | Paris Bros |

| | / | N.Y. |

| | | | | |

| Governor, Bank | J.P. Morgan Co – Lazard |

| England / N.Y. Morgan brothers |

| 1924-1938 / warranty Co. Paris |

| / Morgan Stanley Co. | /

| / | \Schroder Bank

| / | Hamburg/Berlin

| / Drexel & company.

| / Philadelphia.

| / /

| / Airlie Lord

| / /

| / M. M. Warburg Chmn J. Henry Schröder

| | Hamburg – marr. Virginia F. Ryan

| | | granddaughter of Otto

| | | Kahn of Kuhn Loeb Co.

| | |

| | |

Lehman Brothers N.Y – Kuhn Loeb Co. N. Y.

| | ————————–


| | | |


| | | |

Lehman Brothers – mount. Alabama Solomon Loeb Abraham Kuhn

| | __|______________________|_________

Lehman-Stern, New Orleans Jacob Schiff/Theresa Loeb Nina Loeb/Paul Warburg

————————- | | |

| | Mortimer Schiff James Paul Warburg

_____________|_______________/ |

| | | | |

Mayer Lehman | Emmanuel Lehman.

| | | \

Herbert Lehman Irving Lehman.

| | | \

Arthur Lehman \ Phillip Lehman John Schiff/Edith Brevoort Baker

/ | Currently Chairman of Lehman Bros.

/ Robert Owen Lehman Kuhn Loeb – granddaughter of

/ | George F. Baker

| / |

| / |

| / Lehman Bros. Kuhn Loeb (1980)

| / |

| / Fortune Thomas Ryan

| | |

| | |

Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

|||||||| |

Bank of the city of ___National N. Y. |

| | |

| National Bank of Commerce N.Y-|

| | \

| National Bank of Hanover N.Y..

| | \

| Chase National Bank N.Y..

| |

| |

Shareholders – National City Bank – New York |

—————————————– |

| /

James Stillman.

Elsie m. William Rockefeller.

Isabel m. Percy Rockefeller.

Shareholders of William Rockefeller – National Bank of Commerce N. Y.

J. P. Morgan ———————————————–

M.T. Pyne Equitable Life – J.P. Morgan

Percy Pyne Mutual Life – J.P. Morgan

J.W. Sterling H.P. Davison – Morgan

EdisonTrust/NY NY Mary W. Harriman

Shearman & Sterling A.D. Jiullard – North British Merc.Insurance

| Jacob Schiff

| Thomas F. Ryan

| Paul Warburg

| Levi P. Morton – Guaranty Trust – Morgan



Shareholders – First National Bank of New York


J.P. Morgan

George F. Baker

George F. Baker Jr.

Edith Brevoort Baker

Congress – 1946-64






Shareholders – National Bank of Hanover N.Y.


James Stillman

William Rockefeller






Shareholders – Chase National Bank N.Y.


George F. Baker

Chart 2

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank


The J. Henry Schroder Banking Company chart encompasses the history of the twentieth century, embracing as is (Belgium-Board relief) program which provisioned Germany between 1915 and 1918 and deterred the Germany seeks peace in 1916; funding of Hitler in 1933 in order to allow a second world war; support the presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover; and even at the present time, including two of its major leaders its subsidiary Firm, Bechtel Corporation serving as the Secretary of defense and Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.

The head of the Bank of England since 1973, Sir Gordon Richardson, Governor of the Bank of England (controlled by the House of Rothschild) was Chairman of J. Henry Schroder Wagg and Company of London from 1963 to 1972 and Director of J. Henry Schroder, New York and Schroder Banking Corporation, New York, as well as Lloyd Bank of London and Rolls-Royce. He maintains a residence on Sutton Place in New York City and as the head of « The London Connection », can be considered as the single most influential banker in the world.

J. Henry Schröder





Baron Rudolph Von Schroder

Hamburg – 1858-1934




Baron Bruno Von Schroder

Hamburg – 1867-1940

F. C. Tiarks |

1874-1952 |

| |

Marr. Emma Franziska |

(Hamburg) Helmut B. Schroder

J. Henry Schröder 1902 |

Dir. Bank of England.

Eds. Anglo-Iranian.

Oil Company J. Henry Schroder Banking Company N.Y.



J. Henry Schroder Trust Company, New York





| |

Allen Dulles John Foster Dulles

Sullivan & Cromwell Sullivan & Cromwell

Director – CIA U. S. Secretary of State

Rockefeller Foundation

Prentiss Gray


Belgian relief Comm. Lord Airlie

Chief Marine transport-

NousFood Administration WW I President; Virgina Fortune

Manati Sugar Co. American & Ryan daughter of Otto Kahn

British Continental Corp of Kuhn, Loeb Co.

| |

| |

Mr. E. Rionda.

———— |

Pres. Cuba Cane Sugar Co. |

Manati Sugar Co. several others.

sugar companies. _______|

| |

| |

G. A. Zabriskie |

————— | Emile Francoui

CHMN U.S. sugar Equalization | ————–

Jury of 1917-18; Empire’s program. Rescue Belgian Comm. Kai

Biscuit Co., Columbia baking | Coal mines of ping, Tientsin

Co., southern Baking Co. | Copper from railway, the Congo, the

| National Bank of Belgium

Suite200042 Broadway | N. Y.


| | |

| | |

H. Julius Edgar Richard Barnes Herbert Hoover

————- —————- ————–

BelgiqueSecours Comm Belgium relief Comm Chmn Belgium relief Com

Amer relief Comm Pres Grain Corp. U.S. Food Admin

U.S.Aliments Admin US Food Admin Sec of Commerce 1924-28

1918-24, Hazeltine Corp. 1917-18, C.B Pitney Kaiping Coal Mines

| Bowes Corp., Manati Congo copper, President

| Sugar Corp. U.S. 1928-32




John Lowery Simpson


SacramentoCalif BelgiqueSecours |

Comm. u. s. Food Administration Baron Kurt Von Schroder

Prentiss Gray Co. J. Henry Schröder -.

Confidence, Schroder-Rockefeller, Chmn Schroder Banking Corp. J.H. Stein

End of Comm, Bechtel International Bankhaus (personal bank of Hitler

Co. Bechtel Co. (Casper Weinberger account) served on board all

S of the defence, the German subsidiaries of George P. Schultz of ITT. Bank

State S (Reagan administration). international regulations,

| Head of Group Senior SS, Himmler

| Circle of friends (Nazi funds),

| Deutsche Reichsbank, President



Schroder-Rockefeller & Co., New York


Avery Rockefeller, J. Henry Schroder

Banking Corp., Bechtel Co., Bechtel

International Co., Canadian Bechtel

Company. |




Gordon Richardson


Governor, Bank of England

1973-present J. Henry Schröder N.Y. C.B.

Schroder Banking Co., New York, Lloyds Bank

Rolls Royce

Chart 3

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank

-1976 publication

The David Rockefeller chart shows the connection between the Bank of New York, Standard Oil of Indiana, General Motors, and Allied Chemical Corporation (Eugene Meyer family) and Equitable Life (Morgan).



Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chase Manhattan Corp.




Chase Manhattan Corp. |

Officer and Director – Interlocks|

——|———————– |

| |

Private Investment Co. for America Allied Chemicals Corp.

| |

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company General Motors

| |

Family Rockefeller Orion multinational Services Ltd..& Associates

| |

ASARCO. Chrysler Corp. Inc.

| |

Southern Peru Copper Corp. Intl’ Basic economy Corp..

| |

Industrial Minerva Mexico S.A. R.H. Macy & Co.

| |

Continental Corp. selected risk Investments S.A.

| |

Honeywell Omega Fund, Inc.

| |

Northwest Airlines, Inc. Squibb Corporation

| |

Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. Olin Foundation

| |

Minnesota Mining & Mfg Co (3 m) advantage Life assur. NJ mutual

| |

American Express Co. AT & T

| |

Hewlett Packard Bell Northwest Pacific Co.

| |

FMC Corporation BeachviLime Ltd..

| |

UtahIntl’ Inc. Eveleth Expansion company.

| |

Exxon Corporation fidelity Union Bancorporation

| |

International Nickel/Canada Cypress Woods Corporation

| |

Federated Capital Corporation Intl’ Minerals & Chemical Corp.

| |

Life insurance equitable Soc U.S.Burlington Industries

| |

Federated Dept Stores Wachovia Corporation

| |

General Electric Jefferson Pilot Corporation

| |

Scott Paper Co. R. J. Reynolds Industries Inc..

| |

American Petroleum Institute of the United States Steel Corp.

| |

Richardson Merril Inc. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

| |

Stores may Co.Norton – Simon Inc..

| |

Sperry Rand Corporation Stone-Webster Inc.

| |

San El Salvador development Standard Oil of Indiana Corporation

Chart 4

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank

-1976 publication

This graph shows the locking systems between the Federal Reserve Bank of New York J. Henry Schroder Banking Corp., J. Henry Schroder Trust Co., Rockefeller Center, Inc., Equitable Life Assurance Society (J.P. Morgan) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Alan Pifer, President

Carnegie Corporation

New York





Carnegie Corporation

Locks of trustee-

———————- |

| |

Rockefeller Center, Inc. J. Henry Schroder Trust Company

| |

Cabot Corporation Paul Revere Investors, Inc.

| |

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Qualpeco, Inc.


Owens Corning Fiberglas


New England Telephone Co.


Fisher Scientific Company


Mellon National Corporation


Equitable Life Assurance Society


Twentieth Century Fox Corporation


J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation

Chart 5

The federal reserve Directors: A study of the Influence of corporations and Bank

-1976 publication

This graph shows the relationship between the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Brown Brothers Harriman, Sun Life Insurance Co.(N.M. Rothschild and Sons) and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Maurice F. Granville

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Texaco incorporated




Director and officer of Texaco interlocks – Liggett & Myers, Inc.

———————————— |

| |

| |

El L Arabian American Oil Company St John Ray Mining Co. Ltd.

O | |

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. N National Steel Corporation

D | |

O Brown Harriman & Intl’ banks Massey-Ferguson Ltd.

N | |

American Express Mutual Life Insurance Co.

| |

N. American Express Intl’ Banking Corp. Mass Mutual income Investors Inc.

M. | |

Anaconda United Services Life Insurance Co.

R | |

O Rockefeller Foundation Fairchild Industries

T | |

H. Owens-Corning Fiberglas Blount, Inc.

S | |

C National City Bank (Cleveland) William Wrigley Jr. Co

H | |

I have Sun Life Insurance Co. National Blvd. Bank of Chicago

L | |

D General Reinsurance Lykes Youngstown Corporation

| |

Corporation Inmount of General Electric (NBC)

* Source: federal reserve Directors: a study of the Influence of corporations and Bank. Report of personnel, Committee on banking, currency and housing, the House of representatives, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, August 1976.


Swissleaks: Falciani, author of the flight of the HSBC listing, seeks a « compensation » for the France

The guy steals, and in addition it veur compensation

It is the opposite, that it closed Zhang meritrait

VIDEO presented by some as an opportunistic thief, Hervé Falciani, the man originally from the revelations about the Swiss subsidiary of HSBC, seeks legal protection for whistleblowers.

Opportunistic thief or alerts Launcher? Hervé Falciani , the man originally from the revelations of the Swissleaks, would willingly set himself up as a hero of the fight against tax evasion. But the personality of this old computer specialist from HSBC in Geneva, who stole the Bank client file access 130,000 records of tax evaders, remains controversial.

Suspected of wanting to sell the listing of HSBC subsidiaries of major banks to the Lebanon, the French-Italian of 42 years only is would be turned to French police only after the failure of this attempt. He is currently being sued by Swiss justice for « violation of the banking secrecy » and is liable to imprisonment.

Hervé Falciani, who works in France with the taxman, justice and parliamentarians, now enjoys official protection of the Ministry of the Interior. The France thus refuses to extradite him to the Switzerland. But for the person concerned, interviewed Monday on Swiss television RTS, it is not enough.

Hervé Falciani, which ensures not having been paid for the information disclosed, feels that « partly » protected by the french State. One who considers himself a launcher of alerts would also like a protection « professional, (in terms of) reputation, legal. Clearly, compensation. «  »Do not be fooled.  » Do not be naive. We are made of flesh and bone. We want to counteract impunity, it should also give itself the means to do so », he explains.

A letter sent to Bercy

According to Obs , Hervé Falciani reportedly even contacted Bercy alongside two other whistleblowers – Stéphanie Gibaud, former Director of communication of UBS and Nicolas Forisser, former auditor internal within UBS – in order to claim a « compensation » for « services rendered to the Republic.

In a letter to Finance Minister Michel Sapin, their lawyer Mr. William Bourdon puts forward « direct and indirect damage » and « lack of recognition », requesting a « benevolent eye on requests for payments. He would thus have recourse to legislation dating from 1995, which provides that «police and gendarmerie services may pay anyone outside the public administrations which provided […]» the information prompted the discovery of crimes or offences « . Bercy promised « a response as soon as possible », ensures the Obs.

What protection for whistleblowers?

Taking advantage of the media resonance of l’affaire Swissleaks, Hervé Falciani advertising legal for whistleblowers protection, citing precedents for the UBS, the «Luxleaks» case – whose revelations were allowed by stolen documents internally at Pwc – and « all those who are behind in cartons and expect justice to serve the community.

In Europe, the status of the whistleblower is different from that of the « whistleblower » across the Atlantic. In the United States, the « Whistleblower Protection Act » signed in 1989 guarantees launchers of alerts that they will not be prosecuted for disclosing secret documents « for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse. This law is made to protect employees of the Government wanting to denounce the behavior of their employer if they think to be witnesses of a gap in the law. The Whistleblower Protection Act authorizes a public disclosure only if it is not specifically illegal.

Entered into force in 2012, the Dodd-Franck Act on financial regulation provides, in addition, financial rewards to whistleblowers. If the proceedings initiated by them results in a financial penalty of at least $ 1 million, they may receive between 10% and 30% of it.

No status in France

In Europe, only Britain has a legal mechanism on the whistleblower. In France, the protection is guaranteed to the employee of private sector reporting in good faith by acts of corruption (law of November 13, 2007), denunciations of health violations (Act of 16 April 2013) or conflicts of interest in politics (June 2013).

Act of 6 December 2013 on the fight against tax fraud creates no specific status but provides some protection. It stipulates that « no person may be excluded from a recruitment procedure (.). « no employee may be punished, dismissed or be the subject of a measure discriminatory, direct or indirect, including remuneration, of measures of profit-sharing or distribution of shares (…), professional promotion, transfer or contract renewal, for having reported or testified, in good faith, of facts constituting an offence or a crime which it had knowledge in the exercise of its functions.

Last episode in date, an amendment to article 64 of the Macron Act « business secret » eventually was withdrawn by the Government. The association fighting against corruption Transparency International France especially feared « a return » back for whistleblowers. « Whistleblowers are very often victims of reprisals which may take many forms (sanctions, closet or harassment, wrongful dismissal, etc) », so it « use of media is a way to protect themselves but also to see the actually treated alert », stressed.

Aurélie Abadie

HSBC list: 5 billion dollars of french assets

& bull;The 3,000 french residents of the HSBC list hold bull & 5 billion assets.; 169 employees of the Bank in France also includes.

The list of 3,000 HSBC no end to reveal its secrets. The general rapporteur of the Committee of finance, Socialist Deputy Christian Eckert, who, by its Statute, had access to information protected by tax secrecy, has immersed himself, several months in the data of the list passed four years ago in the France by Hervé Falciani, ex-employee of HSBC, which the Switzerland seeks extradition for violation of banking secrecy.

First lesson: the list has not been deleted, as suspected a time. « It is wrong to support, as have several newspapers, that the IRS would have erased more than 6,000 names from the list « , writes Christian Eckert. On the 127.311 natural and legal persons contained therein, french residents are, in fine, than 2,932, after elimination of duplicates and zero or negative accounts. A very large majority consists of natural persons. Only one in six, declared to have one account.

Stocks held by some French represent substantial sums, amounting to 5 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros), including 3.5 billion for natural persons. Stocks are, in addition, concentrated: 60 accounts have a balance of $ 15 million, and  » 1% of assets the higher represented, alone, a total of 1.75 billion dollars in December 2006 « , notes the report. The study of data highlights that it mostly from assets of inheritance, accounts powered by professional activities being less numerous.

The secrets of the American Federal Reserve

« Give me control of the currency of a nation, and I will not have to deal with those who make the laws. »

This sentence attributed to Mayer Amschel Bauer shows the oligarchical ambitions of the Bank. This Bauer, best known under the name of his red coat of arms: Rothschild, had as early as 1773 the project to replace by a new financial world order European aristocracy. In the 19th century The House of Rothschild controlled half of the global fortune. In 1910, affiliated closely or from afar with the biggest banking powers of the time: J.P. Morgan Company, Brown brothers Harriman, M.M. Warburg & Co., Kuhn-Loeb and J.Henry Schroder, it could claim shape behind the scenes, behind the Thrones and according to its interests, the sense of history.

The power to issue money confers full powers.

And not vice versa: this is not, as it should, the State or the King who decides the monetary creation based on the economic needs of the country. Senior bankers, all from trade and international traffic (railways, haberdashery, copper, slaves, diamonds…), quickly realized that to increase the money supply, – i.e. to continue to enrich themselves by taking advantage of surplus or excess money in circulation -, need to calibrate it on gold. This precious metal remains stable, exchangeable and universal value. The course of currencies is thus internationalized – first step in la globalization- regulating the establishment of favourable rates.

Our senior bankers claimed then bring their economic stability nations by regulation of exchanges of money… They limited especially the outflow of gold in order to maintain significant reserves in central banks, which could ultimately appeal refinance banks in difficulty in their respective countries and thus avoid crises and bankruptcies!

But let us more: whoever controls the money controls the businesses and activities of the people, and this is where the real interest of central banks. They are therefore for making profit , regardless of any institution and Government goodwill.

The primary objective of these ultra-rich oligarchs is obtaining of supreme power by the creation of inexhaustible debts.Why do we say as « the fortune of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations »? The incredible book ofEustace Mullins, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, reveals it disturbing way.


At the beginning of the 20th century’s powerful banking groups mostly European have developed in the United States, then only devoid of Central Bank, monetary legislation in the interests of the corporations and fortunes, as well as an adequate – and which the public administration would ignore all!

In autumn 1910, a man handle will decide the fate of America in particular and the world in general via the establishment of a Federal Reserve that will be because a Central Bank. A Central Bank intended to combat financial monopolies by… a financial monopoly!

It took 3 years and the election of the president-pantin Wilson to officially promulgate the Federal Reserve Act and thus assign all power to a bank by the private control of the currency in lieu of public control. Or how fly the people the power of coining money and regulate the value.

The brain of this project: the Baron Alfred Rothschild – grandson of Mayer Amschel and Director of the Bank of England. The main instigator and beneficiary: Paul Warburg. Without the latter, sent the German banking House Kuhn, Loeb & Co., he would have had no this law superior to the laws of the State. Add the Lazard Frères, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller family and that of J.P. Morgan as private shareholders and Cardinal (and non-Federal as the slot means the name of the Bank), and you will understand how since 1914 of American political and economic destinies are directed. You will understand especially how the wars, revolutions, crises and dictatorships in the world are sponsored by a handful of financial amoral and stateless persons.

An oligarchy which cannot foresee nothing but just cause.

The first big mobilization of credit of Reserve Federal American (based on the then created income tax) was to fund the first world war. The FED spent the money of the American taxpayer at the rate of $ 10 billion per year so the war lasts so that the belligerent countries, trapped in a senseless slaughter, sought peace as early as 1916…

Why president Wilson lifted theembargo on the transport of weapons to Mexico in full revolutionary decade?

Why the Federal Reserve financial have provided funds for Lenin and Trotsky if for overthrow the regime Tsarist while now the Russia in world war.

Why this American from 1920 to 1921 agricultural crisis if it is to be reimbursed to farmers too independent, in the West of the country, which refused to squander their money in cryptic speculations of a too distant Bank.

Why the main shareholders of the Federal Reserve, then conveniently all overshadowed the market in February 1929, did let the people and the country is kracher in a memorable Depression ?

What were the real ambitions of Gordon Richardson, the most influential banker of the world from 1973 to 1983 and then boss of the Bank of England ? Was it not until the Chairman of J. Henry Schroder Company of New York (one of the other shareholders of the Federal Reserve) from 1962 to 1973? And are we not talking here of this Bank, Schröder , who supplied the Germany from 1915 to 1918, financed Hitler and made possible the second world war, favoured the election of U.S. president Herbert Hoover a few months before the crash of 1929 (and for which the latter remained strangely inactive)? This same bank, that associated with Rockefeller in 1936, commissioned in the early 1980s two very influential Secretaries of theReagan administration : Schultz to the State and Weinberger to the defence.

Such connections can only responding us. But it seems, once again, that democratic drunkenness taint our reason to the point where we allow them without reacting the oligarchic of an empire vagaries too charitable mask…

Assets taxed in respect of the ISF

Today, only a quarter of the total Outstandings has been regularized, or a little less than EUR 1 billion. And ultimately, the IRS has recovered only 186 million euros of rights and penalties, an amount which will be revised upward after the processing of all completed files. « This corresponds to a rate of taxation of the assets of 20% about . « , concludes Christian Eckert. Most of the time, the IRS has taxed the assets of the ISF (whose marginal rate is low) taking into account the information available to it. In addition, in 30% of cases, taxpayers have denied owning undeclared assets and litigation have been launched. The tax authorities filed 86 complaints against people on the list.

Analysis of the data reveals the involvement of a number of employees of the Bank, whose names appear on the list. In total, 1.293 names are those of HSBC employees, including 169 attached to an address in France. « It is probable that these employees have been accounts for the benefit of customers and the role of nominee », judge the report, which points out that in some cases, the assets of employees exceeded 100, or 500 million dollars. The general rapporteur considers that justice was late to launch proceedings, unlike the fisc.  » so that the preliminary investigation was opened in 2009 […], it was not until April 2013. that a judicial inquiry was triggered « These delays leave me perplexed », considers, recalling that it intends to further extend the tasks of the banking regulator to the fight against fraud.



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