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HSBC corporate corruption

18 February 2015 is 10:24 am 0 comments

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By Sartre. BATR.org

When the Negotium test, the long history of the HSBC money-laundering was written more than two years ago, one might think that the Banksters would seek to take a lower profile. Forget on this subject, when you are part of a syndicate of crime is you never have to serve a sentence, just that you’re sorry tell. Bloomberg reports, the « HSBC Holdings Plc director general Stuart Gulliver presented » sincere apology « suite costs details how Unity Bank Switzerland helped customers evade taxes. »

Forbes column, ‘Corporate governance is the essence of a business’ present only a half in the heart of PR spin from the infamous Bank for Drug, Inc.

« As part of its response to the revelations, HSBC said: » We recognize that the culture of compliance and standards of due diligence in Swiss private banking of HSBC, as well as the industry in general, were significantly lower than they are today. At the same time, HSBC was executed in a manner more federated that it is today and the decisions are often made at the country level. »

The feature the most terrifying the laborious searches files HSBC is the documentation about the misdeeds committed by managers at different levels throughout the Bank – and the casualness with which it was made. « Code names » for clients of widespread collusion, it is clear there is a complete disregard for the law. »

Arrogance in spades, this is how works the bank number two world. Another example provided by Tom Heneghan, who claims to be an Expert of International intelligence, cited the following.

« Alibaba previously removed from the list on the stock exchange of Hong Kong to deal in fraud with the branch of Hong Kong’s famous bank HSBC.

Alibaba is then simultaneously operating a laundry of money foreign currency ponzi scheme related once more to HSBC. »

More money, greater the risk you have to bites just minor pin and fines that are all part of the pay off-cycle of international banking.

When it comes to invent clandestine methods for laundering, look at the masters of the city of London to perfect the art of double-speak. On behalf of the BBC, the informant HSBC discovered HMRC emailStates:

« An email that whistleblower at the centre of a tax scandal said HSBC that he sent to HM Revenue and Customs in 2008 was discovered by a French newspaper. »

Administration tax the UK has been under fire from MPs on the public accounts Committee, who accused officials of the tax authorities are dealing with the issue properly and without taking into account email 2008 Mr Falciani.  »

It is not surprising that a complaint years gets boost under the carpet. HSBC is too big to fail and protections in all the right places.

Reuters more than accelerators adds to the storm, but the chances that this scandal will suck up all the oxygen to build into an inferno are slim.

« Other countries are already taking steps against HSBC based on data disclosed by Falciani and already obtained by the IRS.  » In November, the Argentina charged the Bank with helping more than 4 000 customers to evade taxes. « HSBC Argentina rejected the accusation, saying: he has complied with the ESA Argentina. »

Hey, the reason to avoid paying taxes is well understood. However, facilitating criminal enterprises under the banner of an institution Bank trustee crossed the line. The guardian provides as follows in files HSBC: Swiss bank money hidden for suspected criminals.

« HSBC also held the assets for bankers accused of looting funds from former Soviet republics, while the crimes alleged by other account holders include corruption in the oil State of Malta company, cocaine smuggled out of the Dominican Republic and the doping of the professional cyclists in Spain.

The Bank Switzerland also held accounts for « politically exposed persons » – defined as political figures or members of their family to an increased risk of involvement in corruption, money-laundering or avoiding international sanctions – with few signs of any additional activities control. »

OK, what is the point to cite several stories of horror, you now the drill including the globalist interdependent financial extortion system needs a mechanism to keep all earnings thresholds and property improperly acquired outstanding. The history of HSBC is a case study of corporatists just what global has wrought on the planet.

Governments will not even investigate credible complaints, adopt necessary structural monitoring and accountability process and certainly will not imprison the kingpins who make flaunt their untouchable status.

Repeat this saga using different circumstances never descends to the level of the solutions approach. Without a universal outcry against the transnational banking model and the creation of the alternative Bank regional and local banks will go that in more large and more autonomous and above national sovereignty.

Which Governments these banking monopolies of the House do not control matters little in the larger finance. HSBC and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan may be the boys of the cabal of Banksters posters, but you will never see their executive faces on a poster of the most sought after.

Last year hang published bankers banking 48 deaths suspicious requests.

« With the title of the global financial system to a major accident in the near future are those people toiling under the pressure of what they see ahead or are they being reduced to silence because of what they know? »  »

Try to answer this question will have inside information from whistleblowers Falciani scores. Or, more likely, those intending to join the ranks of informants may well be part of the growing list of the dead.

For those who doubt, history of the shadow of the Bank created debt, see the video Only Trillionaires of the world family – masters of puppets – Rothschild – full documentary on the breaking all the rules you Tube Channel , to subscribe for future updates.

What people have come to understand is that banking is not really to make money. It uses fractional reserve and the current zero interest rates to advance their influence on nations to achieve global governance. They are true outlaws, in Armani suit. HSBC just happens to have longer experience than most global thievery.

This article originally appeared on BATR.org .

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Bloomberg reports, the « HSBC Holdings Plc Chief Executive Officer Stuart Gulliver offered »sincerest apologies »following fresh details of how the bank’s Swiss unit helped customers evade taxes. »
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Corruption du gouvernement d’entreprise de HSBC



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