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Hi all

Hello, to Ms. Sandrine mazetier, Assembly

Medialle of Bronze, while ALEXIS, others too.

Here is a press release very interesting, that you sent me

A video is available also on the web Anonymous #OP 14 July 2015

PRESS release, ANONYMOUS, OPERATION 14 July 2015-02-15

Many of us are are awake, and noted with disgust that our oldest motto is constantly violated liberty, equality, FRATERNITY , are more than mere words devoid

Sense, or is our freedom , when we work for little pay ponctionnait fees by taxes and credits, we are slaves of a debt, that is not our responsibility, or is our equality, when citizens do not eat at their end and know more shelter, while others offer luxury with our hard work,

Or is our brotherhood, when the police frighten us, whereas they should we reassure, today, a solution offered to us must grasp, an appeal to the french people

been launched to all unite despite our differences, make it is set 14 juillet2015 in PARIS on the place de la Concorde 10 h 00, thus assembled, we

Will require the resignation of all political powers, so, to establish a true people’s democracy, or will be finally listened to each french, our goal is to get out of this dictatorship EUROPE, having boat treaties… abolish this Republic

Redesigned by our elites for our elites, it Similarly, give them both of freedom

To the detriments of our freedoms and our right, so the people will have for the first time

In humanity, the ability to write a healthy and just constitution, or we will all live in a stable and sustainable society free citizens of the world, as rich as our elites, can be, they can do nothing, faced with a people United., then remember

This date, celebrate together, and peacefully this July 14, for values, it represents really A make you A summer fixed A 10 H 00, on 14 July, PLACE DE LA CONCORDE

I makes me account, such as the right and the PS, the WSPU… what! Brief, as quite a lot of things, for that matter, you want me /nous make take bladders for lanterns, and I realize also that armed NATO force can seek to make the war, unless I me wrong, at least this is the impression I have, so it is supposed to, protect us from this, I say that the USA, to fuck, because it’s not on their continent, that it would happen,,(si c’est que ça,on s’arrangerais pour déplacer le problème,) but what would happen if the weapons marched against it, chais not, it is a question I ask myself?, and in addition, we used the CD, because it is pretty darn well explain, elsewhere, in the famous DVD  » HOW BREAKING DOWN, A DICTATOR Hoping that you put the hand on this Cocksucker which is for the peace of the household.

For info:

The Organisation of the Treaty of the North Atlantic (NATO)North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in English or Atlantic Alliance is a politico-military organization for collective security created in 1949 from the Treaty signed in Washington on 4 April 1949 North Atlantic.
The Alliance had the original purpose to ensure the safety of the West, (P-T-N, protection)

I say this because, since the beginning, I thought it was Putin, who still crap, but no, this afternoon, I have watched a string, I don’t remember which it was. it must have been one of these lying strings I TV or BFM,(de toutes façon,les média française,nous mentent vraiment trop la coupe est pleine) because when I turn on my post , it is often those la, I have, (, there even one govern crap french (HOLLAND, VALLS is that nobody, wants) is not clear, butit will do, anyway, by the forces things , yet he has had to understand in short, I see a chick, who introduced the fighting, and she said (TV) viewers and at least has his soundman) , »you hear fighting »it is true that meant fire, but, what shots?, already there, I had a doubt about the veracity of his statements, moreover, she was doing everything to believed that c was Putin, finally the V weapon.Putin who drew, short, short time, later, this same string, invited a presenter Russian, who was questioned by the french presenter of the same chain, and the french asked him « How was going on the war in Russia », (Russian), him he rétorqué(un truc,comme,cela,c’est pas dele de textuel,mais c’est pas loin de représenter l’idée) He had) « the war in Russia, was earlier quiet, but, it repels the Ukrainian troops, when, I heard this, there, I said to myself that on me /nous tell of cracks. Moreover, as, apparently Russian presenter had not said, this, what, the french presntateur, and another s, should expect it, to therefore cut short, all other conversations

I realize that this is not the 1st time, only Prochenko and the Ukrainian army mette, and wants to end the cessez-le-feu(Ukraine: Porochenko met fin àle cessez_le-feuLe Monde | 01.07.2014)


Heurereusement, that there are still Americans, like STEVEN SEAGAL, one might say, you want him, but, in the meantime, this is a guy who goes after his convictions, which is far from being the case in some.

The Yankees, instead of dealing with europe, would do better to take care of their own, because frankly, it is not joy, it is certainly not the best on everything, but P-T-N on the social, you summers at the WAD. AH, and I wanted to, said these liars of youtube and the clique. Jews liars, sorry for the Jewish community; but this is people, are your misfortune, and since longtemgs already, thatMEDIAPART that dealing liar, at this level, they do not arrive you ankle and, is certainly less liars that you, that makes me laugh it is that you, criticize people who dare say, all high, what many think all downs, and when we say between other, real stuff on the Ukraine, here, is not happy.

The Ukrainian Parliament passed a law allowing the army deserters to be shot

No N’IMPORTE QUOI, I understand why they want to break,

Would like, moreover, why, they want to break?

Published time: February 5, 2015 19:44

Ukraine Verkhovna Rada meeting of.(RIA Novosti / Evgeny Kotenko)

Disorders of the Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament passed a law which allows it to use physical force against deserters from the army, commanders. It’s the latest military draft saw a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers.

The Ukrainian Parliament voted Thursday with 260 members in favor – only 226 votes was required to adopt the law. The new article 22 (1) added to the control service Charter in the armed forces of the Ukraine said commanders « have the right to personally use the strength, special means and weapons when fighting » against the soldiers who commit « criminal act. »

Under criminal acts lists of the Act « disobedience, resistance or threaten to use force against the Commander, the voluntary abandonment of military positions and in certain locations of military units in areas of combat missions.’

An explanatory note to the document said that there are massive violations of military discipline, in particular, desertion of the units and to drink alcohol, although failure to execute the orders of the Commander.

At the end of January, a new Ukrainian military project for 2015 entered into force. It is the fourth wave of mobilisation since Kiev has launched a military operation against the militias in the East of the Ukraine in April 2014

He was expected to see 100 000 people to enlist in the army in three steps, force or not, throughout the year. However, Ministry of defence of the country said on 31 January that Ukrainians near 7 500 are already facing criminal charges for military service. one wonders why

Conseiller Councillor of the President of Ukraine, Yury Biryukov, cited statistics, showing that the desertion was surprisingly mainly a problem in the West of the Ukraine, traditionally regarded as a hotbed of anti-Russia feeling.

Ukrainian President went up to sign a decree on additional measures to ensure a successful 2015 project. An important provision is a temporary restriction on leaving the country for men to military service.

« The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of the Ukraine) authorized the shooting of army deserters. « In doing so, they risk turning any Army: people do not want to participate in a bloody adventure, » said the head of the lower House’s Commission of Russia for relations with CIS, Leonid Slutsky, on her Twitter. block , they are right

Kiev began a military attack on the East of Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk regions in April 2014, after they refused to recognize the authorities of the new country, imposed by the coup. NORMAL, those, who came to power are the fascites After a period of calm and hope that the negotiations in Minsk in September 2014 were fruit, Kiev has launched a new assault on areas controlled by the militia on 18 January. Since then, is of the Ukraine suffered from constant shelling. Among the latest incidents, a hospital in Donetsk was hit Wednesday. Local authorities said that more than 15 people were feared dead in the attack. According to UN estimates, more than 5,000 people have died since the beginning of the conflict

New military project begins in Ukraine in the middle of the aggression on the territories held by the militia

: Potential conscripts avoid project, flee the country in the middle of the escalation in Ukraine.

Read more: Putin: Army Ukraine is Legion of NATO is aimed at preventing the Russia

Potential conscripts evade project, flee the country in the middle of the escalation in Ukraine.

Published time: 31 January 2015 12:35
Published: January 31, 2015 17:00

Conscripted people in the Ukrainian army to one of the points of recruitment in Kiev. (RIA Novosti/Evgeny Kotenko)

The newest military project in Ukraine has been described as a ‘problem’ by the spokesman for the army of Kiev. The effort recruitment, coming in the middle of increasingly more violent fighting in the East of the country, sees the lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers.

«The fourth wave of mobilisation is problematic, « spokesman for the Ukraine army, Vladimir Talalay acknowledged Saturday, according to Tass. » «  »The greatest difficulties are seen in Sumy, Cherkassy, Ternopol, Kharkov, Transcarpathian and other areas. »

Kiev talks about war when the situation calms, peace talks when things get worse ‘

Listening to these liars i TV, BFM, things get worse for them, Yes

Published time: 27 January 2015 13:25

Russian President Vladimir Poutine (RIA Novosti / Aleksey Nikolsky)

Kiev made no sustained attempt to seek a peaceful settlement to the crisis and the Russians are losing faith that it will never happen, Alexander Mercouris, International Affairs Editor of insider of the Russia, told RT

RT: President of Russia called forces Kiev essentially « a legion of NATO. » Do you think that the war in Ukraine is now delivered by foreigners?

Alexander dead: I think that this says Mr. Putin goes a bit beyond. Because if you look at what he said at the meeting of a Security Council of the Federation of Russia a few days ago, he already spoke there arrested criminal and pointedly spoke Ukrainian Government, not as the Ukrainian Government, but as Kiev official. Now, he speaks of the Ukrainian army as a ‘Legion of NATO’.

Essentially, it is to remove all of the political and military system Ukrainian to the interests of the Ukrainian nation and clearly implies that they are fighting for a greater political purpose that is not a Ukrainian one, but a NATO one.

RT: Putin also suggested that Kiev does not want to use peaceful measures to resolve the conflict. Yet the President of Ukraine has developed pledged its commitment to a peace agreement. Then why we are witnessing an escalation of violence?

AM: The problem here is that the Ukraine is committed repeatedly with offers of peace and constitutional negotiations with people who are opposed to these Eastern regions. Kiev has always withdrawn from these negotiations, they have never happened. What tends to happen is that when the situation seemed to calm down, Kiev talk of war; When the situation becomes more difficult for Kiev, he then comes back and once more speak of peace.

But it has never been within the Kiev any sustained attempt to seek a peaceful settlement. And my feeling on this subject is that the Russians are starting to lose faith that it will never happen. And this is what we now hear from Mr. Putin.

RT: President of the the Ukraine also said a State of alert high across the Canada and a State of emergency in the East. Do you mean for the public in Ukraine what?

AM: Well, at a certain level it is rhetorical because of course the eastern regions have been in a State of war for most of the year now. If this will increase the violence there. But I do not think that it is just an escalation of rhetoric. Make those kinds of statements increasingly makes all of the Ukraine on a war footing. Given that there are protests increases not only against the Government in the eastern regions, but also in other places, Kharkov, and Odessa and against military mobilization in other parts of the country it strengthens the legal position of the Ukrainian Government to deal with protests in these places.

The comment comes as the joint staff of the Ukraine pointed out the first phase of the project – the notice of conscription-being above. Military warn of a black list of deserters and transmit the information to the police.

A little less than 7 500 Ukrainians are already facing criminal charges for military service, the Ministry of defence of the country announced Saturday.

Adviser to the Ukrainian President, Yury Biryukov, was more precise, earlier this week. He has cited statistics of the preliminary draft, showing the escape was mainly a problem in the West of the Ukraine, traditionally an important source of anti-Russian sentiment.

According to figures from Biryukov, 57 percent of potential conscripts IvanoFrankovsk arise not in the offices of enrolment, while 37% have fled the Ukraine.

He said that local authorities in the Ternopil region were sabotaging the project, refusing to help distribute advice.

The Ukrainian military ride on a conveyor belt of armour (APC) at a checkpoint close to the Eastern Ukrainian city of province, in the Donetsk region, December 24, 2014. (Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko)

Nineteen percent of men of Volynskaya region, related to military service, cited religious reasons for not joining the army. Previously, no more than 0.7 percent would use this pretext.

Mass reluctance to serve has not gone unnoticed by the international observers. Members of the OSCE mission in Ukraine spoke to a representative of the city and a battalion of volunteers of Krivoy Rog Commander, two fears sharing insubordination.

«According to the plan, about 800 people are expected to be mobilized in a week. However, a considerable number of people try to avoid mobilization by various means, the partners said, »January 27 OSCE report reads. »

«[The draft dodger] is a timid animal, « concluded angry post Facebook Biryukov, deleted now. « With its tail between its legs, there skins of mobilization, change his phone number, he gathers his affairs and fled to the Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Poland.  » And it sits there, glad it is so smart ».

President of the Ukraine has signed a decree Friday on additional measures to ensure the project succeeded in 2015. An important provision is a temporary restriction on leaving the country for the men, linked to military service.

Calls to patriotism, neither threats nor insults made Alexei, a young man from Mariupol want to find on the battlefield. It is one of those who chose to flee to the Russia.

« We will not fight, but no one asks whether we want to or not, « Alexei said Roman Kosarev RT. «Recently one of my friends was on his way home from work, when the National Guard got on the bus. They told the woman to leave the vehicle and young men did stay inside. And then they grow back somewhere. What do we need this war for? They will kill us and nobody will care. « NON!

Members of the training of the Ukrainian armed forces of vehicles in the town of Medzhibozh, is from the Ukraine, 18 January 2015 armoured. (Reuters/Alexander Ermochenko)Welcomes the Russia to fraudsters Ukrainian mobilization, President Vladimir Putin said earlier this week, promising to legalize long stays in Russia of services related to the Ukrainians.

« » They do it right, because they are just pushed them below the balls as cannon fodder, » he said. « The new Ukrainian citizens Act cannot stay in Russia for 30 days. » They return, get cracked and sent there under the balls again. So, let’s change something here . »

It is the fourth wave of mobilisation since Kiev has launched a military operation against the anti-Government forces in Eastern Ukraine. Each was accompanied by massive protests by members of the families of conscripts.

« No one wants to send their children to war, « a Ukrainian political analyst, Vladimir Kornilov, told radio of Sputnik. « Kievrecruits now younger. And younger die. I think that these sporadic protests, which now occur in the villages and towns, will finally grow in size and get more organized. »

Kiev resumed its military operation in the East of the Ukraine in January, after months of relative respite.

Reports of the upcoming residential under fire are from venus of almost every day, with human rights organisations calls on both sides to the conflict to protect civilians.

Some 8 000 Ukrainian soldiers currently appear to be surrounded by the village of province in the Donbass, as militia units has cut the only road that connects the territory held by Kiev pocket.

Putin: Armed Ukraine is Legion of NATO is aimed at preventing the Russia

Published time: 26 January 2015 13:15

Members of the training of the Ukrainian armed forces of vehicles in the town of Medzhibozh, Eastern Ukraine armoured (Reuters / Alexander Ermochenko)

The Ukrainian army is essentially a ‘NATO Legion’ which does not pursue the national interests of the Ukraine, but continues to restrict Russia, said President Vladimir Putin.

« It is often said: Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian army. » But who is really fighting? «  » There is, in fact, partially official units of the armed forces, but in large part, there are the so-called ‘ voluntary nationalist battalions « , » said Putin.

He added that the intention of the Ukrainian troops is linked to « objectives geopolitical Russia do not. » Putin addressed students in the city of St. Petersburg.

Read more: military Ukraine « with the thrust of the forces in the East » as calls Poroshenko stick to the Minsk agreement

According to Putin, the Ukrainian army ‘ is not an army, but a Foreign Legion, in this case a Foreign Legion of NATO, which, of course, does not pursue the national interests of the Ukraine.»

Kiev has been reluctant to find solutions to the political crisis in Ukraine Eastern and only used the ceasefire to regroup its forces, stressed the President.

« Unfortunately official Kiev refused to follow the path of a peaceful solution. They do not want the crisis of the [] using the tools of politics,  » Putin said, adding that the first Kiev authorities had used first application of the Act, then security services and the army in the region.  »

« It is essentially a civil war [in Ukraine]. In my opinion, many in Ukraine already understand this, » Putin added.

Secretary general of the NATO Jens Stoltenberg has responded to the words of president Putin, calling his statement «nonsense».

« The assertion that there is a Legion of NATO in Ukraine is nonsense. There is no NATO Legion, » Stoltenberg told journalists.

Already tense situation in Eastern Ukraine dwindled over the past 2 weeks. The escalation of violence comes after an incident controversial at a checkpoint controlled by Kiev, near the town of Medzhibozh, where twelve passengers were killed on 13 January. Local residents inspect their House, which was damaged by bombing in the village of Sartan, near Mariupol (Reuters / Nikolay Ryabchenko)

Read more: 12 killed, 13 injured as shell hits bus near Donetsk, Ukraine E.

Kiev and militia blamed each other for the incident. Climbing, Kiev ordered « massive fire » on militia-held regions on 18 January. Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic accused Kiev of trying to relaunch the war. Clashes between rebels and soldiers in the Ukrainian army reached its peak last week when Mariupol in the Donetsk region was bombed. At least 30 people were killed and over 100 injured. Kiev and militia troops traded blame, with the rebels insisting on the fact that they are not ‘ have weapons close enough to the town to carry out a deadly attack. Gens people remove debris near building damaged by bombing Saturday in Mariupol, is from the Ukraine, 25 January 2015 (Reuters / Nikolay Ryabchenko)

Learn more: new sanctions against the Russia are economic blackmail – Kremlin

Western countries reiterated the accusations of the Russia of supporting the rebel forces and to be partly responsible for violations of the agreement of Minsk. They called for more sanctions against Moscow.

Monday, the United States President Barack Obama has promised the United States would examine options for « step up the pressure on the Russia » on the question of the Ukraine.

At the same time, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said that Washington had « more tools » available to increase pressure on the Russia.

« I think that we have seen that the sanctions are working to create a real constraint in the economy. We have more tools. I will not today to enumerate what are tools, but we have more tools, » Lew at a Brussels press conference.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski has also called for the EU to consider imposing tougher sanctions on Moscow, saying: « the response of the Western world must be very firm. »

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany also refers to additional restrictions, adding that « an attack or a major offensive on Mariupol would be a qualitative change in the situation in which we will have to react. »

Vladimir Putin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called fresh threats of sanctions against the Russia « an absolutely destructive and unjustified course which would prove ultimately to be short-sighted. »

‘Rather than raise the pressure on those who refuse to engage in dialogue and resolve the conflict peacefully, we hear that they want to resume this against the Russia economic blackmail’ Peskov noted in his statement.

Military of Ukraine « with the thrust of the forces in the East » as calls Poroshenko stick to the Minsk agreement

Published time: 25 January 2015 11:36
Members of the training of the Ukrainian armed forces of vehicles in the town of Medzhibozh, is from the Ukraine, 18 January 2015 armoured. (Reuters/Alexander Ermochenko)Kiev « sees no alternative » to Minsk ceasefire agreements, said Chairman Petro Poroshenko. However, the Ukrainian military builds up troops in the East to conduct « a satisfactory response » to the advancement of the militia, said the Ministry of defence.Violence in the East of the Ukraine recently is with the agreement of ceasefire in Minsk wrote finally shattering last year. Ukraine last week attempted to launch a massive offensive against the positions of the militia, but it ended in failure. Their opponents have the ground pressed forward and won, advancing towards the town of Mariupol of the port in the South of the Donetsk region.

Read more: the Donetsk militia ‘wrong storm Mariupol’, trades accusations with Kiev

In the midst of an apparent setback for the Ukrainian military, Chairman Petro Poroshenko called for sticking to the Minsk agreement.

« The Minsk agreement is a priority for us, we see no alternative to it. We will not allow to be compromised. Everything rests on it. Now, we must implement fully and accurately, » said the Ukrainian President.

The ceasefire agreement between Kiev and the forces of the militia, which has been sponsored by the OSCE and Russia, was never fully implemented. He helped to calm the violence, but observers from the OSCE reported regular violations by both parties to the conflict. The self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics accused the troops of Kiev to launch regular attacks on residential areas of Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities. While tension has continued, Kiev angled for the negotiation of the peace of Minsk switching into another format – the so-called ‘format Normandy’ – which excludes the rebels and include several Western countries. Attempts at talks have been virtually abandoned recently, with two important meetings cancelled due to the lack of agreement on an agenda. As Poroshenko demonstrates a willingness to speak directly to the rebels, his army build up troops in the East of the country. President Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko walks along a formation of soldiers during his visit to the region of Zhitomir. (RIA Novosti/Nikolay Lazarenko)

« In order to respond adequately to the actions of »terrorist »groups, we continue to build up reserves in almost all sectors where there is an action fight» Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak said Sunday.

Read more: Donetsk bombed Kiev ‘orders massive fire’ held by the militia E. Ukraine

The militia said that they no longer trust Poroshenko and his calls for peace after months of ceasefire.

« Poroshenko is cynical beyond all limits. For us, the Minsk process was a matter of life for our civilians. For Kiev, it was coverage [for the preparation of the offensive], » Denis Pushilin, a representative of Donbass in Minsk, told Interfax.

« Why they qualify as the United States and Europe that they do not see the aggressive policies of Kiev? » Is business for them in Washington, and we are killed here,’ , he added.

Serbia, which is the President-in-office of the OSCE announced convened a meeting of the Permanent Council of OSCE Monday at 1500 GMT to discuss the situation in the East of the Ukraine.

Wolfsberg Anti-money laundering principles for the… – Wolfsberg Group

A Goldman Sachs alumnus takes the helm of the Bank of England

Monday, November 26, Georges Osborne, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the appointment of Canadian Mark Carney, 47 years and banker at Goldman Sachs, to the position of Governor of the prestigious Bank of England (BoE). He will succeed Mervyn King, in June 2013 and this will be the first time that a non-Britannique will take orders for the BoE.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, a number of former bankers from Goldman Sachs have been appointed in Europe, to key posts.

The former European Commissioner and international Advisor to Goldman Sachs, Mario Monti, chosen last year to replace Silvio Berlusconi as Italian Prime Minister, to Lucas Papademos – former Governor of the Bank of Greece, under the mandate which the tricks of Greek public accounts have started – who succeeded George Papandreou, passing by Mario Draghi – former Vice President of Goldman Sachs international-today president of the ECB: the seat of the banking giant in Europe is great.

We can also cite Otmar Issing former President of the Bundesbank, former « chief economist » at the ECB and member of Goldman Sachs; Peter Sutherland, former President of Goldman Sachs International, of which he remained a Director and non-Executive Director of Royal Bank of Scotland (which went bankrupt last year) continues to play a crucial role in the Irish crisis. Portuguese Antonio Borges , who manage the European Department of the international monetary Fund (IMF) and was previously leader of Goldman Sachs International…

Great Fallset memoirs of company Montana

January 12, 2015

Webb Brown joins the Council National Association of Manufacturers

The National Association of Manufacturers announced that Webb Brown, president and CEO of the Council of the Montana manufacturers, was elected to the Board of Directors of the NAM.

Founded in 1895, the NAM, guided by its Board of Directors, is an industrial trade association in the United States with over 14 000 members.

Montana manufacturers Council is the association’s statewide for manufacturers and their supporters. It is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce of Montana.

MIA Macael awarded in Spain

Marble Institute of America President Tony Malisani of Malisani, Inc., Great Falls, accepted the ‘Institution’ award at the 28th edition of the Macael in Macael, Spain. This award was one of the nine prizes awarded by the Asociación de Empresarios del Marmol de Andalucía, the association natural stone in the region of Almería, the Spain.

The Marble Institute of America has 1 700 members that are found in 56 countries around the world.

The event attracted 500 participants from several countries.

D.A. Davidson & Co. expands banking investment in Denver

D.A. Davidson & Co., an investment full-service banking company based in Great Falls, hired two industry veterans, Steven Gilbertson and Tim Sznewajs, for the Denver Office investment banking firm services launch. As Director General, Gilbertson will focus on the energy industry and Sznewajs will specialize in the engineering and construction sector. While D.A. Davidson is currently represented by other divisions in Denver, two recruits represent presence of investment bank first business.

« We are proud to consolidate our presence in the economic environment growing in Colorado, » said Monte Giese, co-head of investment banking. « Both of these people are strong additions to our practical investment banking and represent the values of our platform. »

Gilbertson, has recently been an Executive in Oppenheimer & Co. investment banking team energy, fill over 100 transactions with a total value of more than $25 billion. These transactions ranged from capital raises for master of societies, sponsorship and mergers-acquisitions and restructuring Advisory for exploration and production companies. Gilbertson has over 18 years of experience in investment, corporate development banking and engineering. Gilbertson graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of science in chemical engineering and Columbia Business School with a Master of Business Administration in finance.

Sznewajs recently served as co-head and senior director for CGI Capital Advisors. During his nine years at the IMF, he works exclusively with industry companies originating and leading to many transactions of industry infrastructure engineering & construction, high profile. Before joining the IMF, Sznewajs held various positions in the industry and the investment banking services, including transactional experience which began at Goldman, Sachs & Co., that it has advised on more than $8 billion in commitments side buy and sell as a member of the law firm mergers and acquisitions. Sznewajs is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and received an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, earning a mention very well of these two institutions.

Home / News Africa / HSBC: « Refuge » from the bank accounts of dictators and arms dealers

Swiss private bank of HSBC – rue Dr-Alfred-Vincent in Geneva. Photo: Felix Clay image credit:The Guardian

HSBC: The « sanctuary » of bank accounts of dictators and arms dealers

3 days ago

A team of journalists from 45 countries dug up bank accounts belonging to criminals, traffickers, smugglers, politicians and celebrities. Experts estimate that 7.6 trillion dollars are held in tax havens depriving governments of 200 billion a year in tax revenue, according to the ICIJ report

Secret documents reveal that the banking giant HSBC has benefited by doing business with arms dealers who carried weapons to child soldiers in Africa, men from hands of third world dictators, the blood diamond dealers and other international outlaws. These revelations are light between international crime and legitimate trade.

Computer files containing more than 100 000 names of clients of the Swiss branch of the largest European Bank HSBC revealed detailed information about holders of bank accounts

The disclosure of this information, now nicknamed « Swiss Leaks », is the largest in banking history Switzerland. It began when a computer security specialist named Hervé Falciani stole a huge amount of data in 2007 and then transmitted them to the French Government.

Files – achieved through international collaboration between media, including the Guardian, the French Le Monde newspaper BBC Panorama and Consortium International of investigative journalism (ICIJ) – reveal:
•Documents covering the period from 2005-2007 and are for accounts with a value over $ 100 billion held by more than 100,000 persons and legal entities from 200 countries
• The Bank has helped its customers in 200 countries to avoid tax
• Some of the clients of the Bank are drug traffickers, arms dealers, tax evaders, and outside international law, money launderers, politicians and celebrities
• The names of many past and current political figures of Great Britain, Russia, India and several African countries, members of the Royal families of Saudi Arabia, the Bahrain, Jordan and the Morocco,
•Notes on the files indicate that HSBC employees were aware of the intentions of customers to hide their money from the authorities of their country.

The television program Panorama of the BBC and The Guardian newspaper said that these files demonstrate that HSBC is in collusion with some clients to hide their accounts from the tax authorities of their country

« HSBC made profit by doing business with arms dealers who are passing mortar shells to child soldiers in Africa, with intermediaries of third world dictators, diamonds of blood and other bandits international traffickers », reported the ICIJ.

The files were obtained by Hervé Falciani, a former employee of HSBC become whistleblower, who copied thousands of banking documents before fleeing from Switzerland to France, where the files were obtained by the tax authorities. They were used by the french to pursue fraudsters and shared Government with other States in 2010, leading to a series of prosecutions for tax fraud.

complete dossier: the Guardian
Langue source

De sens,ou est notre LIBERTE ,lorsque ,nous travaillons pour un maigre salaire ponctionnait par les impôts les taxes et les crédits ,nous sommes esclaves d’une dette ,qui n’est pas de notre responsabilité, ou est notre EGALITE, lorsque des citoyens ne mangent pas à leur fin et ne savent plus se loger ,pendant que d’autres s’offrent du luxe avec notre dur labeur



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