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Young people from the Communist Party of reunion Island are quite right, moreover, they were very courteous apparently, I would have been much less, I say always our young people some times, more common sense than their elders, obviously, I’m from in.

Referendum in all countries, peoples requested a referendum in all countries

VALLS can always try to rever to recover of the tract to the agricultural show, as he collects the tax there is a very very, very big difference with Navy and him, he may turn up, by making the proud at the salon, it change nothing, and furthermore that stepped me through what I thought of you because which I’ve seen, which defended the France for the transatlantic Treaty which I have seen who defended the french in the Chamber, I speak not of this sold of cohn bendit, with his buddy MARTIN SCHULZ that I’ve seen, who defended farmers, MARINE LE PEN

Earlier, Navy, his father, who fought like a lion, but I was young and naive, something that I am still (naive),

I train of watch info, and I could hear a young, complain, because he had his kipa on the head, and especially because that either disant(c’est normale,c’es la télé) some youth made her remarks on his nose and on his kipa, is a very simple trick, if he no longer wants to be ememrde, it removes the, 1 ° it won’t it is Jewish If it’s vraimentc’ is a pride of Jewish being for him, because there the door a or no pride retsetra unchanged, 2 ° it will not suffer the cruel mockery, when kid is cruel, 3 ° it will follow, as all the world, the rules of secularism, I believe that it is one of the friends by alliance of the Jewish cause, which advocates secularism, VALLS, 4 ° if he wants to have lay, that he respect this, even if it is a secular depui1905 country, we Catholic since about the year 500, is over 2000 years old

I would close this, he takes his kipa, he puts in the Pocket, and all the world will be happy.

I’ve also seen that they had orders, 6 Muslims, parcce that they assumed, they assumed that they were jihadists, is what they have tangible evidence that they are, and not evidence, like those that have disappeared in the BAGBO, it took them their papers, for having to leave the territory, Gags,(Comme,si cela va arrêter,un môme ou) , a man, a young girl to leave french territory, it is true, that it is frankly unfortunate to discover that someone you love is a party do Jihad, if they are really parties doing Jihad?, that said their take their papers, and the famous, N ° green, nothing and that it is the same, (you will tell me, Yeah but, we tried (, Mmmouai hhh was not of this dig head very hard to get there) we care not one, or a teen, such as, it would deal a guy short, I thought, teenagers, ca f’ may thought if they took their papers, but thats it, but if they are really motivated, it is an other pairs of sleeves. When a drug stalls, it does what!There breaks location, or he lives (vehicle cases, such as a disease, not by repression, paper, please?)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bill and Hillary Clinton: Yes Rothschild/HSBC black operators hand – the financial elite Hyper – undeclared accounts of ‘Black’ – $120 billion over the years 2005-2007 Stashed Offshore – Massive Income Inequality – « important reform banks is underway »-, law…

This article was published
at Sputnik

Clinton Foundation donors turned out be customers of the controversial Bank Switzerland [HSBC]

As American prosecutors consider criminal charges against HSBC based in the United Kingdom to help tax evaders, several major donors to a foundation of the Clinton family are revealed to have links with Switzerland controversial Bank division.

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation $81 million from from various international donors who were customers of HSBC in Geneva Switzerland division, guardian reports.

Donors include the Canadian mining Tycoon Frank Giustra, with contributions totalling at least $50 million. Richard Caring, a British retail clothing Tycoon and club owner, donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation in Exchange for the participation of Clinton at an opulent St. Petersburg gala.

REX #news: HSBC leak reveals Bill Clinton was paid $1 m by Richard Caring to attend a party in Russia in 2005 (picture… fb.me/78Lfl4OM ))
Maintenance came under control after it came to light that he had made a cashout with $3.4 million of HSBC at a given time. «  » I appreciate it was a large sum of money, but I was put in this position at the time because the people that I was dealing to did not use HSBC in a particular transaction, « later said the Daily Mail « .

Seven of the accounts of HSBC whose details were recently disclosed to journalists matched records in a published database in 2008 by the Clinton Foundation in response to the concerns of conflict of interest raised during the presidential campaign of Hillary. Under US law, foundations must normally disclose the names of donors.

Representatives of Giustra and Caring said their accounts Swiss HSBC to comply with all applicable laws, and neither has been charged with having participated the scandal of tax evasion currently plaguing the second largest bank in the world.

As Hillary Clinton is widely expected to enter the presidential race for 2016, him and connections of his family at these mega-donors international rich would play well in a campaign likely to face debates on inequality of income.

Most important leak in banking history

The accusations swirling around HSBC that intensified over the weekend with the leak of a huge mine of secret documents detailing more than 30 000 accounts containing more than $120 billion over the years 2005-2007.

A HSBC logo is pictured in a Switzerland of the Bank branch in Geneva February 9, 2015 © REUTERS / Pierre Albouy

HSBC « Whistleblower » leak: how the 1% are hiding their money to the tax authorities

The issuance of documents division Switzerland of HSBC has apparently helped its clients cheat tax regimes of their countries, handled huge money with minimum questions sums, colluded with some clients conceal their accounts not declared ‘black’ and provided accounts to international criminals, corrupt businessmen and other people at high risk.

The documents have been disclosed by the Bank Hervé Falciani employee who them illegally downloaded before fleeing in France.

« Friends – say partners – gave me these data, » Falciani told 60 minutes CBS. « I am not the only person in the system who wants to revive the Bank alarm. »

After the documents were released, admitted HSBC of wrongdoing, but said that it had reformed its practices and is more a violated banking regulations.

« Major regulatory reform is underway in many jurisdictions to ensure… that in the future, a person wishing to »hide »the assets of the tax administration will be unable to do. » HSBC welcomes and fully supports these reforms, « HSBC said in a statement.

A sign is seen before a branch of HSBC Bank to the Paradeplatz in Zürich February 9, 2015 © REUTERS / Arnd Wiegmann

HSBC Bank based in the United Kingdom admits Swiss subsidiary has helped clients Dodge taxes
Bank, already sentenced to a fine, may face criminal charges

HSBC has been implicated by the U.S. Government for years and in 2012 was sentenced to a fine $1.9 billion when it turned have laundered money for Mexican drug cartels and we violated sanctions.

Although confidential documents are barely published, the US Department of Justice were received in 2010 and has had an ongoing investigation in the Bank.

« The Government has hard on individuals who break the law every time, and it should do the same for large financial institutions, » said Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts Tuesday.

The industrial production of HSBC/Markit PMI for China added points of percentage 0.2 to 50.4 from 50.2 in September.

© Sputnik / Valeriy Melnikov

Brussels Arraigns HSBC on alleged tax evasion, money laundering: reports
Ministry of justice officials told the Guardian that the investigation has been « very active », but had no timetable as to when loads could be presented. They left the door open further accusations not only against customers exempt from tax, but also to bank executives. « It is certainly something that is under consideration.

HSBC has its headquarters in London and has an international network of 6 200 offices in 74 countries, around 52 million customers to its service.

Additional reading:

HSBC corporate corruption


19 February 2015


In France, the tax fraud organized by banks, with their head americano-suisse HSBC Bank, represents 185 billion euros. In France still, employers received 250 billion of aid, tax gifts and exemptions of any kind. And six more in respect of tax competitiveness employment (CICE) credit which can be seen the beneficial effects… End of November employment pole had 27400 new job seekers category A. The France therefore currently 3 480 000 unemployed without any activity. Associated categories B and C, this number reached 5 176 000.

While the deposits of individuals in tax havens represent half of global debt, the European Central Bank (ECB) punishes the Greek people for his vote not in accordance with the interests of the European capitalists taking directly hand over the financing of Greek banks, thus seeking to compel the new Greek Government to pursue the policy of austerity imposed by the Union European.

Either by tax evasion, gifts or the constraint, the scenario is always the same: patrons get richer depleting peoples or by reducing them to misery as in Greece today, tomorrow in Spain, tomorrow in France.

Modeled on the ‘German model’ vaunted by our policies that is modelled on a country in which millions of people working for a salary between 3 and 5 euros per hour, Bill Macron aims to break the right to work and free employers of any stress in his frantic from a maximum of profit search. Wanting to ‘ give young people the desire to become billionaires ‘ the Minister of economy legitimate the enrichment of a few and the impoverishment of the largest number by mocking the workers who produce the wealth for thieves who waste them.

France is ranked 22nd in terms health and social with including a rate of
unemployment, which reached 12.9% of the population active. 220 billion euros were paid for by the French and the French to go into the pockets of businesses and stockholders (in 2015, is 6.5 billion of additional gifts).With the Pact of responsibility, banks will benefit 2.3 billion without increasing staff.

For the CGT du Nord, tax evasion, gifts to the employers, the policy of austerity, which Bill Macron is today the emblem, are part of the same disastrous formula: drink blood of peoples unstoppable profit the bosses and bankers thirst.

For the CGT’s North this situation is too long. Now that’s enough!

Therefore, conscious of its responsibilities, the CGT from the North called all the trade unions, all workers, in the broadest unity, debate, fight against the bad shots and take to the streets to say STOP!

It calls for a mobilization of magnitude registered in the long term to say:
•STOP banking secrecy! Popular and parliamentary control on the movement of capital!
•STOP tax evasion organized by banks!
•STOP the policy of austerity imposed by the European Union!
•STOP in the case of the right to work orchestrated by the Government!
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Les jeunes du parti communiste de l’ile de la réunion ont tout a fait raison ,de plus ,ils ont été très courtois apparemment ,je l’aurais été, beaucoup moins, je l’ai dis toujours nos jeunes ont quelques fois, plus de bon sens que leur ainés ,évidemment ,je suis de dans .



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